Wednesday, 2 October 2013


From Speech

Cameron: "We've already got technical colleges run by great companies like JCB... ...I say: let’s have one of those colleges in every single major town."

Since David Cameron became leader of the Conservative party it has received a total of £1,973,937.89 in donations from JCB's Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford, as well as from JC Bamford Excavators Ltd and JCB Research.

(Not the first time this man has been mentioned in a Cameron speech. I' wonder at his judgment.)


From STN News

Harry Smith: What about the argument that you are the head of the government that is putting a lot of resources, a lot of money, a lot of civil servants’ time into producing arguments in support of the union, and therefore you should explain why to those who will vote at the referendum.

David Cameron: I think the right place to do that is in the Westminster Parliament where I am open to question by Scottish MPs, those who want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom, those who want Scotland to stay, every Wednesday, 12 o’clock, do tune in, and I am open to question by them all the time. The real question is for the Scottish people, do they want to stay or do they want to go? That is where the debate should take place, between the people with a vote.

(In short you are scared of a face to face with a better man with a bigger intellect and superior vision.)

From Yes Scotland

Westminster almost unique in its failure to ensure revenues from finite oil and gas reserves are invested so future generations can benefit too

An independent Scotland could have built a fund worth £100 billion by now, but with North Sea remaining productive for decades to come, a great opportunity remains.

(Imagine what we could have done with £100 billion)


And how about this little gem from Cameron?

Cameron: "HS2 is about bringing North and South together in our national endeavour. Because think of what more we could do with the pistons firing in all parts of our country. With its wind and wave power, let’s make the Humber the centre of clean energy.

"With its resources under the ground, let’s make Blackpool the centre of Europe for the shale gas industry. With its brains and research centres, let’s make Manchester the world leader in advanced materials. We're building an economy for the North and South, embracing new technologies, producing things and selling them to the world."

(So, London and Leeds are the south and north of the country. And... producing things and selling them to the world? What planet is this idiot on?)


  1. According to Guardian John Swinney has announced plans for two oil funds. It's a Severin Carrell story - that's all I'm saying!


      Thanks PP. Sound idea. Why it has never been done by the Uk,just don't know.

  2. Tris

    When will people understand that we are only good for a seat on the security council and somewhere to dump trident. Cameron would dump Scotland in a minute if it served his purpose or the situation changed. If the UN came out and said England could keep seats on the security council, at the top table of NATO, on the G8 and in Europe do you think there would be a clamur to maintain this Union, I think now. I suspect that the government has already asked the questions and received the answers, they will have to negotiate if Scotland leaves, they just won't tell us that. On top of the threats to the unemployed and young people surely people can now see a YES vote is the only way, they are rolling out this crap because they think the Scots are cowards and won't have the balls to leave, lets prove this prick wrong.


    1. Probably Bruce. They don't do it out of sentiment.

      But this empire thing is still very important to them.

      They vaguely remind me of people who hang on to titles that they really aren't entitled to. Prince this and that of various places in Germany which have been in a federal republic since 1920, and suchlike... or the club bore that tells you all about when he was the sales director of such and such...20 years ago.

      The future in an independent Scotland isn't by any moans sure and set in concrete, but, neither is it in the UK.

      At least Scotland has 40 years of oil revenue, and a great deal more, to cushion whatever comes along.

  3. tris

    Its just like an alternative universe one does not like
    to use a pejorative such as nuts in these more enlightened
    Nasty is more suitable and accurate they just so reptilian and
    vile vile vile......If one was unfortunate enough to sit amongst a group
    vile snp/nats watching this unfold on the TV.

    And they the vile snp/nats turned to me and said is that
    what you want govern you 2015. I would say

    Err! umm ! Ahh! well um fecking hell fecking hell
    beads of sweat dripping down face er!!
    err err err !!!

    Bang !!!!! as me head exploded

    pieces of me gray matter blood and bone
    splattered all over the nats

    Those torys are just beyond any kind of moral decency
    at all they make me physically sick !!

    1. Oh dear Niko... It sounds like you caught something nasty there... and what with your head exploding and your grey matter everywhere... dear oh dear...shall we have a whip round for flowers ...or is it too late for that?

      Yeah. They are starting to make me physically sick too.

  4. You sitting amongst Nats did you not heed Johann as we are ridden with virus inflicting Yes 2014 into your subconscious thoughts. There is no known cure as once a Yes always a Yes.

    1. You think Niko got the bug there, CH?

    2. It works more slowly on on the most stubborn, stampy feet ones so who knows bar Taz.

    3. Taz will probably let me know when I'm in Edinburgh this weekend.

  5. And here's some more bad news for people who can't get a job:

    'Housing benefit and jobseeker's allowance will be denied to people under the age of 25 if the Tories win the next general election as part of a "bold" move to prepare school-leavers for a tougher economic world, David Cameron has said.'
    • Guardian -

    'A Conservative source has told the BBC the manifesto will definitely contain a commitment to end the automatic entitlement to housing benefit for the under-25s, as suggested previously by Mr Cameron.'
    • BBC -

    'Under-25s would not be able to claim benefits under all-Conservative government, David Cameron says.'
    • Telegraph -

  6. So, they abolish EMA, introduce the bedroom tax, introduce £9k tuition ... and now want to strip vulnerable young people of housing support?

    They wonder why we call them the nasty party?

    1. I'm wondering how people finishing university, unable to find a home, with £40,000 of debt, their parents forced to downsize because of the bedroom tax and therefore with nowhere to go, will manage.

      Over and over I have to say. It wouldn't be likely in an independent Scotland where the nasty party has no chance of forming the government.

      Liberals, SNP and Labour in Scotland wouldn't vote for this insanity.

    2. Oh and yes, they wonder why we call them the nasty party because they can't imagine the scenario above. Why, when they came down from Oxford they took over the West Wing in the country house, and daddy bought them a nice little place in Chelsea or West Ken, close enough to Belgravia that they could pop round for dinner.

      None of this is REAL to them.