Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Gordon Brown in some sort of mistaken notion that he was the Chinese or American President, or some other sort of world statesman ordered the Pakistani President to kill Osama bin Laden.

Apparently the President was not happy at his tone.

Yesterday Mr Cameron, equally deluded, was minded to employ his 9 whole months of experience of government, by lecturing the Egyptian President about what he should be doing with his little bit of trouble.

Where on Earth do these people get off?

Firstly I can’t help but think that if Messers Brown and Cameron were in the habit of addressing themselves to issues in the UK, then perhaps we wouldn’t find ourselves in the parlous state that we do, and secondly, what is it about British Prime Ministers that make them think that they know best about things that are happening on the other side of the world.

How would Brown or Cameron like it if they got a call from the Chinese president, giving them instructions about how to have a successful Olympics or from the Qataris, pointing out that it was barbaric to pepper spray protesting students?

The days of London running the world are over. Live with it. Get your heads down and try to find a sensible way of sorting out the mess that is Britain. See if you can find a way to employ all the people for whom there are no jobs; see if you can find a way of dealing with the worst crime rates and highest prison population in Western Europe; and while you’re at the tackle the drugs issues, teenage pregnancies, education that sees people with degrees but unable to spell simple words and punctuate a paragraph. Deal with issues like the woman who testified yesterday that the hospital (in England) where she went for a small operation, was so dirty that she went in for a week’s stay and ended up being there for 18 months, suffering from C Diff, E-Coli and MRSA.

Do something about the joke that is the British Railways system, where the prices are around double and the service around half the European average, and where believe it or not, they are putting up prices by 3 times inflation in order to discourage people from using the service, because they simply cannot cope.

Sort the bloody pot holes in the roads. We pay between £120 and £250 a year in road tax, not to mention the most expensive petrol in the world, and our roads are like Yak tracks in Nepal. Cars are shaken to bit and springs are broken on a daily basis.

Do something about building affordable rented houses so that we stop this ideologically driven nonsense that even the poorest can own their own homes. Home ownership is for rich people who can afford to deal with the re-roofing, or damp coursing that comes along from time to time. Not poor people who struggle to get by to have enough money for food by the end of the month.

And do something about the crap you expect our pensioners to live with. No surprises that Britain has the lowest pension as a proportion of average wage, in all of Europe, and many live in penury.

That’s what running a country is about. Not lecturing Egyptians about how to deal with riots or telling Pakistan who to assassinate.

Oh and if your reason for thinking that you have the right to do any of that is (as mine is for lecturing you) that Britain gives aid to these countries (as I pay my taxes to you)...then stop giving them aid. It is us that needs aid. Our pensioners, our hospitals, our roads.

Shape up or ship out.

Pics: Fresh faced and busy tailed as ever, the sleeping ugly; Hosni, looking well Browned off at being lectured by Cameron; Osama, Osama, where for art thou Osama? (Ok, I know it doesn't mean where!); Don't you think that Egypian riots have a golden glow compared with the grey ones we have here? Birl on it Hosni, I is de boss, because I is British, innit.


  1. Tris: the reason that the international aid budget was not cut, when everything else was is nothing to do with “call me” and his odious Tory brood wearing their hearts on their sleeves for all these people in Haiti or Pakistan. It has everything to do with the G8 which expects its members to be net contributors of international aid what with them being the richest eight countries in the world and all.

    So no aid, means no seat for “call me” at the top table with the senior partner in the special relationship and the other big wheels, and that would never do, oh no dear! So even if we are a broke little island on the edge of the back of beyond, with our old people freezing and nobody able to afford a litre of petrol or fuel oil, the whole place falling to bits, and the bottom falling out of the pound with no mortgages to be found under all those bankers bonuses and extra cash for the Royal Family and the only things flourishing being superbugs we are all still knocking our pan in to be able to keep giving to the world.

    What a laugh “call me” calling Hosni and telling him that the protestors must be allowed to vent their spleen unmolested. I don’t suppose that Hosni pointed out to that dumb cluck that he had been in power for thirty years before the riots started whereas “call me” had only been in power for a matter of weeks. If it had been a Egyptian mob that attacked the Millbank Tower would “call me” have allowed the protests to go ahead unmolested?

  2. Yes of course. The National Health budget is kept in place because the people would riot if they couldn't get into hospital... mind you, after that poor woman's testimony yesterday to parliament. And the aid budget is kept in place to procure the right to strut the world stage for the laughable clowns we call prime minister.

    I know other places in the world have problems, but we actually elected this lot (OK we didn’t, but the English did) to sort our problems, not Egypt’s.

    I wonder if the Danish prime minister or the Finnish prime minister has been poking his nose in to African affairs, or maybe they were too busy dealing with running their countries.

  3. tris

    aside from your peroration on Britain's loss of Empire

    David Cameron warns of 'tough year' for households

    Should read

    Households warn of 'tough year' for Cameron

  4. Mr Mxyzptlk - Of course the £4.6 Trillion of debt that Labour ran up before the economic collapse came on has nothing to do with anything eh!

    Labour added another £200 Billion to that in trying to fight it and now the country cannot keep up with the interest payments on all this never mind anything else.

    Labour - always ballsing up the countries finances only this time it is terminal.

  5. Tough for him means....erm...well... nothing.

    I hope that London is brought to a standstill over and over again, like when people decided that depite being told over and over and over and over again that they did not want the poll tax, the stupid bitch Thatcher completely ignored them. So in the end even the laid back Anglo Saxons had to take “une page du livre français” and riot. The poll tax and the know-all prime minister (who defended it when all opinion polls showed that support was at 2%, weren’t around for long after that.

