Thursday, 31 October 2013


Gordon Brown was back after missing last week's drama in Grangemouth (just up the road from his constituency) because he was sunning himself in Mexico but hastened tout de suite to Dubai to take part in a summit on Education.

While taking part in a panel discussion, Mr Brown was asked his views "as a politician", at which point he interjected "ex-politician".

He was reminded by the host, BBC presenter Mishal Husain, that he was still an MP, which he acknowledged.

Brown seems to treat his job as member of parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, and the attendant salary of more than £65,000 a year, as a bit of a sideline while he jets around the world reminding people who he is and pretending to be important.

In fact he was prime minister for a very short period. One which saw Britain fall into depression at the tail end of a Labour government of 13 years. And he was only allowed that because Blair saw what was coming and got the hell out before the s*** hit the fan above his desk.

Now Brown seems to have forgotten that whilst he lost the election, he retained his seat. 

You'd have thought that someone in his household might have noticed the sizable deposit in his bank balance every month.
At the Prison Officer's Association Scotland conference in Peebles, delegates voted to support an independent Scotland, voicing their "frustration and dismay" at the Westminster government's pension arrangements and refusal to recognise prison officers as a key operational service like the police or fire brigade. 

Welcome aboard, yet another trades union!
Oh no, it's definitely not a treat....
More like an evil old terrorist witch with kinky shoes

(Thanks to Bugger the Panda)
Dear Ms Lamont...

It's me again...

Have you read this? Would you like to comment, and possibly apologise for your distasteful behaviour in parliament when you accused Scotland of shortchanging cancer patients?

Oh, and by the way, did you see this article from Wings... ?

You should you know.



PS Munguin says can you send Maggie Curren round. The stairs at Munguin Towers are in need of a good sweeping and mopping.


  1. He didn't really understand what his job was as Prime Minister of the UK, never mind as an MP.
    But that's pretty typical of Labour and the left these days.

    1. Crap from day 1...

      Mind you Cameron always thought that it was having tea with the Queen, visiting dignitaries abroad and waving to people. If he'd thought for a second that it required intellect he'd have ruled himself out and got himself a job as a queen somewhere.

      I'm sure that with his money and connections he'd have managed that.

  2. Tris

    Now lets be fair to Gordon. He has to travel the world getting hansomely paid to give speeches that he is no doubt unqualified to give. He has to hold surgeries in his constituency , oops sorry he doesn't hold them really, the poor people have to email him or phone. He has to ask questions in parliament, oh sorry he doesn't do that either. Ok, he is out and about fighting for Labour United, nope, they seem to have died a death. Ok he was at Grangemouth, nope not there either as you noted. When you add in Lamont, Curran, Bain, Miliband, Darling, Alexander Twins, Straw, Balls, Grey, Murphy you have to think that the people who voted them in must have been pissed or seriously taking the piss out of the rest of us. Gordon Brown and his mob must be the most useless bunch of Labour Politicians ever to have walked the face of the planet. This country is so bereft of political talent when you add in Cameron, Osbourne, IDS, Rennie, Davidson, Clegg, Campbell, Laws, Gove it's a wonder that we have survived this long. Thank the stars we at least have Salmond, not perfect but puts all of them to shame and actually fights for Scotland.

    Gordon Brown is a Plank.


    1. Yes Bruce. I'm not entirely sure we are surviving... For all the reports that the recovery has started. I think its only for the rich... and the Londoners, whose house prices went up by 8% last year

  3. He's a disgrace to humanity and in noway left wing by any stretch of the imagination.

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    1. Always said that. If they are too old their sons and daughters should be sent.

      They think twice then.

  5. Thank the stars we at least have Salmond, not perfect but puts all of them to shame.

    As I said when I began, I cannot explain why Hitler, and only he, can be the Führer. Who could suggest someone worthier and more able to fill the office of Reich President, the highest leader of the Reich?

    Someone might say that it is not good to put all power in one hand. Let me reply that in a difficult time the Romans gave full power to a young and capable leader — and the Romans knew something about governing! They knew that “men make history.” They knew that in times of crisis, strong personalities must guide the state, personalities bound to the living essence of their people.

