Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The UK government, pssinly aided by a member of their royal family, advised the Libyan government on how to deal with the Scottish government over the release of Mr Al Megrahi. Then they were economical with the truth about it so that their “friends”, the Americans (the ones that think they are pathetic), wouldn’t be cross with THEM, but with Alex Salmond instead.

Documents released by Wikileaks show how desperate Western governments were to do business with the massive oil economy of Libya. They illustrate in detail how Brit ministers and officials were determined not to let Libyan anger over Megrahi’s imprisonment get in the way of money that was there to be made f
rom a business relationship between the countries.

Blair even went to Libya and met with Gaddafi in his desert tent, all huggy and kissy, and signed a prisoner transfer agreement, although, as the only Libyan prisoner in the UK was in Scotland, and the responsibility of the Scottish government, it’s doubtful that he had the right to do this . But why would Tony Blair ever bother with what the law said when there was money to be made?

However, in October 2008 Megrahi was diagnosed as suffering from cancer and within a week Bill Rammell, a junior Foreign Office minister, had written to his Libyan counterpart advising him on how this could be used as the grounds of securing al-Megrahi’s compassionate release from prison. You have to admit it, Labour can move pretty sharpish when there’s a buck to be made, and good taste goes right out the window when there's a sniff of cash.

The FCO immediately wrote to the Deputy First Minister of Libya giving details of the process for requesting compassionate release from a Scottish prison
. The Scottish government knew about this as the FCO had had to check the details with them.

The leaked document, from the Americans says that: “Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond told Jack Straw that he will make the final decision in this case. Salmond told Straw that he would make the decision based on humanitarian grounds, not foreign policy grounds.

The Qatari government was also involved in making representations to Edinburgh, and Washington was said to be concerned that they (the Qataris), as one of the richest nations in the world, were offering financial incentives. The Qatari response was:
'That is ridiculous; it was not necessary to offer money. It was all done within Scottish law. We offered no money, investment, or payment of any kind’.

Did the Senators not have this information when they, somewhat imperiously, summond our First Minister to appear before them?

Another American document shows that Prince Andrew and even the Queen may have played a role. It reports: “He, Gaddafi went on to thank his 'friend Brown’, the British Prime Minister, his government, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Andrew, who 'against all odds encouraged this brave decision’. Gaddafi noted that the UK efforts would positively affect 'exchange’ between the two countries.

So, all the released papers square with what Alex Salmond has said all along (except that Salmond told Straw that HE would make the decision, whilst he told everyone else that it was Kenny MacAskill who would take it).

A comment from Iain Gray would, at this point, be interesting, if not (almost undoubtedly not) helpful. Doubtless, however, if asked, Mr Gray would simply mention that it sounded like another SNP broken promise and a personal humiliation for Alex Salmond. Yawn.

Pics: Mwa mwa dahling, Gaddafi and Blair’s love in in the desert; First Minister’s story is borne out by Wikileaks; Qatari money, the cash that really talks, but we didn’t need any of it. The law was enough; Blinky Straw, the man with the moral rectitude of a tape worm.


  1. Tris

    so the evil 'Unionists' aided by the sly Americans
    conspired to put the decision to release a properly convicted(under Scottish law) mass murderer of innocent Scottish people.
    In front of the benevolent and kindly nay saintly Alex Salmond Knowing with his pure Scottish heart.
    Would look at a dying man with a mere few weeks to live....And with all his Scottish kindness say let him go home to his kith and kin to pass away surrounded by those he love and who love him
    (unlike the scots and the other passengers who died a terrible death without the chance to say goodbye their loved ones).

    Such a cunning plan hatched by the unionists?

    we will pass over the fact Alex Salmond lied repeatedly over a long period of time to many people that 'HE' would make the final decision being fuly aware 'HE' was unable to legally do so'

    Although what two Nationalist whisper in the corner to each other who is to know it happens every day in the snp party.

    And the very convenient fact Salmonds humanitarian grounds and foreign policy grounds.could both be served with the same favorable decision to the Libyans

    As Iain Gray could rightly say Alex Salmond a proven liar one hope his comments at holyrood are being studied to see if he with malice a forethought misled Parliament and the Scottish peoples on this Megrahi case

    Megrahi was released on November the 12th 2009 and is alive to this day

  2. Sorry no, the release of that murdering terrorist is YOUR fault, all you SNP out there.

    To try and blame a DEVOLVED decision on the royal family, now that is pathetic.

