Thursday, 10 October 2013


Like any of us would be alive by the time it gets to the border!
This is the flag that revolts Mark Smith (the guy who is impressed
with the way  that the Vietnamese get behind their king!...
you know, the one who was deposed in 1945,
so he's obviously up to scratch with things. Idiot!

Stirling Council's Tories have withdrawn their motion
to fly the union flag over their council buildings
They can't even kill defenceless badgers.
They have had to extend the time and reduce the targets. 
Thank heaven's this moron is nothing to do with us
After today's behaviour Lamont  too will be needing
 a place in Darling's arms. As Bernard Ponsonby said:
Not a good day at the office for Lamont
Estoy loco.
You think the future is uncertain in Scotland? Pffff.
Well, if you can't think of another reason, here is one that will
give a lot of satisfaction
Bye Liam, you odious little right wing git


  1. tris

    Just like Alex Salmond to commit a terrorist act
    i spose after digging the hole he plants the cemtex??

    Liam Byrne he wanted to cut more than the Torys
    so he said

    1. Yep Niko... Still I'm sure mrs May's crack anti terror squad will soon catch up with him and put him where he belongs... You can bet your life they have been trying for the last 7 years...

      As for Liam, I wonder if they will find the odious little creep a nice safe Tory seat...or maybe he's more Ukip?

  2. Lamont is is a public disgrace and should be forced to publicly apologise or step down as she is not even fit for the gutter.

    1. She's way out of her depth, CH. She's doing Labour a lot of harm in Scotland and that's a bad thing for the future. Labour friends of mine think she's joke, and ignore everything she says... or are embarrassed by it.

      I believe she called the FM a liar.

      She might want to apologise and consider calling her friends Hammond and Darling liars, because they actually are.

    2. ch

      you mean the gutter she has to lower herself into in order
      to debate with Alex Salmond AKA Billy liar or dishonest dick.

      "O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to decieve"

      anyway ch that was Johann early thinking now she and we all realise Alex is indeed dishonest even after the snp payling tried
      unconstitutionally to silence her.

    3. boo hoo nasty Johann she said howwible things to our Fuhrer
      she better say sowwry or else i will skeam and skeam till i am sick

      Ya big tits you wait till next year when things get really dirty itll be The "Zinoviev Letter" all over again. a zillion tons of mud heading Salmonds way splat!!!

      why i almost feel sorry for Alex on second thoughts i dont


      The working classes have had nothing but poverty ad misery form 307 years of this union.

      The top folk have done rather nicely out of it mind.

    5. Niko. That was just a silly rant. Lamont is crap. You know it, everyone knows it.

      Sarwar turned up tonight and read from a script. The working class audience tore him up. It's the trades councils, Niko, that are saying that there is nothing for working class people in the UK.

      It's all about the upper middle classes with sharp elbows.

      BTW: Is anyone moving from Scottish and Southern?

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    7. Does anyone recall the scene when Alex Salmond was ejected from the commons after attempting to interrupt the then chancellor while making his budget speech an interruption for which there was no commons rule to say you cant, but it wasn’t the done thing ,so ejected he was and led from the building by policemen like a common criminal,if he had actually said the chancellor was lying they I’m sure would have brought back hanging and thrown him in the tower to await his fate for having the audacity (a mere provincial)to interrupt the chancellor in the execution of his office, and yesterday we were treated to the sight of (that woman ) not once but twice being censured by the presiding officer,

      she should have been arrested and thrown in a cell overnight to cool her heels,
      (do they have a cell in the parliament if not why not)
      it is fast reaching a point (driven by the no campaign and the msm where this country would be well advised to declare UDI

    8. All along, I'm pretty sure, the SNP (and Plaid) have been viewed with the same sort of hatred as they view the Irish Republicans.

      You know that the wheels of the state are working against them. Even when Mrs Thatcher was refusing to talk to terrorists her government was helping unionist terrorists.

      You can bet Cameron is sparing no expense to dig up something nasty on anyone who is in office in the Scottish government.

      That woman is a second rte councillor who is totally inadequate to her job, but no doubt aspires to one day being baroness Lamont.

      If Labour can't see that she is a millstone round their necks, they really live in another world. The problem is who do they have to take over from her?

  3. Are you and Marcia foreigners - looks like foreign English to me like they speak in France.

    Sober up, Niko! Oh, you are sober, just confused!

