Thursday 21 April 2011


One of the invitees to this wedding thingy they are having in London, England, is HM King Mswati III if Swaziland (pictured with President and Mrs Obama). His Majesty is one of the richest of the world's monarchs, has 14 wives, a fleet of luxury cars and rules over a country of 1.2 million people, more than 60% of whom live on less than €1 a day and are trying to cope with the world’s highest per capita AIDS infection rates. He has recently put down, with violence, an uprising of the people against him

Clearly the king is not related to the Windsors and so his invite, by the Duke of Rothsay, must mean he is a friend of Charles. He keeps some very odd company does that Charlie. His mother should warn him about speaking to nasty men.


The Independent is revealing the intimidation and detention of doctors treating dying and injured pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain.
At least 32 doctors have been arrested and detained by police in the last month in a campaign of intimidation running directly counter to the Geneva Convention guaranteeing medical care to people wounded in conflict. Doctors around the world have expressed their shock and outrage.
Doctors have even been arrested in the operating theatre while treating patients and others have been “disappeared”. The Crown Prince of the country is another of Charlie’s guests at the wedding. A man whose security must be paid for out of the money saved by slashing pensioners’ winter fuel payments.

Only the Daily Mail would come out with this. Across the top of its Home Page are pictures of a young soldier who fainted in the heat while wearing full dress uniform. What a damned shame. I’d love to see some of the fat drink soaked journos on the Mail stand up straight in the heat never mind with ridiculous uniforms on. Then in true tabloid form, having embarrassed the poor lad, they make a huge fuss of the fact that for once, just once, it was much hotter in England than on the Costa del Sol, the headline (more Sun than Mail) is “Wish you were here amigos?”

It seems tha
t endorsements for Alex Salmond to be Scotland’s next First Minister are coming from every direction. The latest is Tommy Brennan, one of Scotland's great trade union leaders of the past. He cites Mr Salmond's goal of the re-industrialisation of Scotland with renewables energy technology.

Mr Brennan said: "Alex Salmond's vision for Scotland is one all Scots should support. I'm delighted to endorse him for a second term as First Minister. I remember only too well the pain caused by the de-industrialisation of Scotland under the Tories in the 1980s and 1990s, and believe that Alex Salmond's ambition to re-industrialise Scotland by leading the renewables energy revolution is an inspiring goal for young Scots and for jobs and industry in the 21st century."
Alex Salmond warmly welcomed his personal endorsement saying that it was wonderful that Tommy shared the SNP’s vision of Scotland leading the world in the green energy technologies of the 21st century.

The Telegraph reveals that Israel under Menachem Begin armed Argentina during the Falkland/Malvinas War of the 80s which established Mrs Thatcher as a war leader in the image of her beloved Winston. Apparently Begin saw a deal to sell the junta weapons, including air to air missiles, missile radar alert systems, fuel tanks for fighter bombers and gas masks, as a form of revenge for the hanging of a personal friend, Dov Gruner, by the British Mandatory Authorities in Palestine in 1947.

Ironically, the weapons which were dispatched from Israel apparently destined for Peru but were then transported on to Argentina, were probably paid for by our senior partner, the USA. I wonder if they knew.

Pics: The King of Swaziland with the Obamas; Injured protestor requiring treatment from the ever dwindling number of medics in Bahrain; Oor Eck basking in the praise of all: Menachem Began who armed the Argies as part of a personal vendetta of hatred against the Brits.


  1. Israel can't fart without the US knowing about it.
    The French secretly provided the exocets for the Argentine Air Force. The US secretly provided sidewinders for the UK Airforce. The Chileans secretly provided help for the UK Airforce ( do you know where I'm going here ? )
    Bahrain has paid way above the cost of any security required for their despot to visit London for the wedding. Buying billions in UK weapons. Ditto Saudi etc...
    Swaziland limos might cost millions but it all pales into insignificance compared to the billions wasted in the EU. Dozens of those wasters will have an invite I expect.

  2. Ah Monty, good morning old bean.

    A world divided. But it all makes lots of money for people who want to kill other people.

    Can you imagine working for a company that made and sold bombs?

    Bahrain may have paid the arms manufacturers loads of dosh, but that's not done much for the damp houses in Dundee. I'm not sure why these people are invited to a family wedding. Could it be that our royals are friends with these barbarous murderers... oh yeah, silly me. They are. Andy Pandy in particular.

