Saturday, 5 February 2011


It’s nothing to do with me, says George Osborne, referring to the price of petrol which is at record levels in the UK.

He says that motorists are paying the price for mounting oil prices, and his friend at number 10 has said non-tax factors were mainly driving the cost at the pump.

The comments were in response to OPEC chairman Abdullah al-Badri who had told motorists to blame their governments if they thought they were paying too much for the fuel in their cars.

It is virtually the same message as King Abdullah gave to Gordon Brown, when at a conference a few years ago, Brown hit out at OPEC, which seems to be largely controlled by Saudi Arabia, asking them to control the price of oil by increasing production, and promising to increase production in Scotland.

The king pointed out, whilst looking straight at Gordo, that the price of oil was, in fact, quite reasonable, but that some governments chose to tax it more highly than others, thus causing greater strain to their citizens.

Prices of petrol have hit record levels at the pumps this week in Britain, despite falling in other European countries, including France and Germany.

So why’s that then George, if it’s all down to the oil producers?

Number 10 said that if the oil price goes up then that’s clearly going to affect the prices at the pump. Jeez, now we know why these people got to where they are.

But with petrol in the UK the second most expensive in the world and over 60% of that 2nd most expensive in the world fuel is tax, which has increased twice in the last two months, it’s a little disingenuous, to say the least, to blame the oil producers.

Pics: Our George: Have you ever wondered how much he understand of all this economics malarkey; Opec controls 40% of oil production; King Abdullah with some funny old bloke in a weird outfit inspecting troops; Breakdown of petrol prices based on 126.9p per litre.


  1. tris

    Where can you get petrol at 126.9p per litre thats a bargain.

  2. Parks Jet Station in Hamilton, but the diesel is over 130p now.

  3. Dundee too Niko, well, at least I think you can. To be honest I don't look any more. If I did it would break my heart knowing just how broke I was making myself.

    The diesel is a total joke, Anon. just as well it goes a bit farther.

  4. After the last (and ongoing) PR disaster of Mr Coulson, you really would have thought that Cameron's people would have checked up on this bloke.

    No matter how many excuses he makes for his wife being a legal tax dodger, and no matter what Cameron says about he “only meant BIG tax dodgers, not little ones like this bloke, or the chancellor, or the transport secretary, or the overseas development secretary. Is it OK then if people only fiddle a little on their dole money.

    No probably not, because of course fiddling £2 on your dole is an offense, while fiddling £2,000,000 on your tax is legal, just not very nice, and fiddling £20,000 is perfectly OK.

    And this prime minister had the gall to say that foreigners coming here should adopt British standards of decency and fair play... Don’t make me laugh.

    One thing for sure: if this is the way he runs his office, caught out making a foolish appointment for the second time in the same job, I doubt if he is in any way capable of running the country.