    You all that worried about losing power that you are trying to distance your own governmet (i.e EXECUTIVE) from its own record.

    No pride? No steadfastness? No votes!

    SNP - losing to Iain 'who?' Gray ... now that makes me weap all the harder.

  3. Your country, your laws. Feel free to take the consequences.

  4. Deano

    Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability and extend to you(on this one issue) the hand of the 'Union'

  5. I shall take it sir, and unite in the spirit which it was intended!

    Unionism, not seperatism.

  6. cynicalHighlanderFebruary 01, 2011 5:56 pm

    How's Ronnie Biggs Niko?
    The Scottish branch of the English Labour party fund raiser.

    The BBC has still not broadcast this news yet or maybe the Labour party press release got shredded before the could read it.

  7. Dear Dean

    I don't offer the hand of friendship but wish to say kiss my arse you Tory supporting clown.

    I am an SNP member.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  8. Conan

    The UK government at the time no longer is in power the snp Government is and will pay the price for aiding a convicted murderer to escape justice.

    Alex Salmond is on the record admitting to lying
    outside the Scottish Parliament
    when evidence is found he lied to the Scottish parliament he will be forced to resign his seat.

  9. News to me Niko. What did he "lie" about?

    Or was he just sunbathing on Arthur's Seat?

  10. Mr. Mxyzptlk and Dean,
    You just be careful up on that high horse because I think altitude sickness has kicked in already.

    The article points out that despite Brown et al in Labour claiming that they had a hands off approach to the release of Megrahi they in fact were feeding the Libyans as much information as they could find on the compassionate release procedure in Scotland to ensure that any application for compassionate release by Megrahi didn't make a mistake in the judicial process. It wasn't the SNP Scottish Government holding the Libyan's hands it was the Labour Government in Westminster.

    Kenny MacAskill has always stated that the decision was down to him alone and that he is responsible for the decision. In his capacity as the Justice Secretary only he could legally make that decision under Scots Law. Whatever was reported by the Americans as to what Alex Salmond said, Alex Salmond didn't have the power to release Megrahi as that is a power reserved to the Justice Secretary.

    "Sorry no, the release of that murdering terrorist is YOUR fault, all you SNP out there."

    Are you saying Dean, that Megrahi was released without due process and that somehow the law of Scotland was bypassed? Tell us more.

    It's an interesting little unionist love in here.

  11. What on earth are you on Niko?

    First of all let’s get it straight. Munguin’s Republic deplores what happened over Lockerbie, but I have to say that I don’t believe that this man had anything to do with it. However, that has nothing to do with this story.

    Alex a saint? No, I don’t think so, but he was bright enough to know that if he was messing with the biggest power on Earth, USA, he’d best play straight.

    Whether you like it or not, under Alex Salmond or that so called leader you have, the law would say that Al Megrahi had to be let out of prison.

    Gray said that if he had been First Minister it wouldn’t have happened, but we all know that that is a joke. Clearly teh FCO wanted the man released, otherwise they would waited a little longer than a week before writing to Libya to tell them about the Scots law rule that said that he had to be released if he met certain conditions.

    Do you seriously think that if Gordon Brown and Ali Darling, Dave Miliband and Blinky Straw wanted him out of prison that wee Gray would have said NO...I’m First Minister? You lot are only English government people. I’M IN CHARGE HERE. (Clearly he too thought that HE and not his Law muppet would have the final say. So, thanks for skipping over that in a whole paragraph.)

    Yeah, would he hell?

    The UK government lied. They said it was nothing to do with them (in which they were right), but they were working behind the scenes with even Blair sent to kiss the President, and the FCO keeping in touch, and Fat Boy Pork, who is mates with Gaddafi’s son pushing for it too...

    The Scottish government (apart from Alex making the same mistake as Gray) did not lie.

    According to the Americans, whom I did NOT accuse of being sly, Alex told Straw he wouldn’t get involved in Foreign Affairs (which is the right thing for him to do) but he would make the decision according to Scots law.

    Clearly your lot disagree with Scots Law, so presumably, if you lot win the next election you will take steps to remove compassion from the tenets of our ancient system of law.

