Friday, 4 February 2011


I heard the other day on the Today programme that, on the American TV station Fox News, despite the recent shooting of Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona, and the plea from thinking people all over America for a bit of common sense in the kind of rhetoric they use in discussing politics, Glenn Becks indicated that he would like to put a gun to the heads of his political opponents. Nice grown up politics, Mr Beck. Why on earth does Mr Murdoch employ dorks like this?

Talking of Mr Murdoch, nice move from Mrs Karen Murphy, landlady of the Red, White and Blue pub in Portsmouth, England. Although I don’t care much for the pub name, I love the fact that she managed to get her premier league football from Nova instead of BSkyB, at a faction of the price, and that when the league tried to stop her, she took them to the European Court in Luxembourg. It looks like she’s going to win. Well done her... and up yours Murdoch.

Still talking of M
r Murdoch, more evidence is emerging that Andy Coulson knew all about the phone tapping. Paul McMullan sat at the next desk to Coulson, and to quote him: "As he sat a few feet from me in the newsroom he probably heard me doing it, laughing about it, etc., and told others to do it." Mr McMullan gave written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Foot in mouth Clegg has said that the middle classes will hardly notice the tax increases... I suppose he means middle class as in him and David and Gideon ... and for that matter Ed and Ed and ...Alex, Annabel, etc. I sure as hell am noticing them. He really is a pratt. Does anyone know anyone who actually likes this bloke?

Poor old Devine Jim. It seems that his defence was that he was advised by two
other MPs to steal the money that he is currently in the dock for defrauding the tax payer of. They both deny it, of course, and one of them, Tom Watson, pointed out that he was a minister and Devine was a backbencher so they would have been unlikely to see much of each other and NEVER socially. “The working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last!” Huh, Mr Watson... erm Minister Watson... oh no, EX-minister Watson. Nob!

It’s rare that I would have anything good to say about Sarah Fergusson but she made a programme exposing the maltreatment of children in orphanages in Turkey, which caused a diplomatic incident. According to Wikileaks, David Miliband (who was no stranger to upsetting foreigners himself), was obliged to grovel when the Turks complained. He admitted that they could not control her. Fair doos. When she was chucked out of the royal family because she had made a fool of herself, the government lost control over her. They should have thought about that. After all they didn’t chuck Andy out of it, and heaven knows he’s made a fool of himself often enough.

America has agreed with Russia to give it details of Britain’s trident missiles as part of their new arms control deal. New Wikileaks show that the US spied on a FCO minister’s private life. Ivan Lewis was reported to be a bully, sexual predator and possible depressive. It does seem that, at least under President Obama, the pretence of a “special relationship” has been abandoned. It was reported that the president found Gordon Brown depressing (who wouldn’t), and it is rumoured the Americans find David Cameron and George Osborne, lightweight (who wouldn’t).

And finally, quote of the week: “If I go, there will be chaos” President Mubarak!

Well duh, Hosni.

Pics: Do I need an excuse for putting up a pic of George. Nah, and I know it keeps Pap happy too. This will just remind you that he’s out to get your money. Murdoch is a scary looking character whatever he’s up to. I thought about putting up one of him smiling, but then I thought: No...You’ve done nothing to me. Jim... or Purple Coupon as I like to call him. Sarah, Duchess of Pork, no worse than her odious ex-husband. President Obama, saying his prayers slightly squinty “Please God, keep that boring sod Brown away from me”.


  1. "Does anyone know anyone who actually likes this bloke?"

    The sun and moon shine out of his posterior from his loyal blogger even though he wants to reduce the debt of the country and put it on students shoulders, nutters.

  2. Which loyal blogger Cynical?

  3. Have just replied to her tris as she has the same loyalty as kez to the labour party. I support the SNP but I don't perjure or hide my integrity for party politcal reasons as they do or is that being sexist.

