Wednesday 6 April 2011


It’s taken nearly a year for the authorities to accede to the Freedom of Information request, but finally we have the figures to show that every single MP chose to accept their Golden Goodbyes, worth up to £65,000. Even those who had been guilty of theft took the money and ran.

Even the chiselling little bitch like Moran, who you will remember stole tens of thousands of pounds from us getting her boyfriend’s house (not anywhere near either London, or her constituency), done up, got half of what she would otherwise have been due, despite being the subject of a police inquiry.

Moran went into hiding after the affair, claiming that she was suffering from nervous exhaustion. Claiming to be sick, and being paid full wages in good faith, the silly cow got herself caught on camera touting for another job in PR because she had good contacts within the Labour party.

Other greedy fat cats, who had absolutely no need whatsoever of a payout to help them resettle to life again, but none the less got their grasping greedy trotters on our money yet again included: Douglas Hogg, Conservative, who is an Earl and who claimed for cleaning the moat on his castle; Conman Conway, who was thrown out of the Tories after overpaying his sons on his taxpayer-funded allowances to work as a parliamentary researcher, when in fact he had done zip all; Stephen Byers, Geoff Buffon Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, who were nabbed in the same cash for access scandal that Moran the moron was caught out in, all got the top whack as did Des Browne (imagine that... after being as useless as he was) and John Reid.

Then there was Andrew MacKay, who fiddled by registering his MP wife’s second home as his main address, thereby having 2 second homes in the family, and the unlovely David Heathcoat-Amory, who claimed for horse manure on his expenses. I wonder he would want to buy that stuff given the fact he spouts it every time he opens his mouth. All of the above claimed £65,000 on top of the money they are all given (£40,000) to wind up their offices and pay off their staff.

Lib Dem Julia Goldsworthy, who lost her seat at the tender age of 31 after five years after she claimed for a £1,200 rocking chair (she must think very highly of her posterior) and who went straight to work as advisor to Danny Alexander at an amazing £74,000-a-year, claimed her share of resettlement money. Greedy bitch.

The money to close down offices (pay rent till end of lease, give staff a small package, pay electricity, gas, etc) is not unreasonable. Money handed to MPs who wanted to go on but were flung out by their constituents, is perhaps permissible, although anyone else wouldn’t get anything like that kind of pay out. However, those who were standing down voluntarily, some over 70, should have got not a penny. Odious Nick Winterton (leaving because he’d be obliged to travel second class with plebs on trains if he stayed) and his unlovely wife, Anne (renowned for her racist jokes about dead Chinese cockle pickers) would have picked up about £130,000 despite the fact that they are in their dotage and planned to go anyway. (Redundancy payments are not normally made to people over the age of 64.)

It’s just another big fat slap in the face for us “ordinary people”. We hardly notice it; we’re used to being treated like David Heathcoat Amery’s estate...covered in manure...all 550 sacks of it.


  1. Isnt it ironic that the people who defended our civil liberties from 92 days detention, and weren't in bed with the commons corruption were the unelected chamber .. the people you rail against lol!

  2. Dean:

    Getting one or two things right from time to time doesn't mean that a house full of placemen (whose number included candidates rejected by the people in FPTP contests), aristocrats, only there because of something their ancestors (not they, themselves) did for the king (and sometimes the country), regardless of their ability to understand a word of what is going on, and English state churchmen who do not represent huge swathes of the population in any way at all.

    It also does not excuse the fact that many of these people cheated on their expenses and lied about where they lived in order to make vast amounts of money, and are, because of the complexities of the rights of aristocrats to be protected from the laws of ordinary people, not facing any legal proceedings: Lord Paul and Viscount Falkland come immediately to mind, but there are many, many others.

    But we know that these matters are usually dealt with internally, and may remember how, for selling their services like prostitutes a couple of years ago, and further insulting the democracy that we apparently and reputedly have in the UK, a series of lords were punished by being suspended for 6 months, when in fact they should have gone to prison for at least 5 years and been thrown out of the house.

    There are others who have been dealt with externally, who have gone to prison and been allowed back into the Lords (where they have made almost no contribution at all), at a daily cost of more than three times a pensioner’s weekly income.

    But that is not what the post was about. The headline simply reflected that here, at least, was something that lords would never be able to do to us, whilst the odious elected members who stole and pimped and lied, further insulted the ‘hardworking British family’ (so beloved, yet unknown by most of our politicians), by taking many more millions of pounds out of the economy that they helped to wreck, as if ordinary life didn’t apply to them.