    I know that the EU wastes money, and of course with a population of over half a billion old Mswati's extravagances are pretty insignificant, but then he only has a population of just over a million, and half of them are dying of AIDS because they can't afford the retro-viral drugs that cost so very little.

    I think he's probably a bigger monster than the EU people. I don't know how many of them Big Ears has invited. Probably thousands. It seems that Chic thinks his son should have a good send off into the misery of his future life and that they have the right to demand that we fork out for the security of murderers and scoundrels. EU, British and foreign.

    I wonder if Thatcher is getting out for the day and if she'll do something embarrassing...

  3. In the Falkland's War the US supply of missiles to us was public and quite open. The French co-operated with us in foiling Argentine attempts to get more Exocets and spares, and the French also provided simulated training for us to develop tactics against Exocets. French interests coincided with ours, as did Chilean interests. Despite Mrs Thatcher being pro-Israeli, Mr Begin was known for hating Britain.

  4. tris..

    Swaziland has never bothered me or picked my pocket like the EU has. The invite to the world despots is just political and has nothing to do with the happy couple.
    Hey your blog is looking suspiciously green these days. You will be telling us you've bought a new electric car next and have a photo of that fool 7homes Huhne on your wall.


    I seem to remember at the time that there were 'delivery problems' with the new sidewinders and Jeanne Kirkpatrick, the US Ambassador to the UN, sided with the Argies.
    The French training on combating the exocets must have been useless as they all got through to their targets. Possibly due to the useless defences of the ships at the time. No gattling guns just sea dart and other such stuff.

    I feel an ode coming on.

  5. Flexdream: Hello and welcome to the Republic.

    I kinda thought that the French were on our side and giving us help, but I guess it was a very long time ago, and I was a bit young... so thanks for confirming that.

    It seems that Begin hated Britian for a very specific reason, not actually (surprisingly) to do with Mrs Thatcher.

  6. Well paying for security and accommodation for murderous tyrants that are guests of the greedy scamming Windsors does pick my pocket... and I care about the people living under this big fat b*****d. What Obama and Mrs Obama were doing with him I have no idea.

    As for the green... Nah, I'm not the electric car type. I'm not a petrol head, but I'm too lazy to be green, and too indifferent about next week, never mind 10 or 20 years hence to be a conservation type.

    The colour green, however, does appeal, certainly at this time of year.



    You couldn't make this one up. Red Ed is having a nose-job! Really? ...

  8. The King of Swaziland? So they are inviting this stranger (I hope he is, given his corruption at home) people like David Beckham (famous for kicking a pigs bladder about a pitch of grass) but NOT actual family like Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia ... sigh ... what do you expect from the usurping royal dynasty!

  9. OK...I posted a comment on the previous blog article regarding the wedding, in which I mentioned the King of Swaziland. But having read the comments here, I wish to revise and extend (and repeat) my earlier remarks.

    I am royally....erm well, "annoyed".....that our President was not invited to the wedding. YES...the Windsors can invite no less than the King of Swaziland, but NOT the President of the United States of America. Jeeeeeze!!!

    And it's no good saying that they invited whoever provides stuff of one sort or another to Britain. So what do we get for sending you all sorts of cool stuff from Trident submarine and missile technology....back to the super secret pictures from our spy satellites over the South Atlantic which showed Argentine ship and troop movements during the Falklands War? Do we get at least an invitation to Westminster Abbey? WE DO NOT!! >:(

    And (as I commented earlier), in a competition with murderous dictators, I daresay that the President of the United States is actually responsible for more violence and carnage around the world than the King of Swaziland could ever dream of.

    So just what DOES it take to get a wedding invitation from the Windsors????


  10. And I always learn something interesting from Dean. Namely that as far as a wedding invitation is concerned, our President is in the same sorry state as Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia. Maybe Mr. Obama will phone Prince Dimitri and commiserate about this. ;-)

  11. Achtung! Have I got a Royal Wedding for you … download it and press continuous replay on the 29th. My suggestion why Obama isn't invited would be that they have got enough DVDs.

  12. Danny,

    he could pop in and visit poor prince dimitri! He is a high-profile jewellery designer in New York!