  12. Dean. You must be on the same stuff as Niko. That was a ridiculous outburst on your part.

    The release of Al Megrahi was right according to the law. York is a friend of Gadaffi’s son. The Americans think that he was involved as Trade Ambassador for the UK. Remember there would be no trade if Scotland didn’t release him.

    Salmond who is actually a friend of the royals made it clear that he would only act in accordance with the law.

    He was wrong to say that HE would do it. It turned out that the person with that power was, in fact, not the First Minister but the Justice Secretary.

    If the royals get thwemselves involved in stuff like trade and negotiations over money, then they have to take the stick when it goes wrong.

    He's is well knows for the fact that he uses that job to his own advantage. He's a chiselling little...well big...chancer.

  13. Of course we take the consequences QM. The Justice Secretary has said over and over again. He had no choice under the law.

    The point I’m making is that Labour, the government in your country, over and over told us they had nothing to do with it. They did. They lied. They are liars.

    I’m proud that our government stuck by the law, did not accept bribes from Libya or Qatar, bot immensely wealthy countries which could have put VAST amounts of money into Scotland. We did what we did because it was what the law said.

    The laugh is that Iain Gray, teh so called leader of the Labour group in teh Scottish parliament, said that if he had been First Minister it wouldn't have happened. But his boss even kissed old Wrinkles so that they could get trade deals. Does anyone think for a second that Blair or Brown would have let that little twerp say NO.

    Ha bloody ha. Labour First Ministers tow the line with London. Jack McConnel may have got away with the odd diversion, but Iain "lightweight" Gray? I don't think so.

  14. Oh Niko, Dean... if you have ambitions to emulate somone in politics, you could aim a little higher than Gorgeous, surely.

    You know... Winston for you Dean.. and erm....erm...erm yeah right enough Niko, you'd best stick with Georgie boy.

  15. The BBC.... ha, no, they certainly won't want to make too much of the fact that their last governmetn lied and lied and tried to make it look as if it was all the howwid SNP...

  16. George

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions I guess....


  17. Yes Conan, but then we all know that they lied about more or less everything.

  18. Yes, and it's no wonder that they are out Niko. A bigger set of lying cheating losers would be hard to find.

    I'm wondering if you'd like to tell us what it was that Salmond lied about outside parliament.

  19. Yes Doug.

    It was, as you say done to the letter of the law.

    Of course the fact that the medical prognosis was wrong is something that we have to deal with.

    Was the medical evidence tampered with? Did all three doctors get it so wrong? Why did they get it so wrong?

    These are legitimate points, and perhaps some medical people might like to offer opinions on that.

    There are other examples of compassionate release in the Uk, because England has the same sort of conditions attached to their law. Earnest Saunders was released from prison on the grounds that he had dementia. 18 years later he is running a company. Biggs was also supposed to be as good as dead when he was released, and as far as I know he is doing well.... As it happens on the first occasion it was a Tory Home Secretary who released him, on the second it was a Labour Justice Minister. It’s a non party political thing. If the law says you must release if certain criteria are met, then you have no choice.

    As an afterthough... and this is MY THOUGHT alone. I have never heard anyone from either the Scottish or English government say anything along these lines... Would anyone like to imagine the consequences for Scotland if we had failed to fulfil the tenets of our law, in order to satisfy American demands for revenge and kept that man in prison AGAINST THE DEMANDS OF OUR OWN LAW?

    What would have happened to Edinburgh?

  20. CH... I wodner if he'll get his Gazebo painted again out of all that money... If there's enough over maybe he could get someone to water Vinegar Face's hanging baskets...

  21. The SNP decided to release the mass-murderer, and based it on 'compassion' and some religious referencing which was totally offensive and out of order.

    The SNP can't escape their own decisions in power - as much as ou try the legendry SNP tactic of 'a big boy did it and ran away'!


  22. Niko,

    If the decision had been Gray's he would have transferred Megrahi, long before he was actually released, to Libya in line with the wishes of his masters in London. Similarly, Annabelle would have done the same for exactly the same reasons.

    I'm not surprised that Dean, who supports the money-grabbing Tories who took over from the money-grabbing NewLabour, has come out in support of your hypocritical nonsense not because either of you give a toss about Megrahi but rather to oppose the SNP Government. You know that, Dean knows that and so does anyone else who read this blog.

