Monday, 7 October 2013


So, it's goodbye to him...

                                                               ...And it's hello to him


  1. UKOK Tower: Muppet 1 this is UKOK calling are you receiving?

    Muppet 1: Are you talking to me UKOK Tower?

    UKOK Tower: Affirmative!

    Muppet 1: does that mean yes?

    UKOK Tower: *sigh* yes Muppet 1 that does indeed mean YES!

    UKOK Tower: Muppoet 1 RTB!

    Muppet 1: RTB UKOK Tower?

    UKOK Tower: Affirmative!

    Muppet 1: What does RTB mean UKOK Tower?

    UKOK Tower: for goodness sake Muppet 1 get your earse back to base!

    UKOK Tower: Muppet 2 you are cleared for take off

    Muppet 2: take off what UKOK Tower?

    UKOK Tower: don't you bloody well start Muppet 2 I've had enough with Muppet 1 just get your earse into the air pronto!

    Muppet 2: pronto?

    UKOK Tower: BANG!

  2. What a daft idea to get rid of one no-hoper that knows what he is doing and replace him with a unknown that doesn’t know what he’s doing but is apparently a bit ruder and in your face.

    I assume the idea is that he will be rude to Alex, Nicola and Dennis and supposedly poleaxe these experienced political big hitters with his hitherto unknown Rottweiler style. Looking him up on you tube I don’t see any evidence of him being a political big hitter

    Apparently he has been the Lib Dem chief whip since they joined up as the third Tory party of England so that makes him an expert at being rude to the 56 other Lib Dems in Government. That going to worry Alex et al at “Yes” camp? I think not. When you’re used to the likes of Gordon Brewer, Kirsty Wark and Jeremy Paxman being rude and in your face I suspect that Alistair will come over as a bit of a poodle. And anyway who thinks that being loud, brash and rude ever triumphs over Alex and his calm, measured tones. Remember Wark’s bad tempered and rude interview with Alex after he won the election? Who came off the best in that? And who can forget Paxman trying to bulldoze Plaid’s finance spokesman and being made to look like a total pratt? Brash and in your face are no substitute for informed confidence and having a handle on your brief as I suspect Mr Carmichael is soon going to find out.

    1. It seems a weird time to do it. If they felt that Moore wasn't up to the job they should have got rid of him long ago. With less than a year to get himself sorted, I wonder if it is entirely fair to him to drop him into this.

      I also wondr if the over promoted Moore asked to be relieved of teh post. He was never ministerial material, never mind at that level. It's lucky for him tht there was almost nothing to do, except be awkward with the Scottish government.

      I agree with you that being rude doesn't work with Aexc. He simply turns it all round and smiles leaving, for example, that Kirsty Warped looking like a bad tempered poor loser because her best friend had been done out of his rightful job.

  3. I suspect the Libdems idea of 'combative' is different from a normal person's idea of it. Carmichael might be rambunctious, but only in terms of the Libdem party. It goes with out saying, in any interviews on the telly, the pundits - even if the Yes rep actually murdered the No rep - its chalked up as a point for the No side.

    Anyway, he's an even less well known Libdem than Moore. Just another face-for-TV to wobble with righteous indignation at the temerity of the Nat's wishes to separate from dear old Britain.

    I know Moore has come out with some howlers, but his heart never seemed to be in it anyway.

    1. I'd never heard of him, either Pa. Normally you'd think of the chief whip as being a relatively important person, but that's the Tory chief whip, the Francis Urquhart type.

      This bloke would just be doing what he was told by the Tories most of the time.

      Anyway, we'll see. He'll find that the press is on his side and the BBC too... so that will make his job easier... adn let's face it following Pointless is hardly a hard job. My mum's cat could do that... and she doesn't even have a cat.

  4. Unionist speks with forked tongue

    Getting rid of the Scotland Office is a “job waiting to be done”, says Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael, dubbing the current Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy as a “tax-funded campaign manager for the Labour Party in Scotland.”

    Once a liar always a liar as it becomes a habit.

