Thursday, 17 February 2011


I think that this says everything that we need to know about the Big Society and about Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maud. "You little people need to do these things. Ministers of course, don't."

Well done Eddy. Gosh! You made him look like the toffee nosed prat he is.


  1. tris

    absolutely decking brilliant i have put this question many times on the tory diary asking who in the cabinet including cameron have or are doing any unpaid voluntary work.

    Tim and his boys never ever answer it wonder why

    perhaps because it so unfair what we expect them to follow their policy for the great unwashed Er! us

  2. Niko....

    The "I'm a very busy MP and minister" won't wash. We're all busy. We all have things to do. There's kids, the house, the garden, the shopping, the ironing, the family, the homework, and busy busy busy jobs.

    You'd think they were the only people who struggle to find the time... and they get half their stuff done for them.

    Remember Liam Byrne and his soup at lunchtime and coffee at 10.30....?

    That poor wee sausage though, working 7 days a week, and only 4 months holiday a year.... how awful. And all for hundred thousand a year.... terrible.

    Quite clearly Wee Franny doesn't sweet nothing when it comes to volunteering.

  3. Clearly he thinks that his position as an MP and cabinet minister are more than enough, even though they are his job and he does get paid for both of them. Look like we are not “all in it together” in the “Big Society” either!

    I think Francis has single-handedly scuppered the re-launch of the BS. It looks very much like a three horse race for who will be out on their ear first. The Idiot Gove is still in the lead at even money, with everything wrong or illegal, but all the fault of the civil servants (the Gove gambit), a good 8.5 on the U-turn-o-meter; with the daft Spelman female a close second, on 2-1 with her cack handed, half-baked English forest sell off, registering a decent 7 on the U-turn-o-meter. But now coming up on the inside is Francis-golly-gosh-Maude at 3-2 having managed to torpedo the re-launched Big Society in less than a minute and a half, still as yet a disappointing 2.5 on the U-turn-o-meter.

    There are still a large number of also-rans, so the field is still wide open!

  4. Excellent clip Tris. I'll nick it if I may.

  5. Golly, gosh, certainly SR. The more people who enjoy this idiot's discomforture the better.


  6. He's a "you lot are this together, whilst people like me are above all that".

    You'd have thought that somewhere along the line that question would have been foreseen. And that they would have had some sort of answer prepared.

    Given that the Tree Woman has just made a complete mess of selling off the forests, having changed her mind about why she was doing it, how she was doing it and what parts she was doing it to, so many times that, like the BS, no one has the vaguest notion what it was all about, the next u-turn will come as no surprise.

    Mr Cameron is employing a whole pile of people to ensure that this kind of nonsense never happens again. Having criticised Blair and Brown’s micro management of policy, with the number 10 policy unit controlling every word and every thought that ministers had, Cameron is about to have the same set up himself.

    He hopes that this will stop half wit ministers coming up with half witted policies, and other fools like Maude being so totally unprepared for the most obvious of questions.

    Francis has tripped the BS up at the top of the stairs. No one is going to believe in it now.

    We need a list of the things that each and every Tory MP and Liberal MP does for nothing.

  7. OK CH, I think I might nowhave it

  8. Oh, wow, thank you very much CH... it took a while for me to grasp it... but in the end, with your persistence, I got it.


  9. Tris

    Latest news, Bendy Wendy to quit parliament.

    The big question, why now, some opinion poll maybe, or is it just rats etc.

    Lets hope that Gray and the boy Baker do not decide to quit before May.

  10. Yeah Dubs...I've just heard.

    I'm thinking rats.... he he he

    I wonder how many otehr resignations are to be forethcoming?

  11. Heavens Niko... you got it too...

    The trouble is I think you got it wrong... I mean, it led to this weird and rather unsavory looking site with what looked like a dirty old man on the first page.

    I decided to look no further. :¬)

    Nah, only joking. Well done. I wonder if Danny got it too?