  3. Dean.."and weren't in bed with the commons corruption "
    Lord Taylor will be jailed soon for claiming allowances for some cottage somewhere that used to belong to one of his relatives or something. His claim was so spurious that the details were laughed out of court. Baroness Udin claimed for a flat that she never visited. The former Squeaker Lord Gorbals Mick blocked any attempt to investigate the expenses scandal and had to give in and resign after wasting millions in taxpayers money trying to hide their expenses from us. This brilliance made him perfect for the 'other place' apparently.
    Did Hoon get a seat in the 'other place' ? Be good to see him finding some 'Hoon time money' at last.
    The last debate I saw in the other place there was one old codger talking to another old codger about some bollox while the rest slept.
    Dean thinks it's great that an unelected chamber can overturn decisions made in an elected chamber. No wonder he supports the EU and their 'democracy'.

  4. Buff Hoon, disgraced over the consultancy sting (Despatches programme) where he said he wanted to translate his connections into something "which frankly makes money" and then rated himself as being worth £2,000 per day, did NOT go to the Lords. He was, however, flung out of the Labour Party (imagine something being too low for the Labour Party!!!).

    I dare say he has found something that will make him money. Being a dead loss at everything he ever touched and surviving to the level of cabinet secretary indicates to me that he's the sort of bloke who will always manage to turn a Euro, no matter what. He doesn't much care how he gets it; he just gets it. He’s a despicable piece of detritus. But he’s in ‘good’ company; the Hewitt woman also uses her connections to good effect and huge salary and the fat bitch Moron/Moran will never be poor.

    I don’t know if you saw the programme. My favourite ‘muppet caught bonnie’, was the then Bournemouth MP, john Butterfill
    , (BOOTFILL would have been more appropriate),who assured the interviewer that he had been tipped the wink that he would be going to “the other place” after the election, and would therefore be of even more use to them... Mind you he said that had to remain strictly between them.... The silly old fool must have been pretty pissed with himself when he realised that thanks to his greed he had not only made a complete fool of himself, but he had lost a title and a guaranteed income for doing absolutely nothing for the rest of his life.

  5. tris

    It’s taken nearly a year for the authorities to accede to the Freedom of Information request,

    No they havent Alex Salmond refuses to accept the lawful decision of the courts and continues to withhold relevant information from the Scottish peoples.

    He behaves like every other tin pot megalomaniac Nationalist leader when in power

  6. What, Niko, are you talking about?

  7. tris,
    Yes I saw that prog with butterfill. His daft claims about getting a lordship cost him thousands in regular £300 claims at the other place.
    This was a funny article about Lord Taylor. Married some mad yank who was so traumatised after 24 days with the weirdo that she had to get exorcised. He spent all her money. Never slept with her and forgot to tell her he was getting jailed soon. All very queer..

  8. Niko,

    Get your fact right before you pontificate. "tin pot megalomaniac" is a bit rich coming from an individual whose party was led by Blair and Brown.
    Incidentally, I see that Foulkes is now slumbering on the red benches instead of slavering at Holyrood.

    Hi, Tris, how're you doing?

  9. Tris

    A world exclusive for you. I have just heard from Labour HQ, this is the theme music the next time Elmer AKA Iain somebody walks on stage.

    Pity it was not KFC he ran into, that would have been even funnier!

  10. Tris

    Just found Labours latest press release. This will be delivered round the doors by their dedicated team next week.

  11. Putting Niko's excited outburst aside, I still maintain that right now I'd sooner trust the unelected Lords with my freedom and taxpayers money than the bloody Commons.

    That being said, I'd also like to come back on a point hinted at (I forget who by), about the connection between democracy and directly elected institutions.

    I'd like to suggest that democracy isn't necessarily about having everything directly elected, it more about accountability. Indirectly elected chambers can be infinitely democratic and accountable. After all, is the US President 'undemocratic' and therefore 'a tyrant' because of the electoral college?

    I think not. Instead, I smell rancid euroscepticism at work in the fingers of those who type the nonsense that something is only democratic if it holds a directly elected relationship with the people.

  12. Dubbieside,

    I thought Tris would have asked Petula Clark to sing "Don't sleep on the subway, darling" for the intrepid Iain.

  13. brownlie

    LOL, keep them coming, it couldn't happen to a worse chap.

  14. I suppose to be at 19 out of 26 for the oldest democracy in the world shows how our leaders are failing us Dean.
    Democracy Index 2010

  15. Good Lord Hoon Spooter...

    What a weirdo... it's a good read. Actually they sound as daft as each otehr....

  16. Hey JB, I'm great thanks... Nice to see you back. How much is petrol now your way?

    "Britain you can drive you cars", my butt!

    They missed out the bit about "if you're a millionaire!"

  17. Iain who? Dubs... Is this someone I should know?

  18. LOL Dubs, love the one about Baker being filled with 100% mince!!!

    Never a truer word!!

