Monday, 31 January 2011


Mr Osborne has called unions the "forces of stagnation" and blamed them for holding back Britain's economic recovery. Gideon has also said that he will change union law if his deficit-reduction timetable was disrupted by strikes. Nice one. The hard fought for rights that we have to withdraw our labour will finally be nailed by George Osborne.

This has doubtless been brought on by the fact that Osborne fears that union leaders are planning strikes against public spending cuts. The TUC has already organized a protest in London on 26 March, three days after the budget. It hopes that the protest will attract a million demonstrators.

"I completely understand” said our George, “that trade unions want to represent the interests of their members” ...and then went on to tell them what the interests of their members were.

Well, it’s good to know that someone as high and important as Mr Osborne knows all about the needs and aspirations of the ordinary working person of this country. It had worried me that, being as rich as Croesus, Mr Osborne might have difficulty in understanding what it was like to live on a couple of hundred quid a week. But no. He knows what we need and want.

Osborne showed this understanding by saying that he hoped growth would come from debt reduction, cutting corporate tax rates and reforms to English health and English education. Right, well that’s going to help Mrs McTavish put food on the table when inflation on necessaries is running at around 10% and pay rises at about 0.5% (except for bankers, MPs and the Queen). And as many English doctors are predicting utter chaos as they are removed from doctoring and put in charge of vast budgets; and almost no schools, teachers or parents support Gove’s muppet ideas on education, I’m having some difficulty in understanding how this will put food on tables.

Osborne said he felt a "huge responsibility" to make the right decisions for Britain. He said that he was fulfilling this responsibility to the best of his ability. Perhaps a comment from me there would be unhelpful. He said he realized things were not easy for families. There we go again. It’s only families that are having it tough, not just under this government; the last one was just as bad; single OAPs are having the time of their lives. And the 20+% of young people that are unemployed are thoroughly enjoying it.

George was asked on yesterday’s “Politics Show” why he did not modify the deficit-reduction timetable and he replied: "If I went to parliament and got up at the dispatch box in the House of Commons and said, 'I am abandoning the deficit-reduction plan that Britain set out last year.' What do you think the reaction would be? Within minutes Britain would be in financial turmoil. I'm not prepared to let that happen.

Actually he was asked why he didn’t modify it, not abandon it. But his answer shows that, no matter how wrong it is, and it doesn’t look good at the moment, he can’t go back, because he thinks that financial turmoil would follow. What exactly does he think we are suffering at the moment?

Oh for the courage of the Egyptians.

Pics: Gideon George Osborne: All at sea; very smug; catching flies and asleep at the helm. All dedicated to Somepapfaedundee, who loves pictures of our Chancellor. (Weird bloke.)


  1. It’s so difficult to talk about Gideon without using any four letter expletives like **** or **** or **** (I’m sorry that bit was redacted for taste and decency and subject to a TPIMs, and I’m now enjoying a Compulsory Sleepover courtesy of the Lib Dems!) But anyway here goes: it seems that the only qualification you need to be Chancellor of the Exchequer is a degree in a non related subject (both the one eyed yellow Cyclops that’s gone back to Kathmandu to sell his book and Gideon have one) that daddy bought with his Wallpaper and Cushion money (the Tory version of Beer and Fag money). How dare he sit there in his flock wallpapered Ivory Tower telling all us what we think and feel just like “call me” when he said he knew what the British people wanted. I better check in for a month of Compulsory Sleepovers then because: that ******* **** is a total ******* that does not know his ******* arse from his armpit, the ****!

  2. Poor wee Gideon, Munguin. Say you are sorry for hurting his poor little feelings otherwise you'll find yourself TPIMMED for more than one sleepover.

    Just remember your place in life. George is from the upper classes. He knows better than the likes of you. Even if he has only got a second division batchelor degree in Modern History, it was from Magdalen at Oxford!! And that makes it loads better.

    Anyone know any Egyptians?

  3. somepapfaedundeeJanuary 31, 2011 2:12 pm

    It certainly seems to be big time for the tories big lie. He'll just keep saying things like this and will either get his way (likely) or the will say 'no more!' (not likely).

    btw - quality pics, just as I've come to expect (I particularly like the one where he appears to be forcing his own chin through his neck), but where did you get the last one -

  4. I don’t want to get too maudlin about it Tris but I’m amazed that Gideon’s daddy was so cheap as to only have bought him a second division degree (pass the hanky and a large Scotch....well there is nothing else to do during my Compulsory Sleepover is there?), what did he do only wallpaper the gym hall with that bonny black flock with bright red Gardenias and give the Dean a selection of scatter cushions in various pastels stripes with tassels? What do you have to pay these days for a double fist?

