Sunday 25 December 2011


It's time of year for messages. Well, yes, of course, if you had the misfortune to be in a supermarket yesterday, you'll know that (but only if you are Scottish and so know that messages, as well as being things that people send, are also 'the shopping', 'the marketing', and 'les commissions', depending on where you are).

But beside that, I suppose in order to give the news media something to report on Christmas day, it's also the time for the other kind of messages.

So today, I've heard the Pope's "Urbi et Orbi", in which, not surprisingly he talked about a global picture, and a rather unhappy one it is too. We're a long way from peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, North  Africa, the Middle and Near East and another year has passed and the Palestinian/Israeli situation is no better. He also reminded us that there are people starving and suffering from floods in Africa and in South Asia. 

As you know, I'm not religious, but it was all rather sobering.

The Archbishop of Canterbury concentrated on the riots that took place in England last summer, and bankers, seeming to make little difference between the thoughtlessness that motivates both.

The Queen talked mainly about her family, which was probably wise, given that her message has to be approved by Downing Street, which wouldn't be too keen on her giving the bankers a kicking, or the student protesters who had the audacity to poke her son's squeeze with a stick (although I bet Phil had a good laugh at that one).

Closer to home both the First Minister and the leader of the Labour opposition thanked the people who will work over Christmas to keep up safe in so many ways, soldiers, nurses, doctors, police, firemen, and of course the volunteers who will give up their holiday to help those less fortunate. 

Ruth Davidson seemed to leave only a message for the Tory faithful, urging them to greater action in the New Year.

Willie Rennie, gave a largely political message attacking the SNP for making the wrong decisions and asking for strong Liberal voices to benefit the community. 

So, that only leaves one message left to cover. Mine. It's short and it's sweet.

I hope you had a happy day. 


  1. Wee Jimmy Krankie; last photie.

    Good run into Hogmanay to everybody.

  2. LOL Wolfie. From what I've heard recently about the Krankies... ewwww

  3. To follow:

    The party found itself staring into the abyss - but under Johann Lamont it can take a big step forward.

    New Years wish.

    As to the bitta man even Caron couldn't stomach posting his speech.

    BBC Scotland is the only site not publishing there respective FM xmas message, Kim wrong un can't of left pathetic key yet.

  4. Well... You'll be able to blow me down with a feather if it does take Labour a big step forward.

    Wee Wullie (that's McWillie, as opposed to that daft wee bald English bloke that pretends to be the Foreign Secretary) may learn when he's been in the job a wee bit longer that there's a time and a place for politicking... and there's a time and a place for not politicking.. and he got it the wrong way round.

    And as for the BBC, Salmond has to wrest the rights for broadcasting from England. They are simply atrocious and of all the taxes I currently pay (plenty, and all miscalculated) I not only resent paying the TV tax, I abhor it.

    But, then, I shouldn't turn this into a rant on Christmas day. I think, though, I can feel an anti BBC (as opposed to Auntie BBC) post coming on in the near future.

  5. The failed Fife MP’s speech was simply atrocious. How can he have the gall to have a pop at the SNP? Can he not look around and see that the Scottish Lib Dems practically don’t exist anymore. They are responsible for grinding themselves down into a footnote in Scottish politics and he still has the cheek to try to laude the coalition while lambasting the SNP. That kind of thing is what reduced his party to a sideshow. Does he want to have any Lib Dem councillors come May??

  6. Cooo-ee! Hullo there, ah jist thocht ah'd pop ma heid in tae wish a Merry Christmas tae aw the Munguin's Republicans! Ah'll no tak ma coat aff, ah'm no stoppin, so jist mak it a wee sherry fer me, dinnae fu it right tae the top. Thanks. :-)

    Whit wis the Pope like tho eh? floatin in oan a magic platform like he wis the Mekon! "Let's see past aw the glitter o Christmas" says he, fae his gilded throne in his palace o golden fripperies...

    Ah watched the auld queen daein her turn an aw, ah dae believe she's startin tae get the hang o it. Ah nivver listened tae whit she wis sayin like but her hair wis lookin nice...

    Onywy, *downs sherry in a oner*, ah'd better be makin tracks, ah hope Santa wis guid tae ye an mind, jist cos he's awa disnae mean ye can up tae devilment, there's CCTV...


  7. I thought he let himself and his party down with it Munguin. As I say, there's a time and place and that wasn't it. A better man would have known that!

  8. Dearest Sophia.

    It's a pity you can't stay, what with me getting in two half bottles in anticipation of your dropping by...

