Thursday, 3 October 2013


No blogging for me today, as I am shortly off to Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall to see the awesome Petula Clark in concert.
Petula signing cd's after last night's concert
However, I was amused by this article from Facebook, and I thought you might enjoy the read.

I highlighter a couple of things towards the bottom, which, in all the fun, are the stinking reality of what our lives are like in the UK.
Maria Miller, government minister addressing the Tory faithful
So what did we learn from the Tory party conference this week that finally came to an end with a gushing speech from David Cameron that made you feel that a Roman orgy was going to break out any minute.

First of all we learned that George Osborne has changed his hairdresser when he rocked up to the conference with what looked like a decomposing raccoon perched on top of his brainless head.

Yes this was the news that George was going for Russell Crowes tough look in gladiator but managed to pull off a kind of ''carry on gladiator'' look, but he was not the only bizarre thing prancing around in Manchester !! Theresa May turned up as the last tribute act to the Bay City Rollers complete with tartan suit and shiny shoes with sparkly stones in the heels, She did get a large round of applause as she took to the stage though which turned to a sigh of disappointment when the audience realised it was not Billy Connolly but that mad old bird from the home office.

Iain Duncan Smith turned up looking like a national front skin head snarling at everyone while the conference security guards made sure there was no disabled people lurking around for fear that ''Gripper Smith'' would tip them from their wheel chairs and give them bloody scroungers a damned good kicking.

Defence secretary Philip Hammond was busy telling everybody how brilliant he was and how he had single handedly destroyed the British army with nothing more than his pen when two old soldiers stood up and made their last stand, surrounded by hostile natives and before they were overcome by sheer weight of numbers they were able to tell Hammond, who was already waving a white handkerchief while cowering behind the plinth and sobbing for them not to hurt him, just what a proper tool he was and how he had wiped out regiments that had bled young men's lives for hundreds of years to protect the people of the British Empire. It may not have been Zulu Dawn but at least these two old warriors made their last stand against the enemy within.

So what about what they all had to say. Well they said very little. Yet again was no mention of these tough new tax avoidance laws to claw back the 70 odd billion that their donors and friends owe the tax payer. There was defiance that there would be no mansion tax and there would be more tax cuts for the big corporations of who's shareholders sit on their front benches and drink for free in the house of lords.

According to the over whelming theme to this conference, the only thing that matters is to take and punish the people who already have nothing, the key word was ''Hard working people'' which they creepily said as much as possible and in every TV interview as if to hypnotically burn it in to our subconscious that we would start to go about our day chanting ''we must work hard, we must work hard, we must kill those that don't, we must kill those that don't''

It was pretty pathetic and insulting to most people’s intelligence and we probably paid somebody a few million quid to come up with the idea of repeating this silly verse to us out of our TVs and radio and also reading it in the papers, in fact I heard it said so many times it was stupid but a tiny bit sinister and make no mistake it is intended to further isolate and stigmatise the unemployed and the disabled and silence the injustice of the punishments being continually heaped upon them under the flag that everyone is playing the system.

It is a disgrace and it is divisive and shameful and will damage the villages, towns and cities and their community spirit, which has seen this country prevail over hundreds of years and through its darkest hours and when everything seemed to be lost.

Make no mistake the Tories are now asking the working class to side with them, against the lower classes and all the while they are enjoying tax cuts and corporation tax cuts, huge privatising contracts and tax havens, in fact the very wealthy have seen their fortunes grow sharply under this governments protection and it is no coincidence that tax returns have fallen under the Tories and so public services are cut to make up the difference.

I am astounded that so many people have been so easily fooled and diverted their gaze from what this government is up to and are now just staring at the scapegoats as the Tories make hay in the sun.

A bedroom tax for the poor but no mansion tax for the wealthiest

A rise in VAT for us and a tax cut just for the wealthiest

A war on the welfare state and a blind eye for tax avoidance

A failing NHS for us and a money cow for the wealthy in its privatisation

A freeze or drop in wages for us and huge bonus payments for the banking wealthy

A freeze in tax credits for the WORKING poor and expenses and benefits now at an all time high for the political wealthy

So I ask you once more? Where should your gaze really be fixed because all the time your back is turned the sly old Tory fox is in the hen house.

