Friday, 18 October 2013


Heartbreaking stories...
...Reminiscent of the 1800s
While this sort of scumbag looks down from on high
Lord Ponse
Makes you proud. Can this be the same nation that hosted the best
Olympic Games in the history of the universe?
Thousands have died and thousands more will die. Who cares?
Incompetent moron
Oh you'll think of something, you bastard
Way to save money...
...which can be redistributed upwards
The white powder is erm chalk
Oh and sharing nuclear secrets...given that no one
else will build your power stations
Only the best  for people of his quality
You deserve it George, for just being born.
I think you already have it
How very generous
Well, you have to look after your family ...
Fancy that, a French Viscount
No use asking me. I'm not George Osborne...thank heavens
Priorities, dear boy, priorities
Britain is a scam if you ask me.
Think about it.  You go to uni; you have £40,000 debt; you get on your bike, get a job and move into your own place, then you get paid off and want to move back in with your mum, but she's had to downsize because of bedroom tax, so you're homeless.  That's modern Britain's offer of a future for young people
Way to go George. You know a thing of two about economics
Greedy spiv
That is just such an insult to the post and the turtle...
 and the bits of dead grass you can see


  1. Tris, you may like the following graphics from the latest polling on Scottish Government approval ratings from Ipsos Mori:

    1. And 54% of Labour think the SNP are doing well.

    2. Good stuff. Thanks anon. I've bookmarked that page. These are interesting statistics.

    3. That's a pretty impressive figure from Labour...

  2. umm perhaps people should have the same right to stay in luxury hotel rooms like wot Alex does. Bit iffy decrying the English Torys for wallowing
    in taxpayer funded wealth and at the first opportunity behave just lik those you slag off.

    cue ch to pop and defend the indefensible.

    you malign lord ponsoby unfairly he at least is speaking the absolute Tory truth. Capitalism is not the way to aid the poor etc never was never will be
    (even though you claim wrongly it can).

    the poor just have to accept there lot you cant change it nor should you try is a central tenant of Tory liberal economics .

    ``At this festive season of the year, Mr Scrooge,'' said the gentleman, taking up a pen, ``it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time. Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir.''

    ``Are there no prisons?'' asked Scrooge.

    ``Plenty of prisons,'' said the gentleman, laying down the pen again.

    ``And the Union workhouses?'' demanded Scrooge. ``Are they still in operation?''

    ``They are. Still,'' returned the gentleman, `` I wish I could say they were not.''

    ``The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigour, then?'' said Scrooge.

    ``Both very busy, sir.''

    ``Oh! I was afraid, from what you said at first, that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course,'' said Scrooge. ``I'm very glad to hear it.'

    ``I wish to be left alone,'' said Scrooge. ``Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen, that is my answer. I don't make merry myself at Christmas and I can't afford to make idle people merry. I help to support the establishments I have mentioned: they cost enough: and those who are badly off must go there.''

    ``Many can't go there; and many would rather die.''

    ``If they would rather die,'' said Scrooge, ``they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Besides -

    1. You called sir?

      You have links to the wild assertions other than Labour activists on twitter writing the news.

    2. Well, I'm inclined to agree, Niko, that first minister or not, he should be staying in reasonably modest hotels... I mean not some flea pit bed and breakfast, but certainly not five star hotels. That goes for all of them from Charlie Windsor down to Eton Boy. If they want to stay posh they should pay for it themselves. Heaven knows they are all rolling in cash.

      It also goes for the BBC and civil servants.

      But I'd stop all the grandeur that goes with these positions. No more access to wine cellars with millions of pounds worth of vintage in them; no more first class travel; and no more homes on expenses. Student/hostel style accommodation for MPs and modest rented places for ministers that require to entertain and have offices (Cameron/Salmond/Jones/Robinson).

      If I maline Lond Ponse it isn't enough. Stuck up prat. He wants a good hard kick in the arse. The poor don't have to learn go go without. They have always gone without. It's just that in a civilised society we don't expect them to starve and freeze to death as Ponse clearly does.

      Good old Scroogie... yer Tory's Tory. Mr Osborne to a "T"

    3. Nearly 3 hrs and still no proof Niko? You are not lying are you like Curran, Lamont and the majority of Labour politicians in Scotland?

  3. tris

    This is what Mr Osborne wrote:

    Some say that it is not in the interests of Britain to confront China over its poor human rights record and nationalist sabrerattling: it will make it more difficult for British businesses trying to break into the Chinese market. From what I've seen and heard, I think they are wrong. China wants to do business and above all seems to crave international respectability. It wants to be taken seriously as a world player, which is why it is flexing its muscles more in the UN security council. Well, if it wants to be a part of the world community, it should be told in no uncertain terms when its behaviour is unacceptable. Threatening free, democratic Taiwan with military annihilation is unacceptable. Suppressing Tibetan autonomy is unacceptable. Persecuting religious minorities and political dissidents is unacceptable. Until China dramatically improves its dire human rights record and stops menacing its neighbours, I cannot see how the European Union can even contemplate lifting the arms embargo.



    1. I'm sure that China is going to listen to lectures on human rights form a country that is about to get rid of the human rights act.

      Don't these people see what fools they make of themselves?

      If Great Britain wants us to stop treating people like horse dung, we'd better do it or... or... erm... oh yeah... their population of poor people will stop buying Chinese tat, and buy German goods instead at 20 times the price... yeah right.

      He's yer archetypal nob's nob is Ozzy. Too much white powder maybe

  4. Replies
    1. Wow... he means it doesn't he?

  5. Autonomy for Tibet but not for Scotland, eh?, Niko!

    1. Tibet doesn't have oil and isn't keeping Ozzy and his posh pals in the standard to which they think they are entitled.

