Monday, 7 October 2013


The MoD report on Independence (compiled using taxpayers’ money) has come out with some real trash. Here are just a few points from it.
All Hail to Mr Hammond from some "loyal" troops
Scotland would be more vulnerable to a catastrophic terrorist attack if Alex Salmond succeeds with his bid to break up Britain.  Hey, there are other people who want to break up Britain  Me included, so maybe Hammond would like to make it Alex Salmond and Tris PW’s bid.

Apparently, according to the Daily Heil, Britain’s top defence officials (remember that these are the people who waste billions in wrong procurement paying, if I remember aright, £10 for a light bulb that you or I could buy for 99p) have produced a damning 86-page assessment of the impact that separation would have on Scotland’s security, which warns of the terrifying threat to the everyday lives of Scots. Bloody hell. It sounds like a horror story treatment for a Hollywood film.
Don't jump... No, I was joking, Go ahead
The devastating dossier (that makes a change from dodgy) will show that the tiny defence budget proposed by the SNP could heighten the risk of a terror attack which could close down the water, gas or electricity supplies to every home and business in the country.  Erm, except…who would want to attack a little country like Scotland that won’t be poking its nose into other people’s business?

A separate Scotland may also be unable to protect itself from a ‘cyber attack’ which could see criminals or rogue states raid the bank accounts of hard-working people across the country.  Oh well, if it’s only hard working people then I’ll be alright. I wonder how the hard working people of tiny countries like Iceland or Luxembourg manage!

The report attempts to highlight the risks to a separate Scotland by showing the huge efforts already carried out to protect Scotland as part of the UK, including defence against the threat from foreign nations and terrorists and from attacks on the country’s everyday infrastructure, such as water and electricity supplies and phone and computer connections.   Oh aren't they good to us. These hard working English taxpayers working their fingers to the bone so that we lazy scrounging something for nothing smelly socks can be free. It brings a tear tae yer een, so it does.

Defence Secretary Philip Virgin Islands Hammond claimed the SNP's plans are a 'dagger poised at the heart of Scotland's industrial infrastructure'. He fails to mention, however, that there are other parties, including his own bunch of losers which are at liberty to attempt to gain power in Scotland.

He said: ‘Everything that I've seen says to me that the Scottish Government isn't really interested in defence. What it has said on defence looks like it has been made up on the back of a fag packet.  And you, Mr Hammond, know what is it exactly about defence. Aren't you the one that, that keeps a useless nuclear deterrent that belongs to America (except that Alex Salmond and Tris have helped to pay for it) while depending on TA soldiers to make up the backbone of the forces? And why would the SNP be telling a Tory about what its plans for defence are?
Hold on, just slipping my brain cell back in.
9000 direct jobs would be at risk at the Coulport and Faslane naval bases by the end of the decade as a result of the SNP’s intention to remove Trident from Scotland if it secures a yes vote in next year’s referendum.  Oh goodie, yet another figure plucked from the air top add to all the ones we have had before.

Scotland’s shipyards could lose all of their vital orders from the MoD, because it does not hand contracts to foreign countries, which could lead to the decimation of the vital shipbuilding industry. OK, so decimation actually means reduction by 1/10th, but we'll let that one go. Anyway, what will England be building in the way of war ships? Seeing as the ones they are building at the moment are going to be mothballed because they can't afford to fuel them. And at present most of the non secret ships are built in the Far East, so that’s a pile of lies. 

Independence could result in the mass withdrawal of private defence firms from Scotland, as they will not want to be at risk of losing MoD work. That could prove to be disastrous for the 16,000 defence jobs based in Scotland.  The MoD doesn't have any money to spend on defence projects. The companies would be better to go locate somewhere where they have some money. China, India, Brazil, or the middle east.

No major defence firms have publicly stated their concerns about separation, but they have raised their concerns privately. Well, now that’s a surprise.  You would have thought that they would have been shouting this from the roof tops. Can I smell sh*te?  I think I can, you know.
Mr Hammond's loyal troops again
Mr Hammond is building a new offensive ‘cyber strike force’ costing up to £500 million to stave off the threat of attacks on Britain’s systems. He said building the whole cyber defensive system from scratch in an independent Scotland would need ‘huge fixed cost investment’. Why would we build it from scratch? We already paid for 9.8% of England’s system.

Hammond said: ‘There are significant economies of scale and it is clear that the UK is able to deliver a level of cyber protection for all the people of the United Kingdom as they go about their business and daily lives (WHAT?)in a way that an independent Scotland would find very difficult to do, because, presumably we're far too thick to manage things like that.

The new MOD report will be the fifth in a series of ‘Scotland Analysis’ papers produced by the UK Government at taxpayers' expense to assess the implications of independence.  

It covers all areas of defence in the UK and highlights the economic and employment benefits of the industry to Scotland, as well as the damage that independence could do.  Of course, it doesn't actually do anything of the sort. It lies through its teeth to scare Scots into not taking away the massive subsidy that Scotland gives to the rest of the UK and of course a place for it to keep its nuclear fur coat where, if there is an accident only Scots will be obliterated.
Wearing a hat that they can't afford enough of
 to actually give to the combat troops. Still got to protect that one's head.
He's rich
I can't help but think that Hammond of one of the more odious liars in the Uk cabinet where he has a fair amount of competition. I can actually feel myself gagging at the thought of him.