  19. Dean.... in what way are the Lords elected by anyone, colleges, individuals... no one at all elects them.

    The Bishops are appointed; the herediteries vote for themselves and the rest are put there by party leaders to tow the line (the place is currently stuffed with Labour lords, many on the fiddle).

    It's rotten to the core. That's not to say the commons isn't but at least we can deprive some of them of their living after 5 years.

  20. I did John, but Pet said "WHO? Never heard of him. Does he play drums... I'm looking for a drummer."

    But when I showed he a photograph she said she'd prefer someone a little slimmer and better looking.

    So... as far as Ms Clark is concerned, he can sleep in the Subway all he likes.

  21. May not be elected, but it is still democratically accountable - unless you are making the claim that something is only democratically accountable if it is directly elected?

    If so, this is where we disagree :)

  22. Don’t hide in the Subway, Iain!

    Actually the stupid thing about Gray... (what am I saying, there are so many)... but the stupid thing about what Gray said on this particular occasion was that he wasn't in the least frightened.

    He had, he said, been in loads of different conflict zones...Mozambique, Chile, Rwanda, and Cambodia (surely not when Pol Pot was cutting people’s head off and building his own personal mountain range out of them), so this wasn’t all.

    So, if he had no physical fear that only leaves one reason for his to take flight from Anti Tory protestors. He had nothing to say to them. He hadn’t a script. He didn’t foresee them being there and his people hadn’t provided him with something to say. I mean Annabel Goldie debated with them; now she’s a Tory and it is Tory cuts they are angry about. You’d have thought he would have been on firm ground with people against TORY cuts.

    Whoever is in government in a month’s time will have to implement cuts. John Swinney has been doing this for the last 2 years. They are not our cuts; they wouldn’t be Labour’s cuts. They are cuts from London in the amount that they spend here directly, and in the amount of grant that they give us to spend on ourselves.

    I suspect that, like Annabel, Alex and Tavish would both have argued their parties’ lines.

    In the meantime this pathetic excuse for a leader.... hid.

  23. Yeah Dean... it is, because I don't see how thay are accountable, and to whom.

  24. How incredible that anyone in the 21st century could advocate undemocratic accountability as the way to go and cite the US President as an example. I would point out that complex as the voting system for the President is it is still a democratic process. The American people can and do get rid of Presidents they don’t like after 4 years and a President can only serve a maximum of eight years. We already have an indirectly elected executive, unlike the USA where their President is directly elected, who here voted for David Cameron to be prime minister? He only gets the job because he is leader of the Tories and if he goes then the next leader of the Tories takes over al la John Major. So thanks Dean I think we have enough indirectly elected un-democracy in the UK in the so called elected house. Never mind adding to it with a whole pile of fiddling old duffers, party placemen, bishops and so on in the even more undemocratic and definitely un-accountable upper house!

  25. Munguin, the contention Tris is making; which he accepted above; is that unless something is directly elected it isn't democratic because he cannot see "who it is accountable, and to whom" thus the USA President is not democratic to this mindset - as the electoral college is INDIRECT DEMOCRACY!!

  26. So Dean the US President is not accountable to the people of the USA in your model then? As opposed to David Cameron who is just accountable to the people of oxfordshire then?

  27. Mnguin,

    What are you on about? My point is that he IS accountable to the people, even though he is elected via indirect democracy.

    Ergo, I fail to see you and Tris obsession with direct democracy all over the place, given that it isn't the only way of ensuring accountability in democracy.

    As for you rather eroneous and irrelevant jibs about class, that is as stupid, irrelevant to ths discussion as anything could ever be.

  28. My point Dean is that the US president is not indirectly elected at all. He is directly elected by FPTP in each individual state. The candidate that wins the state wins it's electoral college votes. The one with the most electoral college votes is the winner. Whats indirect about that?

    Whats is indirect is that the people of oxfordshire vote for an MP and because he is deemed leader of the Conservative party in an STV election of other Tory MPs he gets to be the Prime Minister.

    Of course Dean we know what a great fan of non democracy you are, so much so that you cant decide on who you want to be your head of state King Maria or Princess Elizabeth or maybe you want both! Why not have a King of the EU as well you could maybe dig up a Hapsburg somewhere for that or re-instate the Holy Roman Empire.

    I did not make any jibs about class.

  29. Sorry Munguin, but the elite electoral college is indirect democracy because by definition it is indirect .. you know, an elected chamber is appointing another layer of government; rather than it being directly elected from the grass up.

    You do know what the definitions are for direct and indirect democracy Munguin? Don't you?

  30. Yea Dean, I think I do! I may not know, or agree with, Stirling University’s definition, however.