Sunday 3 April 2011


991 people were polled:

87% thought Alex Salmond won the debate;

7% thought it was Annabel Goldie;

5% thought Iain Gray was the winner;

and 1% thought Tavish Scott.

Over half the respondents (53%) found their view of Alex Salmond became more positive during the debate, but nearly three-quarters (74%) found their perception of Iain Gray changed negatively.

Annabel may have done herself no favours over university tuition fees, but despite that, she was seen to be the next best thing to Alex for FM.

Mr Scott has been stabbed in the back by London Liberals. Not only has the windfall tax on oil companies cost Scotland billions in investment, there is an estimated loss of 40,000 jobs to take into consideration. Maybe not all at once, but that’s a lot of employment and a lot of salaries to be spent!

It was, of course, the decision of George Osborne to levy this tax, but in some mad lemming like bid for notoriety, or to curry favour with Mr Cameron so that he may progress in the ranks of Cabinet ministers and get his own department (they may be looking around for a new Foreign Secretary soon), Danny (ginger rodent*) Alexander has claimed full responsibility for dreaming up the tax.

This may have been a tad foolish given that the biggest losses will be felt in the town of Aberdeen, where there is one now very vulnerable Liberal Democrat seat for the taking.

Iain Gray: read ths and weep.

Hey ho, isn’t politics interesting?

*allegedly (if in doubt refer to Harry Hardwoman)

PS: Top marks to Annabel for wearing a dark inobtrusive suit, like all the men necessarily had to wear. Whatever people say about her, and the Tories' policies, Annabel still strikes me as a decent sort.


  1. Ha ha all meaningless once our postal vote solutions take over :) You mugs.

  2. We know that, you mug!

  3. tris

    who can be concerned over a poll infiltrated by the horde of mad bad dangerous Nat extremists.
    The fact is the Scottish Labour party has a solid lead over the extremists the Scottish people want normality not extremist nation destroying rhetoric.

    Salmond has all the appeal of a(fat) man with
    Tourettes makes you laugh and says some things you might like to say but are too nice to do so.

    but at the end of the day he don't butter your bread so you laugh at him and then vote for sensible Scottish Labour Iain Gray

  4. The vulnerable Aberdeen seat is Nicol Steven’s Aberdeen South where he had a majority over the SNP of 2,731 in 2007. Of course Nicol is standing down this time round and is going off to the House of Lords (where his future seat on the gravy train is assured, without the inconvenience of needing to get the approval of the people by winning an election). So any good will engendered by a long term (since 1999) sitting MSPs name on the ballot will not exist. Also the SNPs Maureen Watt is up again, she stood last time and gained a swing from the Lib Dems of 11.2%, since then she has been a North East list MSP so is not an unknown by any stretch of the imagination. The Lib Dem candidate this time is John Sleigh who as far as I can see has no experience at all other than as Nicol’s constituency worker. I guess he is hoping that any reflected glory from Nicol will rub off on him. Good luck on that score after this disastrous news for Aberdeen! Just in case, however, he has managed to get himself on the regional list as well, but as only sixth on there he has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a list seat. So maybe he will be looking for a new job in six weeks. But according to the Lib Dems he is passionate about Aberdeen South and Kincardine North so no doubt he wont be able to go down to London and help Nicol out down there as its hard to be passionate by proxy and of course there is no job for him to inherit.

    I just don’t understand Alexander’s motives for his jaw dropping admission in the Press and Journal that he suggested this insane tax grab, and the fact that he is proud of it. Just when all the signs were over the last year that Aberdeen, at least, would not be sharing in the pain of recession but would in actual fact be expanding its workforce now that they have found a whole pile more oil offshore. Now several companies have pulled out of expansion plans and put on hold over £1 billion worth of investment and 40,000 jobs. And Gideon and Alexander are busy saying it wont happen....I suppose these companies just make these announcements for the fun of it then?

  5. He he... Niko, have you ever thought of writing scripts for the "News Quiz" or the "NOW Show"?

    Your sense of satirical humour is second to none matey!

  6. Ah yes Munguin. I couldn't remember the chappy's name His Nobleness the Lord Steven. A man of considerable talent whom, I should think, the UK government was wise to ennoble in order not to lose.

    But that's another matter. Danny must be looking for some short term benefits in this. There must be some preferment that Davenick can confer upon him, and he must have sorted out his future because he's unlikely to be looking at a long career in government.

    I wonder what kind of person would want to tax oil companies rather than bankers...? Someone who was looking for work with a bank maybe?

    Expect some sort of U-turn from this Keystone Cops government over this. I see that they are beginning to falter over the heath service reforms in England (the ones that were absolutely vital only a week ago). God only knows what hotchpotch they are looking to come up with now.

  7. I used to be a Glasgow Labour Councillor and MP you know!

    Pip pip!

  8. That's nice Lord Snooty.You have have a fair pile stashed away.....

    Now eat your tea and don't dribble too much. There's a good ex-Labour councillor, MP and Lard.


    Pip pip!!

  9. tris

    Hmm! others have said i should write some script ideas jokes etc..

  10. Mr Mxzyowisjc['oewijf]oikgfeijg

    Don't give up your day job though

    Pip pip!!!

  11. Perhaps it's your destiny Niko...

    You can be quite witty (for a Labour supporter)!!

  12. I liked the joke he slipped in above - "The Scottish Labour Party" Ha Ha! Either that or he is delusional to think that one exists.

  13. Snooty, old thing. Your spelling's dodgy for a member of the upper house. Mr Niko's name hasn't got apostrophes in it!

  14. Billy... the second best joke in the country...after Iain... nah, I can't type it, I'm laughing too much.. Gr....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...etc

  15. Sorry old Bean just the odd stutter here and there.

    Pip pip!

  16. Hmmmm Eton isn't what it used to be

  17. Annabel is lovely, honest and fundamentally a really nice lady. Top class.

  18. See... the blogs aren't all negative Dean :)