    Still, when you said just a small one and picked up a glass, I did think it was a wee bit strange that it was a pint glass...

    I'm sure you'll manage to stagger home somehow though.

    Yes, they make you laugh do these people. All about sharing and being mindful of those with less than you. Well there's two that you'd have a job on finding someone with MORE than them.

    Wee Englebert Von Smallhausen on his throne. Poor old soul couldn't walk all the length of the church (I know you took against him over the hat, not to mention the shoes, but he is getting on a bit).

    And Liz, standing there in front of that hideous clock worth twice my house, she could buy and sell half the bankers.

    And yet, I got no reply to my begging letter. Mind she's got Andy to keep and that's not cheap.

    Oh well...

    So, Mr Brownlie and I will be round for the hogmanay party at the back of ten when the pubs chuck out. (I'd not be able to drag him away before then.) I'll keep the rest of that sherry... not that there's much... and see if they have something marked down at the Co-op.

    Tris xx

  9. Hope you had a braw day Tris and your readers.

    Does the manny Rennie hiv a portacabin office in North Queensferry. He's aye sitting on the dyke near the bridge.

    Stupid man. That's no' a Christmas message. Nae wunner Caron's embarrassed. The soles o' ma feet wid be blushin'.

    Onyways, time fur bed. It's been a long day.

  10. Merry Christmas to you tris and to all your readers.
    My thoughts on it were....

    How inconvenient of Phil the Greek to get ill just before Christmas. All the brown nosing 'Royal correspondents' had to spend their Christmas camped outside a hospital in Cambridge giving us the same statement every 15 minutes. Sky was the funniest.. we now cut to our Royal correspondent at Papworth...'how is The Duke this morning ?' ..I'm sorry Lisa I didn't catch the question it's a bit windy here and there's a poor line'....'Have an effin guess at the question I asked it's the same one we've asked for the last 48 hrs 4 times an hour grr..####'
    Oh and the BBC's Nicholas Witchell looks very ill. A lifetime stuck up some unsavoury Royal bums has afflicted him with a strangely brown and sickly colouring. Can I say 'colouring' these days ?

    The religion of peace were out in force as usual. Blowing up 3 churches in Nigeria as Christians were celebrating the birth of Jesus. And blowing up 'the wrong sort of muslims' in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    TV was rubbish as usual. Even Strictly come dancing got the off button by elderly relatives as it had 'the wrong people' on it. Whatever that means. Corrie was the usual double crossing screaming match. I only have to suffer it on Christmas day. Can't believe that Steve is getting married for the 14th time. Good on em. The triumph of hope over experience and a true testimony to God's forgiveness and tolerance.

    The Archbishop of Eyebrows told us Christmas was just 'all glitter' these days. As he stood dressed more glittery than the glitter gang.

    Roll on the New Year.. Yawn..

  11. tris

    watched a prog on bbc 2 all about toys back in the day alongside old filims of families at Christmas.

    Reflected on the fact we had a lot lot less then but had much happier Christmases

  12. LOL Monty, what a splendid summary. I was already tittering over SR's descriptions of Willie Rennie and poor Caron's embarrassment, and your day kept me at it.

    I think that Phil only got sick so he didn't have to spend another Christmas day with his awful family. Imagine having to put up with Charlie and the Croc, coming round to sponge their Christmas dinner.

    I thought that they all went to Windsor for Christmas and Sandringham at Easter, so that they could shoot stuff. Maybe they moved so the Walses would turn up at the wrong palace.

    I bet the atmosphere was a bit frosty with the Tindall fellow. They'd have been watching out for him having a bit of hanky panky with one of the maids.

    And as for that bloke Witchell, I think he uses fake tan and because he's all pale and freckly it makes him look 'interresting', or as you and I would say, 'that weird colour'. They not have mirrors in the BBC?

    I was spared much tv. My brother is just back from a holiday in the far east, so we talked a lot about that, and the time just passed. I can't stand tv at the best of times, but lordy, Christmas tv!!!!!!

  13. True Niko. Less is more. I kinda hoped that people would see sense about Christmas this year because everyone has either lost their job, or expects to.

    But no. Not at all. Still then sicken rush to buy buy buy... fuelled by the sickening advertising from the retail trade. New Year sales started this morning (6 days early) at 6 AM...

    I think kids were enchanted by little things back in the day, but it was because they were not programmed to expect the moon on a stick.

    I've felt like this for years, and people called me "Scrooge", and "bundle of misery", but I think more and more as seeing it for what it is. A marketing opportunity for the terminally gullible to be conned in to spending money.