    They can even organise their own little party :)

  13. In fairness to King Mswati, with Swaziland having been a British protectorate, and with a British education, he really is one of your own...LOL. And he lives a relatively modest life by Swaziland royal standards. After all, he only has 14 wives and 23 children. His father had 70 wives and 210 children. And he is subject to the law of the land. When he violated his own four year national celibacy decree, he was fined a cow. Which he paid. (I read Wikipedia of course.)

  14. Ah ha Dean. Let's hope it makes him a bit prettier coz he sure is one ugly Miliband at the moment.

    But no, I shouldn't laugh; just because I have film star looks, doesn't mean everyone can. Plug ugliness does, though, seem to be a qualification for being a Labour MSP, MP or MEP... or councillor come to that.

    Poor man with sleep apnoea though; it explains why he looks so washed out.

    Rather than get rid of his adenoids, I think Labour would be better to get rid of him...

    They could have, erm... ugh, mmmm...I’ll get back on that one.

  15. Dean...I'll definitely pass this information along to Mr. Obama. How convenient that the Prince and the President are situated so close to each other. A very exclusive wedding party on the American side of the Atlantic is surely in order. :-)

    Only Dean would know something like the location of a Windsor relative who is a Yugoslavian Prince and a jewelry designer. Makes something like knowing the current heir to the Stuart throne seem like a piece of cake. :-)

  16. I noticed, Dean, since you’re talking about invitations AND nose jobs, that Sarah Palmer-Tompkinson has been invited on the grounds that she...erm, well, I’ll get back on that one too. But the rich bitch with the voice that makes asthmatic bagpipes sound tuneful, has also had a nose job, erm supposedly to make her look prettier...

    Proof, if it were needed, that even with more money than Croesus, AND a new nose, you can still look like you fell off the back of Frankenstein’s dustcart.

    Poor Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia! I mean poor in that he’s related to the scrounging gits; not that he didn’t get an invite. The Queen and the Middletons are hosting the meal, so on the basis that the Middletons seem to have money and no taste, it will be tacky; and on the basis that the Queen has money but likes to hold on to it, it will be cheap.

  17. I wouldn’t go if you paid me.

    ...Well no, if you paid me quite a lot, I probably would.

  18. LOL @ Danny.

    Are you feeling all left out by the nasty unpleasant Windsors?

    You see Mr Obama isn’t royal.
    I mean he might be cleverer than all our Cabinet put together (mind that’s not too hard; there’s a lass that works at Tesco on the fruit and veg who could probably claim that) and he might be the president of the world’s most powerful nation, and the leader of the West... but his blood is ...well... not blue. Live with it.

    (Besides, if they invited him, they’d have to have that awful froggie bloke Sarko, and who the hell would want him at a wedding? He probably thinks he’s more royal than the English lot.)

    It’s certainly true that you do supply us with loads of stuff, and presumably there must be people who are grateful for it Danny. The fact that I don’t actually know any doesn’t mean they don’t exist!!

    I think though that you have it on the murderous dictator stakes, although the trouble with that is that probably Obama doesn’t actually PERSONALLY measure up much.

    Nope sorry; he’ll get a bit of cake when he comes to see the Queen the week after. Like it or lump it.

  19. Yes Danny, see if you can’t fix them up together for a rendezvous; they could watch it all on Fox News. Very handy he's got a jewellers shop in NY!!

  20. Tris....I don't feel quite so bad now that I know that Sarko wasn't invited either. ;-)

  21. CH:

    'It's bound to attract a lot of nutters!!!'

    The Express never managed a more correct statement.

    Thanks for posting that. It was brilliant!

  22. A cow, Danny?

    The deal is who fined him?


  23. Danny: You're right about Dean. He's the only person in the world who would know obscure details about Yugoslavian princes!!

  24. I just like my royal history and factoids. They are royals after all ... :)

  25. Tris....Nice of you to ask. It seems that he committed....well, NOT celibacy.....with the girl who became his 13th wife. And for this, in violation of his own celibacy rule, he was fined the cow by members of the girl's regiment.

    In this context, "regiment" seems to be sort of an extended organization among tribal clans. I'm not entirely clear about this, because of course Wikipedia can't tell you everything.

  26. I knew you'd know more Danny.

    Well, I suppose that a cow more or less is nothing much to HM the ridiculously wealthy king!

    He sounds like Henry VIII, dirty old git!