Finally what about David Cameron's speech! Well it reminded me of that boy at school who would always enjoy reporting you to the teacher and smile as you were punished.

In Cameron's case he would be running to the teacher whining that Labour had done this or its all Labours fault, and I was only cleaning up Labours mess and Labour got me into trouble.....

You get the just, even after over three years, he still wants to blame Labour for the weak economy and the lack of housing and the failing NHS and the disaster that is universal credit.

This was not a conference it was a finger pointing exercise, no real fresh ideas, just fresh accusations and fresh punishments and more hints that we will be on the sharp end of more cuts and to get your vote in a years’ time, a few crumbs from the high table like 3 pound a week to get married or £2.70 per week extra for the lowest paid.

If this is all it takes to make you feel that you are a Tory at the next election then it may be that all hope is lost and the good honest caring folk of these green and pleasant lands will not prevail against a second term, under the likes of David Cameron, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith.


  1. Lovely game....

    Thanks. I've never been to one yet which I didn't enjoy CH. Not one single bad one in all the years in all the countries. So yep, I'll be a happy lad tonight.

    Hope I get to sing a chorus with her....

  2. "If this is all it takes to make you feel that you are a Tory at the next election then it may be that all hope is lost"

    Agreed, but what makes me feel like all hope is lost is Putin being nominated for a Nobel peace prize... after Obama got one (for murdering US citizens via drone strikes without regard to the constitutional rights)

  3. As no one else has commented ..........'Don't sleep in the subway darling'

    A passing UKIP supporter may set you on fire.

    1. Don't sleep in the subway darling? Is Tris Alistair in disguise or, heaven forbid, Ian Gray? More importantly, is that old bat Petula Clark a tory tax-exile?

      Seriously, enjoy your concert, Tris, that Peggy Lee is brilliant but she's no Calum Kennedy!.

  4. TrIs

    The politics of distraction
    Has worked since the
    Arrival of democracy.

    And the fact people like
    Blame the weak and then
    Kill them for it,
    It's just Cameron and co
    Want kill them slowly and painfully
    Through poverty and I'll health.
    Make. An example of the poor
    To the middling poor.

    Don't knock it at the end
    It works !

  5. Hope you enjoyed the concert. Now onto politics....

    Two petitions for Downton Dave to debate with Alex Salmond.

  6. Concerts will stop in Scotland if Scotland splits from the Union so I hope you enjoyed Pet while you can.
    You can travel south to see big concerts but visas and surcharges for seperatists will make it pricey. Especially when there's no Scotch internet to buy tickets online.

  7. Enjoy your concert Tris, and as others have commented don't sleep in the subway for fear of being kicked while your down by the LabConDemKip party members as they walk past you counting their fortunes! :-)

  8. Enjoy your concert Tris, and as others have commented don't sleep in the subway for fear of being kicked while your down by the LabConDemKip party members as they walk past you counting their fortunes! :-)

  9. LOL at you all...

    Thanks for your good wishes. The concert was amazing and I was lucky enough to get 10 minutes with Petula afterwards, along with Munguin of course. Unfortunately the camera was on the blink so I have to wait for a photo until my mate Alex gets back to France and uploads all the stuff he took on his fabulously expensive camera.

    Munguin may share his photographs with you when they arrive on the interweb from France.

    I was aware of the fact that this might be the last time I'd get to see Petula, as music will probably not be allowed in Scotland after "separation".

    I might tell you I kept well out of Subways in Glasgow (Iain Gray might still be alurking)... Although I did stand in the pouring rain for a while at the stage door...hence today's very sore throat.

    But hey, An Evening with Calum Kennedy (with Pet Clark as support act) is more than worth a bit of pain. Peggy Lee wasn't there John. Probably for the best, what with her having been dead these last 10 years and more.

    Petition noted and signed PP. :)

  10. I wish I hadn't been drinking a glass of wine while reading the bit about George Osbornes hair and Theresa Bay City Rollering!