    1. Corker huh....?

      I mean, for heaven's sake, I know they don;t have a lot to chose from but you'd have thought they might have managed someone who hadn't said that the job was a waste of time/money.

    2. I wonder how quickly the BBC/MSM will pick up on this little gem straight out of the mouth of Carmichael. Ach whit am I talking about they'll do what they always do......ignore this glaringly obvious own goal by Cameron. We can't have those plebs from Scotland telling Cameron what he should and shouldn't do now can we?

  5. Tris

    Can't say I was ever that impressed with Michael Moore to be honest but I do think he was respectful and someone you could agree to disagree with. Carmichael, whom I have only seen on TV to be honest, comes across as someone who is argumentative and will just not accept any alternative answer that doesn't match his own so should fit in well with the Bitter Together mob.


    1. Bruce. I don';t honestly think being combatative is going to do any good.

      Alex, Nicola, John and other top people in the Scottish government let rudeness wash off them like water off a swan's back.

      It is the rude person who comes off worst.

      As I said, I just wonder if MM wanted out...

    2. Tris

      You could be correct, he was never that convincing when arguing for the Union and probably would have done better if the Liberals actually did believe in a federal state but they don't, they like the perks of little power too much.


    3. Although he seemed to be polite, and a decent sort of bloke, he always seemed to me to be not quite up to the job, easy though it is.

      The Derek Bateman example isn't in the least surprising to my way of thinking. I am reminded that in the original cabinet he didn't get a job.

      When Laws was forced to resign over expenses and they promoted Alexander to the treasury, it seems that they had to find someone from the Liberals to be Scottish Secretary, and it being a non job, they gave it to him.

      You can only do a job that is too much for you for so long.

      Fluffy must be fizzing that once again he has been bypassed.

  6. On the subject of how pathetic Moore was, this is worth a read:

  7. OT: The Iain Macwhirter blog on your blogroll is not updating tris.

    1. Hmmm... OK. That beats the hell out of me.

      It has to be a Blogger Fault, I would imagine, ch. I've no idea what to do about it. :(

  8. The new piece on Iain's blog is interesting.

    Taken in conjunction with todays shadow cabinet sackings and replacements, it seems that Labour is not, as we had all assumed, following the Tories to the right.

    Maybe I've been wrong all along and New New One nation Labour is actually going to become a socialist party.

    But then, how will they get elected?

    1. tris

      unlike the snp sell outs promising everything to everybody
      although its businesses which will win out in the end.
      Feck the Scottish people !!!! they say in the privacy
      of there tax payers funded mansions.

      Better stand for whats right and lose than carry out
      your opponents policies and lose your beliefs.
      and all that goes with it .

      anyway the voters are getting fed up with

      There is no alternative

      The Tory scum are unable due to idealogical
      reasons to counter the Labour argument on
      the cost of living.

      after all thats just down to market forces
      and what can a neo liberal do, or should do
      against a force of nature ???
      well nothing at all any interference
      would be considered marxist

    2. Niko.
      Bail out private corporate banks like any socialist would do if they wish to hang onto power for powers sake!

  9. Better stand for whats right and lose than carry out
    your opponents policies and lose your beliefs.
    and all that goes with it .

    Yes, except that, if you lose, then the Tories come along and kill off another few hundred thousand poor and old people.

    The trouble is that elections are decided in the prosperous and highly populated south east of England.

    It's not Labour's fault, but, if they want to do any good at all, they have to win there to be elected, and to win there they have to offer rich people's policies.. Mandelson was right.

    That's why, for Scotland, the UK doesn't work.

    We have the government that the south of England wants.

    It's no earthly use to us.

    So, Niko, you've criticised the SNP fro freezing council tax, saying that it's rich people who benefit the most.

    Do you think then, that if Miliband manages to freeze the fuel costs, he should only do so for the poor. After all, the rich use far more electricity and gas heating their massive houses, and swimming pools. They have far more to gain from a price freeze.

    What are your thoughts?

  10. tris

    Bah!! the poor pay proportionality more on there energy bills than
    the snp supporters i mean do keep up.