  6. ch

    I tire of your insults and and hereby slap your sallow face with my glove
    and if your a man that will lead to this

    i await your convenience

    brownlie i just poke you with a long pointy stick through the bars of your

    1. That was a crossply response when you must have a link to back up your wild assertions of abuse of alleged taxpayer funding a private stay at a hotel. What does it cost the taxpayer to keep Lamont locked up in her underground bunker?

    2. LOL That's a good question.

      Whatever the cost of it, it's got to be good for the country. That woman's negativity is enough to drive us all to depression. Is it possible to get the screeching banshee in with her?

  7. Niko... I just read that the reason Mr Salmond was staying in Gleneagles was that he was meeting with foreign diplomats there. Just like Tony Vlair Blair did a few years ago.

    I think I can excuse them when they are doing that. I wouldn't have expected Blair to stay in the Salutation in Perth to meet with delegations from the USA and China, France and Canada... and I don't expect Salmond to either.

    I'd certainly expect him to downgrade if he was only there for himself.

    1. I'd add that as this is the conference I expect that either he or the party is paying that bill. The country is not.

      When Blair stayed there the state paid. Quite rightly, he was doing state business. It was unfortunate that he landed Scotland with the costs though, and not the UK. And McConnell was wrong to accept them.

  8. ch

    tris juat shot your miserable fox.......Bang!!! well done tris, I await your grovelling apology noting your avoidance of my face slap to you.


    whats good for blair is good for Alex eh !! very moral position
    considering you never have a good word for Blair well unless Alex
    follows him that is.

  9. tris has ' expectations ' he will be disappointed as ever

    1. No. wrong assumption, Niko.

      In these circumstances it is not wrong to entertain in a reasonable fashion. And frankly, in Perth there is nothing much else except Gleneagles.

      Even Iceland's Prime minister doesn't entertain people in a dive.

  10. Hmm all very good ideas one hopes Labour will steal them asap

    Post independence plans

    Cut energy bills by about 5% a year (about £70 per annum) by removing a number of "green" charges.

    Bring Scotland's postal service back into public hands.

    Abolish the so-called "bedroom tax".

    Protect the state pension and make sure it keeps pace with the cost of living.

    Err not this one
    Remove Trident weapons from Faslane on the Clyde.
    we must retain the option to bomb the bastards whomever that may be
    the French mayhap, or in case we are invaded by the Iranians

    1. No no no... it's the North Koreans, Niko. Keep up.

    2. Alex Salmond: vote for Scottish independence is act of self-delusion

      a vote for Independence is a vote for the snp

      a vote for Independence is a vote for Alex salmond


      its official the snp have your extremists votes in the bag
      so feck off and shutuppy.
      now they desperately want Labour votes well you lot best
      shut up insulting and attacking us...being horrible and vile
      to decent hard working people hadn't you ?????

      bit of bowing and scraping from you lot now on
      off you go and make me a nice cup of tea. and
      dont go spilling any.

      ch you may kiss my hand or another place
      if you wish.

    3. Are you on the Lamont lozenges again and where is the link confirming your your wild presumptuous assertions that the FM is living the high life out with his elected duties?

      You've been busy on the BBC blogs today.

    4. Niko, when have I ever been anything but polite and respectful to you, and Taz?

      Come on. I want examples....!

    5. CH: You can just feel the love... and the ignorance.

    6. tris & ch

      you both well know cybrnat central of the snp
      send out you lot to post these vile comments.
      and then use them as examples to justify
      your chip on your shoulder resentment.
      GCHQ can confirm this ??????

    7. What can I say Niko. I get a daily briefing from Cybernat central on the phone ...and they even mention you.

      It's funny, really. Their voices go all weird and they keep on saying "exterminate" over and over again...

      Most disturbing... but so far I've resisted their call... because I promised Spookie I'd look after you.

    8. Mine keeps telling me about 'Braveheart' it's all bout that!

    9. tris

      Yes well you best get stronger medication he pains in my
      head are getting worse and worse as the Independence debate
      goes on.
      I keep hearing voices in my head saying ' why the feck would you want to support the continuing Union ??? '

      Oh no silly me thats me brother !!

    10. Why indeed... it's not like it's offering you much except more of the same.

      I think you, your bro and Taz should sit down and have a little chat!

  11. As your posters go they could refer to the Labour party as well as the ConDems since they even handed out peerages and other gongs to no less than 20 senior bankers when in power over those 13 disastrous years of increasing debt.

    The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money4.

    1. Good video.... thanks

  12. Take a look at these tris

    1. Thanks for these links,deewal.

      Nothing that that man has touched has gone right.

      He seems to have been a failure his entire life, bailed out every time by the fact that he knew the right people and married the right money and titles.

      His attempt at being the leader of the party was even more farcical that that of wee willie. I remember thinking at the time that we was a ringer for Willie's dad, only even duller.

      Since he has been in government his record has been unbelievably bad.

      Everything he has touched ended in chaos. And no one in power ever gives a thought to the effects that these cock ups have on the poor buggers on teh receiving end of such grudged help as they get.

      I've glanced at the "Illegal" page. There's a lot to take in. But I'm absolutely fascinated that a government that has been haranguing us about British Jobs for British People, is out sourcing its Social Security to India...

      For heaven's sake. I've nothing against Indian call centres. I've found by and large the people are extremely polite and very very helpful, and to be honest, no more difficult for me to understand than a woman I spoke to recently from a call centre in Newcastle. but British Jobs for British People... hardly goes with handing british Jobs to Indian People...does it?

      I'll Read the articles and see just how mad IDS has become.

      Thanks again.


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