    The only thing that would have made Blair kissing Gadaffi more stomach-turning would have been if tongues were involved.

  23. Dean,

    No reference was made to religion. MacAskill referred to a higher power, in other words, death which as night follows day, is usually the fate of those suffering from cancer.

  24. No one is trying to escape them. Watch the Justice Secretary's lips Dean.


    All this article is about is the duplicity of the English Labour Party who said it was nothing to do it... but were writing to Libya within a week of the bloke's diagnosis.

    Hello Mr Gadaffi, this is the Foreign Office from England. We think we can help you, but don't tell anyone. Would you like to kiss Mr Brown like you did with Mr Blair? No? Oh OK, it is a bit much to ask I suppose.... "

  25. Tongues.... Jeez John, who know how to put a lad off his tea.

    I reckon if tongues had been involved, they would have been forked ones. (No offence to snakes intended.)

    Like you I’m not convinced that MacAskill was talking about god or nature... Nature is after all a higher power than any of us... It even caused the spire on my mum’s church to be hit by lightening not so long ago, without a how d’ya do and by your leave from God.

  26. Well the Nationalist use the usual diversionary tactic of look at what the unionist dun and just ignore our own indiscretions........

    well I am happy to say in not to long a time both will stand before the Scottish peoples to be entrusted with the sovereignty of the Scottish peoples.

    And the people will make their choice of who they wish to lead them and i am content to let them be the final judge on the continuance of Alex Salmonds and the snps minority governance.
    or to place their trust in the Labour party.

    sure in the belief that through all the blether the twists and turns of Nationalist rhetoric.......
    The Scottish people will see what the Nationalists really are and vote them out of office.

  27. cynicalHighlanderFebruary 01, 2011 9:07 pm

    The English Labour's Scottish branch aren't fit to lead anything Niko, is Richard Baker resigning yet.

  28. When you're reading the Wikileaks cables there's a tendency to believe that because they are secret and leaked that they are actually true in everything they say.

    What's got to be remembered is that they are reports by US Government employees to the US Government and that they often contain opinion coloured by the US world-view and second hand information, third hand and even fourth hand information.

    The Telegraph has published the actual cable on the Salmond/Straw conversation.

    In the case of this cable Salmond may very well have said that he was the one to make the decision on Megrahi but this cable not a verbatim record of that conversation.

    This is the US Charge d’Affaires is reporting a conversation he had with Foreign and Commonwealth Official called Dixon (FCO North Africa Group Head Rob Dixon) about a conversation Alex Salmond had with Jack Straw. Maybe Dixon was there in which case the information is second hand, if he wasn't it's third hand at best.

    I wonder if there is a verbatim record of that conversation anywhere?

  29. Of course Niko.

    We will stand to be judged like every party in a democracy, and people will be elected for a variety of reasons.

    But whatever the outcome, it will be the outcome of the Scottish people, and to be fair, unlike the London parliament, will be elected on a reasonably fair system, offering a far more accurate reflection of opinion than the one used by the Uk, or even the one proposed by the Liberal Democrat section of the current London government.

    There is no point in me trying to persuade you that if you just ditched England, you could have your party in power from now until the day we all die. If you maintain your ties to England you will be governed most of the time by the Tories...


    Anyway, my PERSONAL hope is that you do win. The SNP has been a good government in difficult circumstances. We have proved that Scots can run their own country without having to run to England to ask what to do. Opposition would give us the opportunity to do what we need to do ..argue for independence. Not always easy when you are in government.

    At the same time Labour, under that twerp has lost what little talent it had, and would be completely lost in government. To have Tavish Scott as a partner would be like having a chain round your neck; to not have him would mean a minority government, which takes real skill to handle. Not Iain Gray’s forte, is it.

    May the best man win, and if he doesn’t we’ll just need to grit our teeth and put up with a bumpy ride. Probably Gordon Brown will be pulled in to advise.... Oh GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODIE

  30. Yes Doug. I accept that. They are impressions only. My point was that the Americans' impressions seem to be the same as the version told by AS.

    It also appears that the FCO were keeping the Americas au courant with what they were doing because this junion FCO bloke appears to have let them know that he was advising them.

