Monday 25 April 2011


So, at last, presumably thanks to the duke of Rothsay, who seems to have had a lot to do with invitations’ list, the true political colours of the royal family have been made clear.

There are four ex-prime ministers of the England and the UK living; two of them have been invited to the wedding and two have been ignored. Strangely the most recent two have been ignored. Not so strangely perhaps, they are Labour.

The palace says that the reason for this is that the two Labour ex-prime ministers, unlike Mr Major and Mrs Thatcher, are not knights of the garter. Neither, however, is Tara Palmer Tomkinson, nor Posh Spice, Rowan Atkinson, Elton John and a vast array of other people. They are, however, and no matter how bad they were, ex-prime ministers.

So clearly the duke of Rothsay is a Tory. (Well, no wonder when you consider that in the short time that Cameron‘s boys have been in, the chancellor has given them vast amounts of money and they have been given total secrecy for the Queen, Rothsay and Willie.)

While on the subject of the wedding, I read in the Telegraph this morning that:

Royal wedding: heavy rain forecast for big day

It's the news the country had been dreading

No it’s not Telegraph, you vacuous, sycophantic muppets. The news the country is dreading is another soldier killed in Afghanistan; a plane shot down over Libya; another increase in VAT; another rise in petrol prices, food bills, gas and electricity bills; another round of cuts; a letter from the inland revenue telling us that once again they have made a mess of our taxes and we owe them more money. I suspect that most of the royals can afford a dry pair of shoes, which is a bloody sight more than some of their “subjects”.

Maybe the palace was worried that Blair and Brown, being... ahem... 'socialists', wouldn't have a spare pair of shoes.

Pics: Bonnie Prince Charlie ... oh go on, we need a laugh; Tara Palmer Tomkinson (I bet she can't say that when she's legless...although looking at the pic, it seems that she'd have to go some to lose these legs... not quite the same story about her nose though... She's had to have it rebuilt for the wedding, having disolved it in cocaine. Bless her, she does so much good with her money, keeping plastic surgeons in work.


  1. Heck, who would want 'Jonah Broon' at their wedding ? He'd put a jinx on the thing.
    And Tony would use the invitation as a chance for him and slotgob to 'network'.

  2. LOL You have a point there Hugh. I wonder though if anyone would reasonable want John Major there, or worse still Margaret Hilda...

  3. Alex and Moira are going I think to give Queenie a bit of advice in her ear over the constitution.

  4. They'll be promising not to over-tax her on Balmoral, and to let her have the palace, as long as none of her odious children, with the exception of Anne, come up to stay.

    Although I've heard that Alex and Charlie are friends. Well, à chaqu’un son gout... as they say, wherever they say it...

  5. Oh, and another thing. Rothsay is not even wearing a...wait for it... WINDSOR knot. Seems to be a sloppy old four-in-hand, currently fashionable among the young and hip, but definitely not suitable for an old Windsor.

    And, contrary to popular belief, NOT named after David, Prince of Wales (aka Edward VIII). In fact named after Edward VII.

    I do love Wikipedia. ;-)

  6. Revised from previous.

    Yet another wedding invitation outrage courtesy of the House of Windsor! And what a lame excuse! Not Knights of the Garter indeed! Which of course begs the question. Just why aren't the former Labour Prime Ministers Knights of the Garter like their Tory counterparts? An even bigger swipe at Labour than the lack of wedding invitations I'd say.

  7. Hmmm Danny. I dunno. I think Blair should have been given something like that by now (they don't get it right away), but to her credit Mrs Blair would be very against any title things. She doesn't believe in monarchy and refused to do any curtseying or deferring when they were at Downing Street, the one thing I salute her for.

    As for Brown, Jeez, what would you give him? The Order of the Boot (up his backside)

    Well, they gave the honour to that old fool Thatcher so I suppose anything is possible.

    It's clearly an excuse. It's a semi state occasion and by rights ex-prime ministers should have been invited.

    The Windsors are Tories.

    Just had a thought though; it could have been a quid pro quo from Cameron that if he let the Queen keep all the money from the Crown estates, she would refuse to invite Blair and Brown to things... I wouldn’t put it past Cameron to propose it or Charlie to agree so that he can get his sticky mits on more money.

  8. I often wonder, Danny, what on earth you did before there was Wikipedia, but probably you were still at grade school.... so you didn't need it LOL. ;¬)

    Yes, Mr Windsor should at least sport a Windsor knot.

    It's so long wince I wore a proper tie, I don't think I can remember how to tie them. I've got an old one that is already tied, which I use when I can't get out of it. It's a horrible black thing (handy for funerals) and I haven't a clue what knot is in it. I just know I mustn’t let it come out or I’m in trouble the next time I need it.