    Its all great fun but I'm sure there will be a U-turn along before very long, there usually is with this lot!

  5. LOL Pap, funnily enough, I never thought to look there for a pic of Gideon. I treasure my sanity.

    I'm just waiting for it all to come crashing down.

  6. Oh very clever Munguin. Magdalen -- Maudlin, but don't let John Brownlie see that spelling mistake later on, Munguin!

    Anyway, inflation, inflation. You can't get a double first for a mere set of cushion covers these days.

    You need to lay down a good cellar for that kind of thing.

  7. somepapfaedundeeJanuary 31, 2011 3:19 pm

    tris -
    I know, I'm starting to feel a bit like a 'doomer' myself.
    (btw- I like the ambiguity of your 'it')

    I could (grudgingly) accept their plan despite thinking it the wrong one a whole lot easier if it stacked up at all - but it isn't even internally consistent (sans wishful thinking).

    I'd love to believe they can be made to dismount their ideological horse and take another look, but I don't think they will.

    Interesting times.

  8. I hated Snotty as passionately as this rant slags off Georgie. I still am waiting to see the next edict from Brussels because every UK MP is secondary to their wishes. Indeed attacking our domestic politicos is rather shooting the EU messengers. As for Egypt and Tunisia and so forth, their hopes are based on having one regime to challenge. We have a legion of hidden, unelected despots, easily able to dodge the flak.

  9. That wasn't really a rant OR. My rants are far more emotional than this.

    Gordon Brown is a complete moron with a doctorate in history. George Osborne is a complete moron with a second rate batchelors degree in history. Neither of them has any qualification in economics. Both of them have left us in a mess.

    Quite right about bloody foreigners telling us what to do. We've had 300 years of it and it has brought nothing but grief, so you have my sympathies. We hardly notice the other Europeans' interference in our affairs as we've had the English at it for so long.

    Mr Osborne needs to consider though, that if he takes the legitimate means of protest away from people, he may find that they will take othe steps... and I for one will be right behind them.

  10. The Torys are clearly rattled using the old worn out Unions card.
    This is not the eighties and this just will not wash with the UK Peoples although this is more about Cameron and co.
    Gaining support from their own verminous scummy supporters as thier poll ratings plummet just a distraction for the Feckking loony Tory brigade such as Oldrightie and other hate filled scum bags.

  11. tris

    and I for one will be right behind them.

    and i shall be in the front with them

  12. Most Unionist MPs are hypocrites and only doing things for themselves. Could you put some piranha in that top pic.

    Moore - ye'r claimed!

    Labour ex PM ripping off the public for personal charities!

  13. Where you lead Niko... I shall follow.

  14. I don't think they will readily U-turn on this, although they have made a good few U-turns on the way (Mrs Thatcher must be spinning in her straighht jacket or whatever she's in).

    But this is not particularly economically motivated. It's all ideology.

    I remember reading an interesting piece at once, a few years ago when a German journalist wrote a damning critique of more or less everything in the UK: the trains, underground, the post office, the post, the NHS, education, etc, etc. Someone from the Telegraph replied to it by saying that by and large we liked it that way. After all they were simply the bottom line. The local doctor was OK if it was nothing serious; the local hospital likewise, but if one were really ill, of course one went private. The tube was frustrating of course, but if one had an important rendezvous, then one took a taxi. The post was OK for ordinary things, but if there was something that must be there, you used a private carrier.

    And so it is with our “beloved” leaders (from whatever party: the posh blue Tories; the common red Tories, and the stupid yellow Tories). They don’t worry too much about the decay in services. They may use them, but they don’t depend on them. So it doesn’t matter if they are short of staff and run down. Indeed it is far more important to get this dreadful tax on people who earn over £150,000 a year down to what it was before Labour and their stupid bankers bankrupted the country...if not lower! Watch for a top rate of 35%. It’s coming, mark my words, while pensioners struggle to pay their bills with increased VAT.

    Damn them all to burn in hell

  15. Excellent Anon!.... or rather CH... Love the letter at the end.

    What have you been doing to upset them?

    You can use "Name/URL" in the drop down and just type it in for the moment.

  16. cynicalHighlanderJanuary 31, 2011 10:40 pm

    Cheers tris. They want my mobile No so have emailed and told them I don't have one any more nosy b**gers.