    It is also true that Labour wanted NOTHING to do with it at first, and then just a little to do with it, and bit by bit we have the truth coming out.

  31. I was interested in this part of the cable...

    UK: Between a Rock and A Hard Place ------------------------------------

    8. (C/NF) HMG is in an awkward position, Dixon and Cabinet Office North Africa officer Ben Lyons confided to us. The Libyans have told HMG flat out that there will be "enormous repercussions" for the UK-Libya bilateral relationship if Megrahi's early release is not handled properly. At the same time, in keeping with the practice of devolution, HMG has made clear to the Libyans, to the media, and to us that it will take no official position on Megrahi's early release, but will leave the decision on early release - whether through compassionate release or the PTA - to the Scottish government, and the decision on the appeal to the Scottish courts. But HMG is also adamant that, despite devolution, London controls foreign policy for the UK, not Edinburgh. *****************************************************

    Added to the mix are Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party, whose stated goal is an independent Scotland, with a referendum on the issue to be held in 2010; Salmond and the SNP will look for opportunities to exploit the Megrahi case for their own advantage. *********************************

    This is the first time HMG has had to deal with a foreign policy issue under devolution, Dixon said, and HMG is feeling its way forward, as are the Scottish; Logue told us that Scotland, for example, has never before granted compassionate release to a foreign national. We noted that while we understand the complexities of the issue for HMG, we need to find a channel for consultation and representation of USG views on the matter to the Scottish government, should we wish to, while taking HMG equities into account. Our HMG interlocutors agreed to explore options with us.

    Comment: Devolution and Foreign Policy ---------------------------------------

    9. (C/NF) This is the first time that HMG - and the USG - will face a foreign policy decision made under the constraints of devolution, and the channels that we establish now will set a precedent for future cases. In creating these channels, we will need to take into account sensitivities on the sides of both HMG and the Scottish Executive, while ensuring that whatever position we may want to convey in the Megrahi case gets to the right officials in a timely manner.

    I beg to suggest that the SNP never once tried to use this in any way for its own advantage; not with England, America, Libya or Quatar. Au contraire, it has suffered with America, England has lied about it, and although Libya may be happy, there has been no benefit from either them or Qatar.

  32. The problem with the unionist twins (Niko&Dean) they think that everyone else is as corrupt as their parties are and the SNP have no right to be honest and upfront with the people.

  33. I see Niko has still not said what Alex "lied" about...

  34. Conan:

    Nah... thats coz all it was, was that Alex said it was HIS decision... but as has been pointed out to Niko. Mr Gray also said that if HE were first minister HE would not allow Mr Al Megrahi out, thus indicating he would have taken the decision. So he lied too, a) because it wasn't his job but his justice man's, and b) because he would have let him out, coz Gordo would have ordered him to. Remember Gordo already had occasion to slap Mr Gray right down when he thought he might have some real power in Scotland... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... idiot.

    Am I right Niko?

  35. Thanks for the link CH.

    I noted with interest that David Cameron phoned Mr Mubarak and give him the benefit of his ....erm ... 9 months' experience in running a country.

    He told him that the protesters must be listened to and their views respected.

    I just imagined the scene in the presidential palace.

    Aide: It’s Mr Cameron for your Excellency.

    Hosni Mubarak: Who?

    Aide: A Mr Cameron.

    HM: Never heard of him. Where is he from?

    Aide: England.

    HM: Carmen? Oh. I thought it was Mr Blair from England. Best put him through.


    HM: Yes Mr Cooperman, what can I do for you? Make it brief please, there's a lot going on here. Not the best time to offer you a cruise on the Nile or a visit to our pyramids.

    David Cameron: Erm, it’s Cameron actually... well yes, Mr Mubarak, may I call you Hosni? I was just giving you a call to express Her Majesty's wish that you know we are thinking of you in these difficult times. In my opinion you should...

    HM: Excuse me Mr Carmichael. You'll pardon my being blunt, but I am rather busy. I’d like to point out to you that I've been president here for nearly 30 years, and it all went off the rails only this time last week... That means I've had more than 29 years of smooth rule here before they burnt down my party headquarters. How long was it after you took office they burnt yours down. 6 months?

    DC: It’s Cameron actually and.....

    HM: Have a nice day Mr Cambleton


  36. Handy pic to have CH...