Saturday, 5 February 2011


I am indebted to Cynical Highlander for bringing my attention to this. Not only is it funny, it's also pretty much, more or less accurate. (Northern Ireland is a province not a nation.)


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    Quiet_Man said...
    Bravo, well done that guy :-)

    February 05, 2011 10:46 PM

  2. QM:

    Sorry I messed up your post. I was just adjusting the size of the video when you posted I think... and your comment went on to the old version of the post. So I copied it on to here...

    Yeah... I thought it was pretty smart.

  3. I loved this. Required viewing for the majority of Americans who always call the UK, Great Britain, or the British Isles, "England." And of course always refer to the Queen as the "Queen of England."

    It certainly becomes complicated when you get down to the details. It would be interesting (but less impressive and historic) to see something similar for the United States. That is, the 46 States, 4 State Commonwealths, The District of Columbia, 2 Insular Area Commonwealths, 3 Territories, 8 Possessions, 3 Compacts of Free Association....and probably a few other things.

    A complicating factor are certain areas within the states which are sovereign entities governed by the Native American tribes. The issue of sovereignty over the tribal lands is somewhat complicated. Thankfully, a recent President of the United states, a renowned constitutional scholar, George W. Bush, made a public statement which explained this difficult concept.

    (It was never easy having a President who was a complete idiot.)

  4. Yes, I think Danny, I noticed that someone in teh Youtube comments had asked him to do it for the USA... I suspect that you might be able to make a passable job of it if he won't!!

    Yes, Bush at his stupid best. At least he wasn't trying to put some food on his family there.


  5. lazaruszine [posted this on this topic, but it ended up ona version of teh article that was later ditched because the video was oversized. Sorry Laz, please don't taser me.

    "Technically not all of the province of Ulster is in NI, and also it sounds diminutive and insulting... There's no generally accepted term for the place, but wouldn't that be the case? :P

    'Co-equal and sovereign,' this is so cute.

    Also why make NI ORANGE?!

    So many problems... was gonna give a running commentary, but I'll leave it...

    Ok wait no... did he infer Gandhi was a violent revolutionary? "

    PS... I certainly didn't mean to be insulting when I said province, but then you know that! Tris

  6. Good video, I was looking this stuff up a few weeks ago. As I suspected, there is NO "Queen of England".

    Also, when any American star mentions going to "England", they always mean London. So Barbara Streisand is protected from those horrible little provinces! (Gawd bless Petoola, for gracing those neglected seaside towns with her presence.)

  7. Hello Mister-tmg,

    Welcome to Munguin's humble Republic.

    I guess the Uk has always been England to foreigners. I remember being asked in Paris what part of England, Scotland was in!!

    (But that's the French for you.

    And as much as the UK is England, England is London.

    Pet of course is just doing HER thing these days. So yes, all these years when she was too busy to manage to play Bradford, Bexhill, Perth, Aberdeen, and Leicester... she was in NY, Paris, Sydney, Berlin... and now she can have fun and thrill a new audience.

    That's where the fun is for the grand lady of pop.

  8. Hello tris! ;)

    I was thinking that recently. I bet the British provinces never saw her at all in the 60s, or even 70s... right, wrong?

    On another note, apparently George Bush asked Charlotte Church what state Wales was in...

  9. She toured a tiny bit in the 1970s Mister TMG, but certainly not during the 60s. There were too many demands on her time back then.

    There were 4 English provincial dates in 1973 according to her official website, then 2 in 1976, and 8 in 1979... but I don't think that the dates on the website are complete.

    I'm only amazed that George Bush had heard of Wales. He really gave or rather still gives, the impression of being an amazingly stupid individual.

    I'm sure he's not quite as dim as he looks... well surish.....

  10. I'm sure the dates aren't complete, because in the 50s she was always in variety up and down the country.

    In the 60s, ze vere starved! Even London until that 'comeback' concert...

  11. Mister-TMG,

    Yes, I'm sure that the dates are very incomplete.

    But I see from the website that she did a month in London at the Strand Hotel in 1966.

    So if you were rich enough you could see her.

    I think that month would have been better spent touring so that the teenage record buyers could have see her, rather than a select audience from London

  12. I also see a 'Benefit' listed at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley, Surrey, England in 1980! (Bet it was quite exclusive.) So our Pet (or Claude) are not averse to playing where only the super-rich can see them!

    She might have had more teen appeal in Britain if she'd actually played at venues they could go to. I guess TV was the best substitute - easier and more lucrative!

  13. Well, to be fair Mister_TMG, a benefit wouldn't ahve brought any more than expenses to Pet or Claude, but i agree with you. I think she would ahve done better charwise, if she had played the small venues that the likes of Lulu, Cilla, Dusty and Sandie were playing.

    But then she would have had to take that time out of America or France or wherever, where she also had teen fans buying her discs.

    TV meant she was seen by everyone I guess, and she did do quite a bit of that. TotP, her own series x 4 and loads of these variety shows.

    She did a college tour in the states playing universities over America. That would have boosted her teen appeal there. And it was something women just didn't do in the States in teh '60s!