Sunday, 27 October 2013


He even looks like him
Might look cheap, but that was before the vintage champagne was added
I wonder what Nick Clegg thinks... but then, don't we all?
Oh shit... 
Where are the cushions I used to keep from when the beaks sent for me at Eton...
No wonder not many of us bother with the UK news. It's of little interest to us. 
I'm for that.
Lordy, you can't scapegoat the rich. They own the tv stations and the newspapers.
So it's down to us bloggers then.
Nice tax arrangements if you can get them, and it seems almost anyone
who gives political donations can.
Got it! Miliband has a man behind him?
Well size isn't everything as Norway and Iceland illustrate.
Well...yes actually. If you don't give them the money they will steal it...
Surely no one thought otherwise? 
But who cares. The poor are only the poor.
In fairness he's probably never heard of the other issues.
It's all Greek to him, or Dutch, or...well something foreign.
Bet you never thought you'd see a Tory grovelling to a Communist dictator.

And now for a laugh...

And finally, for Dean... This is the kind of person you meet on the Yes Team

And this is what you bang into on the no team....'s your choice!!!


  1. tris

    The first minister of the snp said the deal with ineos
    was wonderful . So whats the point of you slagging off
    the deal your masters have happily supported..????

    Nationalisation would be more wonderful but the snp as
    yourself do not support old style socialism. goes against
    there neo-liberal grain dont it,
    And trying to tempt Deano with a nat muscle queen
    will defo work,can see Deano drolling all over your blog.
    But he aint patch on my Spooks no way no how.
    sigh !! I do miss him . so wery much

  2. The SNP doesn't have the power to nationalise. Or are you Edward Stirton?

    The way I see it is you guys are using every nasty trick in the book so I thought I might hook old Deno with a bit of totty. One can but try and every vote counts.

    I see that Mr Salmond gave equal credit to the Scottish and UK government's but according to the Herald it appears that as usual Cameron did sweet nothing for us. I can't read the article because it is behind a paywall, and I'm too poor to be able to afford it.

    Awwww Niko... We all miss the Spook, but you got me now and Brownlie now. Is that not enough?

  3. Niko, why not get a season ticket for Forfar FC...?

    1. Yean Niko...we can go together... Maybe Mr B will come down from the island too...