I think Cameron should get up here and debate with Salmond, if only to explain why he is wasting taxpayers money to fund this pile of lies.


  1. Scotland’s shipyards could lose all of their vital orders from the MoD, because it does not hand contracts to foreign countries, which could lead to the decimation of the vital shipbuilding industry.

    Is that TRUE Hammond, REALLY???

    Hmm, now if this IS the case perhaps you'd like to remind everyone which country has recently been awarded the contract for maintaining and repairing the navy's 'fleet' of ships and subs.

    What's that you say Hammond yo have no idea what I'm referring to. Well perhaps you'd better talk to your French counterpart after all it's a FRENCH company that will be maintaining naval ships etc for the next 10 years is it not?

    1. You know they are lying because they open their mouths. Project Fear extension in London. I just hope there were protesters this morning in Edinburgh to show just how welcome this Rich Boy is in our country.

  2. Tris

    All imperialist crap. Who will invade or attack Scotland other than the English, in fact I think they are the only ones who ever have attacked Scotland and on more than one occasion. Scotland has never attacked anyone other than doing the dirty work of the good old colonial Britain. However, when you read this crap you do have to wonder that they are really afraid of Scotland leaving, this is all about fear. They are afraid, we should be using that against them I think to try and get answers to the questions we have on things like assets etc.


    1. I noticed, Bruce, that this minister said, having spent £500 m of BRITISH taxes on a system, that Scotland could set one up, because it would be too expensive.

      We already have one Hammond, bought and paid for with an over subscription of taxes. We don't need to buy one.

      It's been pointed out on numerous occasions that by and large, Scotland is quite a popular country. People like Scots. Britain isn't. The fears of being attacked as part of Britian are always there. If you go around the world bossing people about, killing people randomly, poking your nose in and, through ignorance making a mess, while ensuring that your own interests (or those of your bestest friend and master) are protected, never mind the cost to locals, then you are unlikely to be very popular.

      If you get on with your own business, ensure that your sick are cared for , your kids are educated, your infrastructure is suitable, and giving a bit of help here and there where you can... terrorists or other countries tend to have much less reason to attack you.

      The only reason we would be likely to be attacked was if people wanted access to London.

      Of course they are afraid of Scotland leaving. On a lot of different levels.

      Loss of income; huge loss of prestige; possible loss of nuclear wmds; attendant loss of position on security council, and chance to cozy up to important people... and I imagine many more reasons.

  3. Yep.

    England won't award contracts for ships it can't afford to Scotland because it (Scotland) will be a foreign (jings crivvens help-ma-boab) country that it used to have a close political union with, but it will share the ships it can't afford with France - another foreign country which it didn't have a close political relationship with.

    Meanwhile, the foreign owned companies who currently build shit for the MOD would NEVER EVER steal Britain's most well kept secret boat stuff because they build it all in the UK and have never heard of email or usb sticks or smartphones or - I don't know - a brain?

    Riiiiiight.... :-/

    Hammond is a first class clutz, an intellectual pygmy and a glassy-eyed tory drone. With the lies he tells, many people wonder how he sleeps at night, he doesn't, he regenerates.

    One of your more scathing blogs Tris, very enjoyable.

    1. We are sunk, it would seem, Pa!

      I think Training day summed it up well on Wings: (I hope [s]he won't mind my quoting):

      So, a quick summary then (takes deep breath):

      Scotland will be defenceless, vulnerable to catastrophic terrorist attack, at risk of losing water, gas and electricity, have no shipbuilding industry or ships, have no airlines running services to Scotland, be the heaviest taxed area in the world, have low house prices, high food prices, collapsing oil revenues, will run out of blood supplies, be unable to compete on the sporting field, be drink and drug-addled, won’t be able to run a mail service, won’t want to run any non-electric vehicles, could be bombed by England to shore up their defences, won’t be able to afford pensions, won’t have a financial services industry, won’t be able to afford an NHS, will have the poorest educational standards in the world due to introducing Scottish history into the curriculum, and will be a dictatorship (it is already).

      There’s your first script for you, Mr Carmichael. I realise it’s only just scratched the surface, but it’ll do to be going on with.

      It's all based on lies, but then , it's coming from the MoD which is the most inefficient department in Whitehall with, as you point out, a first class clutz t its head. Another Oxford man. What can I say?

      Scathing? Hmmm maybe. I think as time goes on and I get more sick of the lies and more angry with the liars, I probably will become more scathing.

      They are getting desperate. You don;t fix something that isn't broken and the just shuffled the largely unknown and irrelevant Moore out of his Cabinet seat and put in an ever less well known "rottweiler".

      The lies will become more desperate and more fantastical. And we will become a more angry and divided nation.

      And I'll probably get more scathing! :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed it though...

  4. Andrew Sparrow does a highly regarded rolling politics blog in the Guardian said

    "The government has been publishing a series of papers on Scottish independence (or, rather, why it would be an utter disaster - they have not been exactly neutral) and today it has published on one defence."

    Nice to know some in MSM will admit it.

    1. Yes. Bit by bit I suppose they will have to, PP. Otherwise they are going to look so stupid when no disaster strikes.

      If we are left in this disunited kingdom after September next year, I can't imagine anything but an awful load of hatred towards the liars that caused it to happen for their own selfish ends.

  5. how sad to see those brain washed squadies

    1. Even sadder footdee, that in the second picture they were being watched doing it by their officers.