Wednesday 7 December 2011


I was reflecting the other day, in conversation with my mother, that there is virtually no one left to trust.

We all know how MPs systematically cheated us out of billions over the last 30 years since Thatcher put a brake on the public perception of their greed, but let the wheels slide over the surreptitious increase in alternative income. And by now we know too that the ridiculous anachronism along the corridor did exactly the same thing. (Wouldn't this have been an ideal opportunity to rid ourselves of this bloated chamber forever)? 

We are aware that despite all the theft, only a few dismal examples at the bottom of the food chain in both houses have been charged, found guilty and spent a matter of weeks, rather than months behind bars, released early, doubtless to write books about their misfortune.

It's become plain too, that members of the royal family, most notably Andrew, have been enjoying the jet set life at our expense, and sometimes at the expense of rich dictators' families, while his daughters fall out of night clubs at 4 in the morning followed by body guards paid for by us.

The tabloid press has made a habit of providing the scandal hungry public with  salacious titbits about their favourite "celebrities" by hacking their phones... or at least the phones of the ones who didn't rush to disclose every detail of dirty doings (read Jordan and Pete). And the Met, England's finest, are complicit in this, having accepted hospitality, and employment from the press, then giving scant attentions to charges against them. (It's only fair to say that the Met aren't the only corrupt police force in the news.)

Banks, the finance industry and the City (the markets) privatised their profits and socialised their losses. Despite the billions we pumped into them, the government is having to guarantee loans to small business, and top up what they loan to first time buyers leaving us to wonder why we continue to have banks, or why we didn't let them fail. They'll all go to Mumbai .... awwww.

The story of HSBC'S selling insurance to vulnerable OAPs make my flesh creep, and despite the names of the executives responsible and their methods being known, no one has been arrested. (I heard this on the morning news programme, but it seems to have disappeared from the BBC site, so there is no link.)

Now today, despite denying it yesterday, the UK government has conceded that the lobbiests have direct access at the highest level to them and can get them to intercede and change policy, overnight in some cases (obviously only when it is in the bests interests of the country!!!). (Excuse me, must run, my hat just blew off.)

So far who is left to trust is the Scottish government.  Don't let us down Alex. If you do you will never be forgiven.


  1. I am sure the FM is well aware that he carries the hopes of a nation for an honest government. The amount of time and effort that I have no doubt has been put into trying to get something, anything, to throw at him will I'm sure have known no bounds,you just have to note the spurious Alex Salmond accused articles to see the truth in this

  2. tris

    You can always trust your mum.

  3. Yes Anon, I know that. They have chased, dug and even probably tried to invent ... and they found nothing that would stick... not for a second.

    It's not just Alex, it's all of them (and I seem to remember there was one toss pot in the new intake who made disparaging comments about a neighbouring constituency or something, wasn't there?)

  4. I can certainly do that Niko, as I know from experience.

  5. Brussels doesn't have any problems with legislating to ensure that all lobbyists are declared on a registry ... why is it that Westmidden doesn't seem to be as open and democratically accountable as Brussels and the EU?

  6. tris

    Oh! Dearie me

    trust 'the Scottish government' Human nature being human nature(aint we all) you are destined for a very big disappointment....Sorry and all that

    Has there ever been a Government pure in heart and totally upright and honest?????

    Imperfectability is natural human trait one we all share (not as much as Brownlie of course there are standards after all)

  7. Well Dean, I don't know that registering them would do any good...although maybe it would.

    Keeping them out of Westminster (and Holyrood) might.

    Do you remember all these repugnant MPs and Lords gagging for the £2000 a day jobs on tv (actually not jobs as it was a Despatches spoof)?

    My particular favourites were the fat bag Moran, who was on the sick at the time and the silly old toad who had been tipped the wink that he was going to the House of Lords. I can't remember his name, but I'll bet you it doesn't begin with "Lord".

    What total muppets they made of themselves.

  8. Yes Niko. I realise that.

    But you know, so far, in 4 years of government the SNP has been remarkably free of scandal.

    My point is that I hope it lasts.

    As Anon says, Alex has the hopes of the nation (or some of them at least) on his shoulders. He's bound to be aware of how important it is to keep his MSPs under control.

    I think I'd rather face Gordon Brown throwing Nokias, than Alex if one of ours falls to temptation.

  9. Ewwww, Niko. You'll be in trouble when John reads that one mate... I'd rather face Alex than him....

  10. Niko,

    Yes, Tris can trust his mum despite all the invitations and temptations I've put in her way but I'm very young and very patient and very determined.

    How much did they offer Mrs Niko for you on the Antiques Road-show? She told me she would settle for £2.50 but thought that might be a forlorn hope.

    PS: There's

  11. Hummmmm John. Have you tried a bottle of Guinness? Usually works.

    I'm afraid they put Niko up for auction but failed to realise the base price. When Mrs Niko said that she'd settle for less, everyone started coughing and hiding their faces. I've no idea why.

    The lot was withdrawn and returned to its owner, who put it back in the shed.

    PS There's what?