  14. Hi SR... Thanks for your good wished. Lovely day spent with my mum and my wee bro.

    I hope you had a lovely day and weren't blown away! Broughty Ferry was like the Roaring Forties!

    Yes, sad about Wullie, but he'll learn, hopefully.

  15. Thailand is a must visit for any single bloke tris. The gogo bars are a brilliant laugh. Watch out for the lady boys though ( easily spotted as they're the best looking 'girls' in the bars).
    Caron is immune from any embarrassment tris. Supporting honest Nick and weird Wullie means you must have the skin of a rhino. Enjoying the absolutely dire and past it Paul McCartney proves it ;)

  16. Monty: I think he's been to Thailand. He was in Laos and Cambodia last year, and I think he wants to go to Vietnam. He does a lot of walking out there and is loves going to the temples. (No wonder)

    This time it was Hong Kong, India and Australia.

    I've never been to that part of the world. I'd love to go, but I'm not rich enough!!

    I never knock anyone's taste in music though. There are probably some who think it's a bit weird being a fan of Pet Clark in the 2010s, but I think she still sings a good song!

    One exception I made to that was I was at a record fayre a few years ago and this couple in front of me were squabbling and I just managed to pick up that the girl had been telling everyone that they were after Bay City Roller records... I think he was a bit ashamed... I certainly had a giggle about it... I mean

  17. It's fine to knock people's musical tastes tris. The offering of sainthood to certain 'untouchable' groups only encourages them.
    The fondness for groups and singers that should have retired years ago is just an attempt to grasp at a past long gone. It's even more sad and hypocritical when it's done by lefties who caused the disgusting state of Britain today.

  18. Here's anti Capitalist and lifetime socialist Billy Bragg's little house....

  19. I have to say I don't agree. If people are still entertaining, and theatres across the world are still being filled by them, why would they retire?

    I remember an ex-mate of mine grumbling on about how Pet should have retired years ago, but I pointed out that she had just done a 32 date tour of the UK and Ireland, and pretty much sold out every stop, followed by America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Switzerland. Big audience to disappoint if she gave up.

    So there must be a lot of people who still want to see her... or Paul, or whoever.

    With respect one of the greatest reasons we are in this mess is Mrs Deregulate Thatcher, who thought that everyone, including MPs, Lords and Bwankers, could be trusted not to be greedy bast***s.

    And she was wrong. But the cat is out of the bag; we will never get it back in.

    She also thought that it was right to push hard to get to the top. She never said 'stand on, and grind your heel into anyone who gets in your way', but she might as well have, because, as anyone with a brain cell could have predicted, they did! She created the me me me society and her disciple Blair seemed disinclined to take a different path, may they both rot in hell for it.

    Billy Bragg seems to have thee 'taste o an igin' as my granny would say.

    I suspect that there is no such thing as a socialist, although there are many who have made careers, lucrative ones, out of pretending to be socialist. basically there are just greedy people who like to put different labels on themselves.

  20. tris..
    I think it's fine to keep on singing until you drop but you have to be talented. It's immoral to milk a faithful fan base when you know you lost it 30 years ago.
    Unless you charge a tenner and give the money to charity ( less expenses ).

  21. Oh I see the Duke is now safely out of hospital and needs to rest ( no problem there after 50 yrs of practise). The Royal correspondents are devastated as their gravy train comes to an end. Their prayers for a failed stent fall on deaf ears.

  22. Well Monty, I'd agree with that.

    As a republican I've little interest in the daily comings and goings of dukes and princes. I wish the Windsors no harm as individuals, I just don't think they should be where they are or that we should be paying for them.

    Most specifically, from a selfish point of view, I hope nothing bad happens to senior royals, as that kind of thing usually binds the "nation" to a sense of togetherness and joy of being British (thanks to the like of the Daily Mail and the Sun.

    That's always bad for independence feelings.

    So, although at 90, he can't expect to live for another 20 years, I hope that he manages another 5 at least.

    With the cosseting he gets, I suspect he may.

  23. Yes I pray that Phil lives as long as possible tris.
    Dread to think what will happen when he goes. Queenie might hand power over to the windmill loving( although not on his land no sirreee) tampax eater. Errrkk.

  24. I think when that idiot gets his hands on the power, he will ruin the monarchy. He will try to make Parker Bowles Queen, despite his mother and the Archbishop saying she can't be and he will poke his nose into everything. He's protected from FoI now by law, so we will never know, but it will be leaked...

    But you're right. Liz depends on the old buffer, and at her age it would be a hell of a blow to lose him, especially as the rest of her family are such muppets.

    Please let us get independence first, then who cares.