Friday, 4 October 2013


Pretty as a picture
That's logical
No to what...grammar lessons?
And the one they would impose on us doesn't work
It probably is... for the top brass.
Click to enlarge. The police confirm the BBC was blethering
Don't forget to register
Or Labour or Ukip or the Whatsits...
Within a day, I suspect.
Yes, these are the facts
Unless of course you're an Eton boy.
Believe it... and not the dim and distant future either. Note the daft old bat in the next picture.
She'll tell you it's about terrorists, but it's not. It's about taking your rights away.
What a despicable statistic.


  1. Did Osborne get the nose job on the something for nothing NHS or on expenses?

    1. Ha ha... Good question...

  2. Bloody marvellous!
    Particularly like Cambuslang!

    1. He he. How embarrassing would that have been, if you'd had to campaign next to a banner like that?

  3. I always get a tad concerned when people feel the necessity to say that the Yes campaign is not just about Salmond as if giving a bit of credence to the continual heap of abuse and mud that is thrown at him by the opposition..Most people know that it is not but by singling him out we are doing the campaign as disservice especially in view of the fact that he is our greatest asset. The No mob know this hence the continual criticism.

    1. Yes, I know what you're saying John, but it seems that there are people who genuinely believe that independence will bring a lifetime of Mr Salmond and the SNP, when it clearly isn't the case.

      I've heard people say that they wouldn't vote for independence "because I can't stand that smug b******". Not that the alternatives in staying in the UK don;t involve equally smug bas*****.

      I agree he's a fantastic asset to the YES side. He brings intellect, experience and loads of smarts to the table.

    2. Its got to the stage, a lot of people are saying it (Salmond is smug etc) by rote - they don't even know why they think it any more. When challenged about it, they quickly back peddle.

      I was having my rich luxurious and not-at-all thinning or receding hair cut the day after the rally, on commenting about it the woman wielding the scissors referred to AS as 'Adolf Salmond' with a nervous laugh. Obviously told her it wasn't a vote for or about Salmond and she back peddled.

      I left her as a no but I bet she could be switched to a yes as long as the crap about Salmond and the SNP is challenged. I don't believe it should be left hanging without someone correcting the fallacy.

      I suppose it depends on the person right enough so whether to challenge needs to be taken on the situation's merits.

      And Theresa May... She's a scary woman, there is something missing from behind her eyes, only way I can put it really. Someone once said she had leadership potential, if that were ever to happen, I think we'd be in deep deep trouble.

      I can't quite describe it, she's one of those politicians (a bit like Blair) who mistakes blind certainty for being right and any action being better than inaction.

    3. Yes Pa. You're right.

      - In what way is he smug?
      - Erm.... he just comes over as smug...
      - OK, can you give me an example?
      - Um, well, like when you see him he just seems so self satisfied.
      - Oh you mean when he defeats the opposition every week in parliament?
      - yes
      Ah, is that not just a mark of competence. It's difficult to look shy and retiring when ou have demolished the opposition, yet again... Oh and do you not think that Cameron, Miliband and Clegg l;ook smug?
      - Yeah, they do...
      - So what's your argument?

      As for Theresa May. ...Nope I'm not gonna say it. I don;t want sued.

  4. If someone said to me I will vote for Independence
    after hearing Alex salmond speak.
    I would say you are a fecking moronic wanker

    If someone said to me I will vote for Independence
    after hearing David Cameron speak.

    I would say well ok i can understand why you would.
    sometimes your heart overrules your head. or versa vice


    Alex is a very rich lying bullshxter no more no less
    id sooner take cyanide than see him in the overlordship
    of a free sovereign people.


    these yours eh?

  5. Oh go on Niko... vote for independence. You know Taz wants you too.

    Unless of course Alistair Darling manages to get a message to him that in an independent Scotland there won't be any bones....

  6. Niko,

    Jim Murphy, George Foulkes, Mike Watson, Michael Martin, John Reid, George Robertson, Helen Liddell, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Iain Gray, Jack McConnell, Johan Lamont, Paul Martin, Margaret Curran,Jim Devine

    FFS, Niko, get a grip!!

  7. Sorry, Niko, I left out Mr Sinclair and Mr McBride!

    1. Sic a parcel o' rogues in a nation....

    2. Dougie Alexander,

  8. Yes, tris, forgot about him too insignificant perhaps when compared to Foulkes. Niko will probably come on and tell us what great achievements entitled seven(?) of them to be elevated to the House of Lards with their £300 daily expenses for popping in for a G & T? Does anyone know if the Scottish Lords can claim travel and accommodation expenses as well?

  9. They must have done something pretty spectacular to be raised into the aristocracy, with titles not just for themselves but also for their wives and children too. Or maybe not.

    I'm not sure what they can claim on top of the tax free turning up fee (remember the woman who walked in one door, signed in, and walked out the other door, £300 better off).

    Probably they can charge a night at the Ritz or Dorchester, and remember they get subsidised food and drink, so Foulkes will be OK.

  10. I love ole Foulkes. he is a hero to me he doesn't just march
    to the sound of a different as to no drum at all.
    why his words of wisdom are just like meaningless tripe
    he knows the answer to everything and nothing after all
    he is a Politician.


    there are erse-oles in every political party do just
    claim one has a monopoly is well just a tad silly.
    I mean the snp have a few like all the others
    claiming divinity for snp representatives
    and then along comes a wife beating son of a bitch.
    oh dearie me.

    1. Corrected for you.

      I love ole Foulkes. he is a hero to me he doesn't just march
      to the sound of a different as to no drum at all.
      why his words of wisdom are just like meaningless tripe
      he knows the answer to everything and nothing after all
      he is Niko.

    2. Ha ha...

      Oh CH... how hurtful.... :)

      Niko. I don't think there are many here who can't see faults in SNP politicians. The example you give is a good one, but there are others.

      I'm not sure where you got the impression that SNP supporters don't realise the faults of some of their own.

      This blog has certainly criticised SNP people.

  11. Yes, Niko, but in the SNP they don't rise to the top whereas in Labour the arrogant and inadequate not only rise up to the top but when they do they pee on those who elected them. Take Reid, for instance, not only was he a failure in every-department he was put in charge of but he is an objectionable and obnoxious gett who nearly cured me of pacifism but still ended up on the red-benches. Similarly with Martin who would make you embarrassed not just to be a Labour supporter but actually being from the same nation as him.

    1. That's true, by and large.

      The SNOP has better people in Scotland because no one particularly wants to go south. They see no future in it. The clever, the ambitious and the dedicated want to stay in Edinburgh.

      I'm not putting down the ones who go to London or Brussels. Some of them are excellent, but their real first wish is to be in Edinburgh.

      Even at that, there have been a few right tubes in the SNP.

      Reid has always been a horrid little man. The rottweiler sent out to try to demolish the likes of John Humphries or Sue McGregor. Always ending up sounding like a bullying ass with no grasp of what he was talking about but the brass neck to talk through everyone else.

      I've always considered him to be an ill mannered pig.

      I've no idea how he managed to get a PhD.