  17. He he... the assumption is that everyone has a mobile.... and that we are prepared to part with it. Yeah right.

  18. Ahh, little Georgie Gideon. The man the Labour party love so much and so deeply that they're going to be fighting tooth and nail at the coming Scottish elections to keep him as Scotland's Chancellor.

    Better Tory than independent as the Labour party slogan goes.

  19. "Osborne showed this understanding by saying that he hoped growth would come from debt reduction"

    Dear! Dear! The Labour party, and the Tories before them, have spent the last few decades trying to have growth through increasing debt which has led to this crisis so that is a kind of a u-turn - only they want the banks to increase lending especially for buying houses which is back to square one.

    Trouble is what the Tories are doing is not going to make any difference to the debt as the interest is greater than their cuts. The country is bankrupt and anything they try to do whether by deeper cuts or more spending is just going to make it worst.

    The country is already in stagnation curtesy of the bankers and politicians and the people up to their eyes in debt. We can't go on printing money either so once that stops he will see how much the markets react then.

  20. Doug:

    I've never understood Labour in Scotland. If they would just get rid of Conservative England, they could be in power almost always...

    As it is they insist on being governed for great tranches of time by right wing Tories who have no interest in this country apart from shootin', huntin' and fishin' on the one hand and oil on the other. (Yeah, I know, they like their whisky too.)

  21. Yes Billy. They seem to think that a house price increase will sort the problem out.

    That's a bit like saying that what you had for lunch just poisoned you, so maybe you should ahve some more for dinner to cure you.

    Economics of the mad house.

  22. Tris:

    The problem with Labour in Scotland is that they are a British party, or more correctly an English party, and up here they're fighting elections on an English mindset. In that mindset Scotland is a province of Britain and the idea of simply leaving the UK and the Conservatives behind is not an idea they can either comprehend or accept.

    What we've got is a party which will happily see Scotland hammered by the Conservatives because they can't see independence as anything more than the loss of a British province. For them Scottish independence is as incomprehensible and as undesirable as Yorkshire independence. They don't see Scotland as a country.

    The idea that Scotland could just say sod you to the Union and to the Conservatives is simply not in their frame of reference. Labour in Scotland are not aware of Scotland as a country and the idea of getting rid of Conservative England makes them weep because at the end of the day that's their country and where their loyalty lies.

  23. Well I guess Doug, if you don't see your country as a country, then it is inconceivable to think of it being independent.

    It’s a mindset that I can't quite comprehend, and it seems so me so simple.

    But if you see Britain as ONE country then the fact that the English have the overwhelming majority of seats in the London parliament (presumable your capital city’s parliament) won’t matter to you. The Tory from West Sussex is the same nationality as you are, coming from East Kilbride, and has as much right to Scottish stuff as you do to West Sussex stuff.

    I see the two countries as vastly different, potentially friendly neighbours, so I never really connect with Westminster, although I’m aware that they declare war in my name and tax in my name.

    When I think country, I think Scotland; when I think capital city, I think Edinburgh; when I think government I think Holyrood, and at the moment Alex and his cabinet. And farcical though they may be, I’ll think Iain Gray before I think David Cameron or Ed Miliband.

    It’s a mindset.

    Of course whatever your “heart” tells you is your country... that’s your country, so, although I wonder at anyone who has so little faith in their country as to think its people are too stupid and pathetic to make it on their own, I have to continually remind myself that some people see themselves as British. And they have to believe that Britain can make it on its own... presumably without Europe interfering and America running its foreign and war policy.

  24. Doug and Tris don't forget the money that Labour and the other unionist parties get from England to maintain their parties. Without that money these parties would struggle to survive.

    The tiny amount of people in these parties have a huge amount of power over Scotland as a result of this English funding and it is these facts that any independence minded parties should be putting out to the electorate aong with the fact that these English-funded unionists are being backed by a mostly English owned media.

  25. True Billy. I've recently read Lance Price's book on his days with Labour (it was remaindered in the pound shop), and Blair used to send him regularly to Edinburgh to knock some sense into the local party people when they were getting out of line and looked like they were going to pursue Scottish policies. He always had to keep a low profile lest the press got hold of the fact that london had sent him up to knock heads together.

    Dean admitted in a post not so long ago that Goldie was getting questions for FMQ from London, from smart young things who’d never set foot in Scotland. She is good with questions when her Scottish people write them, and crap when they come from London.

    My message is ... Leave us alone. We’re not all haybags up here. We can think for ourselves. The world doesn’t start and end in London.

    The Scotsman (printed in England).