Monday, 7 October 2013


Be at Selex TOMORROW (Tuesday) morning, BETWEEN 9 am and 11 am. 

SELEX are defence contractors (ex Ferranti) at Crewe Toll in Edinburgh, and Hammond intends to address a meeting of defence contractors in their car park.

Take a placard, a banner, a megaphone but most importantly yourself. LIES like this must be challenged.  The Tories have slashed defence jobs and the Scottish Regiments since coming to power.  Let the media see the truth - not TORY LIES!

Well, thats more or less what the Rally for Scottish Independence is saying.

So, if you are about in Edinburgh tomorrow morning you might like to go along and boo loudly at the incredibly unlikeable Philip Hammond as he lies his way through another engagement, telling us that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to manage our own defence, and that probably Afghanistan or North Korea will invade us, and because all soldiers hate Scotland and will defect to England after the YES result  there won't be anyone to defend us and we needn't look to the English who have had to do it for us for the last 300+ years, along with subsidising all our dependencies and habits and paying all our social security. 

You know, we really are a terrible liability. I'm surprised they want to hang on to us.

Anyways, if you are free, do hold your nose and pop along to Selex in Edinburgh and let him know how much we love Tories poking their posh noses into our country.


  1. Selex are owned by the Italians....all that brilliant Scottish innovation given away for buttons. ( ex BAe Systems....Ferranti went bust in the 80's I think ...rogue deal in the US sent their share price to zero.)

    1. They have sold off everything... and doubtless spent the money shoring up the imperial britannia, and their own self importance.

      Ferranti sounds a bit Italian too though .

    2. Everything in England has been sold off too and English Regiments disbanded so you're not alone. It wasn't just the Tories though, was it?

    3. Aye you're right LM, the chairman was conned by some financial con artist in the US. Ferranti a once famous and proud company went down the slippery slopes...,.fast! They changed their name to Ferranti International but it didn't help. Next came GEC Ferranti then GEC Marconi. At that stage I left.

      It was a shame about the old Ferranti, it was a good firm to work for, factories all over Edinburgh asnd they made good kit for the military as well.

      You're right Tris the origins of Ferranti come from the Ferranti family, as you say an Italian family. The original members of the family ran the firm well but it was the later members and their board who were duped by the con artist.

    4. Absolutely Susan. They have sold off everything, and after a few years it disappears abroad.

      They appear to want to replace the army with TA volunteers. It is, they say, cheaper.

      With the greatest respect to TA people, they can't be as well trained as regular army. So that makes Hammond's report into Scotland's independence prospects even more idiotic than it otherwise would be.

      The next thing that idiot will want is Dads' Army to keep us all safe... Defend your country for your pension you lazy not hard working people, while I help mr Fox fill in his expenses for 3p worth of petrol.

      No. Labour privatised all manner of things and reduced spending on the army.

      But none of them will ever refuse to spend the billions to retain the WMDs they can never use. They are the passport to their undeserved place at Obama's right hand.

    5. Thanks for the info there Arbroath. I take it you worked for them. They had a place in Dundee too making transformers I think..

    6. Yes I did for 19 years. If memory serves me right I think Dave on Cybernats also worked for them for a wee while.

    7. Happy days...

  2. The UK is being privatised from top to bottom and only an uprising will change as politicians won't and the public are sleepwalking into it dumbed down by inane television programs.

    1. Well, lets hope we get out of it next year. if we don't, I expect that even the docile Brits will eventually get fed up of being treated like fools and revolt. I wouldn't count on it happening any time soon though.

  3. ris

    Aside from you racist rant there are conservatives in Scotland
    and strangely enough some even advocate voting yes in the referendum.
    We are not yet a one snp party state.

    If the snp win no doubt the Scottish conservatives
    alongside my good self will be marched off the snp

    where upon I shall write a tome titled
    'A day in the life of Nikostratos '

    Must say eds lurch to the left is a tad
    suspect after all

    ' Shadow cabinet newcomers Gloria de Piero, Tristram Hunt '
    Hardly working class heros with such appellations,

    Tristram cant imagine him carrying a hod of bricks up a ladder
    somehow can you.Ooh! me blistered hands

    1. where upon I shall write a tome titled
      'A day in the life of Nikostratos '

      Mogadon will work for others. ;)

    2. LOL Niko. It wasn't a racist rant... not compared with your "English Tory scum" rants.

      I dunno about the Gloria and Tristram. You have to remember that Tony Benn is in fact an Earl.

      And I doubt anyone questions his lefty wing credentials.

      It will be interesting to see if any left wing policies emerge.

      It will be interesting to see how Johann's policies change.

      It will be interesting to see if Labour stays ahead in the polls, given the fact that the south of England and virtually all newspapers will be very unhappy.

      I'd be happy with a Labour government in an independent scotland, especially one espousing proper Labour policies.

      But they have to be thought through. Not policies that sound good but will never work.

      I read that book... It was absolutely cracking. So yeah, we'll put you on Rockall in the prison camp and you can write yours in your blood with a nib fashioned from redundant OBEs on dried sheep skin.

  4. megaphones? heaven forfend!
    such a nice man,
    tak yer baffies instead and chuck them at him,
    thats an middle east display of disdain that I think should be taken up here

    1. Oh yes, old shoes. I've plenty of them I'd happily throw at him.

  5. Hammond on the radio this morning...

    A posh Englishman and a Tory to boot coming up to tell us we simply cannot manage on our own. Its to hard/expensive/complicated - even although we already manage to do everything he said we couldn't do and pay for it all twice over.

    No, I don't think it'll go down well with anyone.

    I did my work experience at Ferranti. I also worked for ICL when it was sold to Fujitsu. There's been a slow motion fire sale these past two or three decades and soon, there'll be nothing left.

    Rule Britannia indeed.

    1. I dunno why it is that they think it is a good idea to send posh sounding, rich English Tories to tell us that it's too complicated for feathery Scottish minds to cope with...

      Still long may they do it.

      Didn't Dave the Dick say he was going to bring the refined ladies and gentlemen of his cabinet on a tour of Scotland, to allow them to see how the natives live.

      A bit like going on safari in Botswana and watching Elephants.

      Rule Britannia, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO... yeah whatever...