    Someone may say that it is not good to put all power in one hand, since Adolf Hitler might use his authority arbitrarily and thoughtlessly!

    To that I can only say: The conscience of a moral personality is a far greater protection against the misuse of an office than is the supervision of parliament or the separation of powers. I know no one who has a stronger conscience, or is more true to his people, than Adolf Hitler
    by Rudolf Hess/ tris

    1. Ever thought of seeing a shrink?

    2. Don't go all Bomber Harris on me, Niko....

    3. Don't worry M. He's pulling our chains..

    4. M

      Dun that but he only tried to get me sectioned won't do that agin !!

    5. Don't worry. IDS is not having any of this "sectioning" nonsense.

      You can't get out of doing a hard day's slave labour just because you're mad, Niko.

      Forget it.

      Now get back to work!

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    1. What can I say...

      You'd not mind quite so much if they didn't make such a mess of it.

  7. O/T kinda
    I posted this sentiment form the wonderful Ian Anderson (of Dunfermline) in belated response to the Cara Hilton supporters in that grand City

    "I may make you feel but I cant make you think"
    says it all really?

  8. Absolutly loved the comment about ms T Mays awayday jaunt to stir up the sweaties when the poster (sorry forgot your name) pointed outh that the sercurity services will watch you emails if you use the word SEMTEX
    and in fact will do a virus check on your computer for you (how nice of them)
    So i responded with this
    so all you have to do is say the word SEMTEX
    and you get a free security sweep?

    so what happens if you use the word JIHAD?
    do they give you a free virus protection?

    SO McAfee, Norton and the like are no longer necessary, you just have to keep saying SEMTEX AND JIHAD and jobs a good un wow

    btw I could do with you setting a system restore point for me guys, and maybe do a wee bit o housekeeping as well,
    dont want you sitting for hours waiting to see what I’m going to say cos my computers slow as shit,
    form this moment henceforth we should all inject the words SEMTEX and JIHAD into every email, every, post every blog, and we'll never get a virus or a Trojan again
    its a win win we even get to watch that stupid cow going into meltdown
    whats not to like?

    1. Brilliant... and I can get rid of my AVG!

      I always manage to make a mess of it anyway!

      Thanks for the tip!

  9. Just had and even more exiting thought, maybe you guys could branch out into proof reading emails and correcting misspelliongs and possibly checking syntax to ensure our emails sense good they make,
    I can see a couple on misspelliongs in my last post,
    If you could just fox those, there's good chaps

    1. ... and get rid of spellcheck too?

      Wow, that would speed up my computer. I wonder, given that I type a lot of stuff in French, if they could manage that too?

      Seems dubious to me. Little Britons aren't too good on the old froggie stuff apart from "la plume de ma tante".

  10. If I dissapear and turn up in Guantanamo bay tell my family...............................

    1. Munguin will come and get you. He has connections in high places....

  11. I have a question
    that sign
    “for hard working people ”
    does that include Gordon Brown
    late of her majesties government (retired)

  12. tris says
    "he'd have ruled himself out and got himself a job as a queen somewhere."
    Do you know something?

    like Priscilla Queen of the desert like?

  13. Have you ever had one of those moments when you just have to ask that question and you equally know your going to regret it?
    kinda like the big red button that say DO NOT PRESS
    well here goes
    why in hell do you have the pseudonym anonymous and then sign your posts Bruce?
    I mean I sign myself as john dman , jdman, jdmank ,john king but no one knows my real name is Bluebottle

    oh well the watchers know that anyway

  14. btw
    How did you get into my house BtP?
    I had inner Bearsden snotty urchin round and you turn up?
    that cartoon of me in my baffies and kilt is eerily accurate :)

    1. It's a photograph that Munguin took on his new Brownie!

  15. that is all
    and now we return you to normal service,


    1. Right Bluebottle... thanks for that amusing interlude...


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    1. They already tracking you CH....