Sunday, 20 October 2013


I expect the noble Mr Robertson doesn't mix with the locals, or maybe he's only the lord of the English speaking people.

But I reckon if he had another brain cell or two he could be something useful, like a shovel. Alas, however....


  1. He says these things because he's a socialist. I used to be one but after 30+ years I broke my programming and went back to my people.

    nation n. a large aggregate of people united by common descent, culture and language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.

    When I travel from Dorset to Sutherland not only do I see a different culture I see a different nation: the Scots.

    If you don't let the socialists fuck with your head you'll keep your nation. It's that simple. The English are doomed, we'll be a majority minority by 2040, and an absolute minority before the end of this century. When that happens we will no longer be a nation.

    Save yourselves. Remember, each nation lost to multiculturalism is a loss to the world.


  2. Maybe that black hair dye he uses has mind altering chemicals in it?

  3. Steve

    We intend to save ourselves. We are a different nation and we have a different climate, different culture, different view on life.

  4. LOL Jutie. Either that or all that programming by Blair and then Bush has managed to remove his perception of what culture or language are.

  5. Good heavens CH... are they mad?

    1. Yes but they know that the MSM is there to protect them so far.

    2. Yeah, but they fought against all these thing and said they were madness.... Even some of their own supporters will surely remember the criticisms.