  6. Yes it seems to be our lot to have a party that makes a mess of the finances, or a party who in come way sorts out the finances and completely messes up society.

    Of course if the abovementioned dozy old bat of a prime minister Thatcher hadn't been stupid enough to think that the way forward was for the whole of Britain to be dependent on the City of London, then we might not have been so vulnerable to the complete collapse of the economy under Labour when they proved that they had no idea how to control the greedy excesses of the b...bankers.

  7. (Am back)
    They are just following British tradition.

    "Where you stand on him depends on whether you've worked with him from the outside or on the inside. I've worked with him on the Middle East peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians so this is somebody I'm constantly in contact with and working with and on that issue, I have to say, he's been immensely courageous and a force for good,"- Tony Bliar, today On Mubarak!

  8. Yeah CH... of course you have to take into consideration that Blair thought that the sun shone out of the arse of George W Bush... so any opinion he may express would be somewhat tainted by the fact that he's a raving loonie, not to mention a war criminal and murderer.

    Just thought I'd mention that...


  9. Oh yeah, and he kissed Wrinkles Gaddafi... so his taste is somewhat dubious... Mind you, when you're used to Cherry.....

    The fact that Mubarak and Blair were both...are both...agents of America may have contributed something to his opinion!

  10. Lets see how it goes in Luton on Saturday. The EDL are having a day out, the United Association of Facist want to spoil the march and plod will be out in force.
    Perhaps Mubarak will call him about kettling free people expressing their right to protest.
    Dave the slime, with his pronouncements, may have talked himself into a bind. lets hope so.

    See you in Luton.

  11. It's a small world.
    Have you noticed who cast irons new spin doctor is related to ?

  12. it's always a different thing abroad defender. They encourage people to protest, but they don't like it up them as Jonesie used to say, when it's on their own doorstep.

    Well, we'll see how Call Me likes it this summer.

    It's going to be a hard year... but I doubt any of the hardships will be affecting him and his cohorts.

  13. No dogger... spill.

    Is it a nice piece of nepotism?

    Was this post advertised? Could I have applied for it?

    All their criticism of Alistair Campbell looks a bit pathetic now doesn't it?

  14. A Wow moment and its very good

    A Tory speaks out in support of the EDL.

  15. Defender: I'm not too sure that readers of a Scottish republican blog are all that concerned with the doings of the English Defence League. Nor are they, I an sure, interested in the witterings of a Scottish Tory quisling who has nothing good to say of the country of his birth.

    However, thank you for your interest.

  16. Defender: Douglas Murray was on Question Time a few months ago, along with some odious baroness from England and he was scathing about our disgusting little parliament in our horrible capital with its disgusting little toy politicians coming out and pontificating on things....

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. The silly cow from the house of lords was every bit as disgusting in her foul attitude towards Scotland and its parliament.

    Please know that you are very welcome to comment on the blog. I’d prefer no links to barking Spider’s blog however, because he used to be on our blogroll and some of the stuff he printed; the open hatred of people who were not white or English, upset our regular readers to the point that they asked us to take him off. We did after reading some of the trash (my opinion) he was writing.

    I’d like to think we were broad based here, but racism we will not tolerate at any cost.

    Nor is the blog a place for advertising the doings of the EDL or any other group.

    I hope you will consider the blog a place where you can come a express your feelings about the matters we have posted...even if they are the complete opposite to the blog’s opinion...

    For example, we have a great contributor in the person of Dean, who is a strong unionist and a devout follower and lover of all things royal. His comments are welcome and usually encourage lively debate, and ridicule, which Dean fends off with gusto.

    I look forward to your next comment.

  17. tris..

    " No dogger... spill."

    His dad was that top jock bobby who got his helmet out in that cold scottish car park and then got the bums rush..

  18. Tris, thanks for the reply.
    As a mixed race English man I really do understand racism.
    I knew nothing of Douglas Murrey Scotishness, what I knew was that he is a Tory knob.
    Thanks for offering me a reply.

  19. You're very welcome Defender. In as much as I can I always try to answer anyone who takes the time and trouble to post on here.

    Murray is a disgrace to Scotland. He's supposed to be some sort of intellectual, but in fact his rant on Radio 4's Any Questions, was unbelievably childish and petty.

    There are useless politicians in Edinburgh, of course, just as there are usless politicians in London, Paris, Washington, Tokya, and every place in between, but they are not ALL useless, just as they are not all useless anywhere else.

    He most assuredly is a nob! :)

  20. He he Dogger. Splendid choice then. Nothing of that will ever come back to bite them on the bum...

    I liked this annonymous comment from Guido's page:

    "He drove a big **** off range rover with a thousand antennae attached to it.

    The day after it came out in the papers he pulled me over driving to Dundee at daft o’clock in the morning for speeding (he had an old bird in the car, presumably his missus on a private jaunt with him).

    As he pulled out his warrant card I told him not to bother as I recognised him from the front page of the P&J. I couldn’t believe my luck knowing that he almost certainly wouldnt/couldnt book me. After a patronising lecture about the danger of driving down an empty dual carriageway above 70 we both set back off.

    I tailed him for the following 30 miles and never once was he below 80.

    He was famous as a no tolerance type, but with obvious personal exemptions."

    It may, or may not, be true, but it's a damned good story anyway.

  21. tris..
    Yes I read that. Some good comments in the article .