  4. Ah... I'm getting you...

    No, I dont think you can call it sexist... On a sample of two it's difficult to argue that was your motivation, particularly when both your examples are bang on.

  5. I'm not with the pair of you. Anyway, back to the post. I didn't know about Coulson's ex-pal giving evidence Tris. Mmmm. No wonder he left by the back door.

    It's great that landlady is taking on Mr NWO media. As for the name of her pub - it suits Portsmouth I think.

    (Deleted last one. Spelling error).

  6. tris,

    I like Fergie and she likes me. Well, she would if she knew me. Anyone whose team regularly beat Celtic and Rangers is okay with me. She looks different when she's in the Man U dug-out where her nose is redder than her hair. On top of that, anyone who proves to be an embarrassment to the Royal Family is okay with me.

    What a prat that Watson is - did he learn nothing from Holmes - in claiming that as he was a Minister he would not be in contact with an ORDINARY MP. What does he think the subsidised bars are for?

    If the News of the Screws are found to have tapped Sheridan's phone will he be entitled to a new trial as at least some of the evidence against him must have been illegally obtained?

    Considering that Sheridan is appealing - in a legal sense - why are Murdoch's paper printing lurid details from witnesses who may have been lying and could affect his appeal.

    That Murdoch seems to have developed his ruthless streak as a PC in Dundee all these years ago. Alas, Fat Boab Maxwell has departed these shores but thankfully Oor Wullie still stands tall.

  7. SR: You’re lucky. Who'd want to be with the pair of us!!!?

    CH was referring to a couple of female bloggers who are so tied to the party line that they could even agree with, respectively, the twitterings of Iain Gray and Nick Cleggums.

    CH was wondering if his denouncement of them was sexist (them both being of the fair sex), but I thought that it probably wasn't sexist, even though his sample was 100% female, it was probably too small a sample for that!!

    I heard the stuff about Coulson's ex colleague on the PM show on Radio 4!

    And if the EU has no protection for everything else, why should it protect Mr Murdoch (well, I suppose for the same reason that the government and the Met Police protect him.) But anyway, it looks like they don't and the ramifications for English Premier football, including their ability to buy and sell people for obscene amounts of money, look like gigantic, Also Sky's profits will take a massive hit. Awww shame.

  8. LOL John. You're very perky this morning.

    You're right about Fergie, but I think that she must have been attending Professor McGonagall’s transfiguration classes. Sometime she’s this skinny we bloke with a face like a wet weekend, and at other times this overweight ginger duchessy kind of person. Anyway, anyone who gets up Prince Charles’s nose is a good egg by my standards. I always thought that that Nicholas Witchell was a ghastly little man until I heard Big Ears call him a ghastly little man. I began to find him decidedly likable after that.

    I expect ministers have subsidised bars of their own. It wouldn’t quite be the done thing for them to be mixing with semi ordinary people lest they should get just a hint of what’s happening in the country.

    A propos Tommy the Tan Man (are prisoners allowed makeup?), I’d refer you to Mr Ian Hamilton’s blog for the legal situation. It seems Mr Murdoch’s tentacles are long, and poisonous, which might explain how he was a PC in Dundee AND Glasgow and the ain of Oor Wullie’s young life.*

    * For readers outside Scotland I should point out that 'Oor Wullie' is a cartoon character living in the pages of the “Sunday Post” a Scottish newspaper of repute, and in the mind of one John Brownlie, of almost equal repute and a legend in his own tea break.

  9. Dear Hosni, he has hated being in power all these years, its been a real trial for him! He is only hanging on now out of a sense of selfless duty. And now he gets regular phone calls from “call me”, if that’s not enough to make him go jump in the Nile I don’t know what is!

  10. Oops even Iam confused over the id of unionists as they can't be Scottish, Welsh or Irish so they can only call themselves British as that is what they are.

  11. I'm glad I'm Icelandic...

    That was good and it's worth a post on its own...

    Thanks CH