    1. Yes. Just like Auld Ma Curren's laddie, we are foreigners.

      But obviously we acknowledge that Englanders are superior to us frogs and every other nation in the world...why else would they have had the biggest empire ever in the history of the entire world ever; did i say ever?

  4. Typical nats, they fill the audience to shout down Anas.

    Seems Salmond has started deploying his cybernat crack squads to silence the opposition since his separation team are haemorrhaging support in the opinion polls.

    1. Hee hee you really are some mixed up kid Dean.

    2. Dean, it was members of the trades unions that were shouting down Sarwar. It was a trades union event. If they were indeed members of the SNP, they were working men and women, who by rights would want to be in the Labour Party if it weren't that its a party of the bankers.

      What does Sarwar know about being poor? What does he know about being hungry or cold? Nothing. He's almost as privileged as Cameron and his cronies.

      Unfortunately he doesn't being to speak the same language as these socialists.

      It life has been lousy for 306 years of union why would we believe super rich Sarwar and Darling that it is suddenly going to get better if we say no.

      If we lose this, I'd be heading for abroad if I were you, because there will be no future here. The will do what they did the last time they beat us down.

      They will close Scotland down so we'll never be able to take their oil away, then when it is all finished and they have invested nothing, they will leave us a wilderness.

    3. Wasn't that the meeting where there were so many people still arriving when the hall was full that they asked committed Yes voters to give up their places so the undecided could come in? I think it was. Fifty Yes voters left the hall so that people who wanted information to help make up their minds could get in.

      That's how "filled" the audience was with "Nats". As in, not.

    4. Could be Rolfe. Interesting thought that the Smear and Fear Campaign thinks that one minute the SNP are the Tartan Tories and the next they are controlling the Trades Unions!

      So in answer to your question, a lot (as in not).


    Just incase you haven't seen it... It's brilliant. Shows up the no campaign for the bunch of liars they are.

  6. The guy doing the digging in the first picture (Salmond?) looks like Bob Hoskins. Bob Hoskins looks like Niko - we are told. Can it, in fact, really be Niko?

    1. Could it be that Niko is really Alex Salmond?

  7. I've got a killer of a headache with these wisdom teeth coming in! Bloody better be worth it!

    That rant said, let me say this:

    Anas Sarwar is a decent enough chap, and to see so much bile and hatred being chucked at him by some people on this blog; when they have never met him; saddens me.

    Come on chaps! I know you are all nice people really, yes, even Cynical Highlander and Niko!

    1. Deano

      Nah im not nice at all

    2. He was a dentist before handed his fathers seat which is why he has never listened to his patients/voters as he does an extraction of his speech without anesthetic.

    3. We know that Niko that is why you are clapping your hands that the Red Cross are going to be feeding the half a million starving Brits in this disunited kingdom of which you are beholden.

    4. Deano... Hot toddy. Lashings of whisky, hot water, orange juice, 2 sugar cubes and a couple paracetamol...

      Ok... But just think when you have them how wise you will be.

      Sarwar may be a nice bloke; I don;t doubt he is. But he is not a good politician. He came to a trades union meeting, where there were a lot of left wingers, some communists, and he repeated a pile of worn out non answers to the questions people were asking. He got shouted down by his own party members matey...

      Most of they hard line Yes voters gave up their places so that genuine "don't know" people could get in to the meeting. Anas let them down.

      He wouldn't tell them what they wanted to hear. It was...more of the same. They said that the same was about working class people being trod on by Westminster. Especially Scots ones.

      Hope your tooth is better soon mate. It's a nightmare.

      (You can try oil of cloves, but it tastes very nasty,)

    5. Don't listen to Niko... he is nice. He just hides it.

    6. We will surely shortly be recipients of food aid from India or maybe Botswana, CH. This is what we have been brought to.

  8. Sarwar may be a "nice" man but, short of knowing them personally, we can only judge people by what we see and hear from them. That being the case all I can say is that he has chosen the wrong career as an apologist for the Labour party and is in fact detrimental to their cause.

    1. I'm not sure you can be a nice person and ambitious in politics. At least I'd think it was very hard to do.

      I'm not sure nice people can tell the kind of utter lies that Sarwar has been telling, unless they are very stupid, and we know that Anas is not stupid. (You may get politics degrees or history degrees from Oxford if your daddy is rich or titles and you are as thick as mince, but they don't hand out Dentistry degrees to thickos. It's too dangerous.)