Thursday, 31 December 2015








  1. Hope every one has a very happy new year. Stay safe folks and I'll make the *ahem* occasional visitation next year! LOL

    1. Thanks Arbroath... you know you'll be welcome in Dundee.

      Try to stay dry. I know you guys are having a wet time down there.

    2. Thanks Tris.

      We are OK so far where we are but poor Dumfries and Newton Stewart further West caught it bad. I think they and the other towns/villages are now moving into clean/clear up mode now though.

    3. I think we are incredibly lucky here. It's rained a lot and there have been some winds, but whilst almost everywhere seems to have had some damage, we have been pretty much unaffected.

      I'm sure that your MP will be working hard for you all over the holiday period...

      Or not.

      Fortunately you've got a good MSP!

    4. I think I might agree with you there Tris about our M.P. ... now if only I could remember what his name was!

      Aye Joan does a lot of good work looking forward to seeing her elected in May as our constituency M.S.P. and getting rid of the poisoned dwarf for good!

  2. To everyone at MR (even Niko!), may 2016 bring all that you wish for. And for those that would like to be cheered up, how about some orange babies.

    1. Thanks PP... and there's nothing like a bit of orange... It's the future!!

  3. Bliadhna mhath ur, Tris agus Munguin.

    All the best to everyone, let's hope next year is a year that humanity can be proud of.

    1. Tapadh leat Jim.

      It would be nice if we could do a little better than this year.

  4. Best wishes to everyone that writes here, comments here and reads here. There is something extraordinary about this site and it's supporters....and that includes me

    May 2016 be even better for you all!

  5. Aye Douglas... we're all mad.


    Let's hope for a good one...

  6. A guide new year to one and all, keep up the good work. Sometimes, Tris, the pictures leave us more than a little raw, but we need to remind ourselves of just how bad things are outside our own, sometimes too comfortable, little bubble.

    When I visit here and indeed other sites, I know that I am in good company, like minded folk.

    Thanks to everyone.

    1. Yes Golfy.

      I like putting up pretty happy pictures... but life isn't all like that.

      The most bitter thing for me in war is that people who are completely and totally innocent pay the price for the actions of the politicians, kings/queens and the generals.

      The wee dead lad on the beach, the kid in Palestine, a baby, yet injured in war... not to mention the animals, wild and domestic.

      It's easy to skip over them when they appear on your feed. It's easy to decide to put a pretty photo of a loch in Scotland or a waterfall in Iceland... but these imagines haunt me.

      I see them, and I see Cameron and Osborne and Benn and Carmichael and Liz and Charlie...with their white ties and tails, tiaras and crowns. And I wish the little kids were eating the food that the politicians were scoffing... and that the politicians had to suffer the misery that these kids suffer.

      But life is not all like that. There ARE lovely waterfalls in Iceland and fantastic lochs in Scotland. To ignore the beauty would be a crime too.

      But never let's forget the kids who suffer becasue of stupid adults, their greed and desire for power and money, and their blind and unquestioning following of religion...

      So we'll have a bit of each.

      Thanks to you for your support.

      In fact thanks to all of you for your support.

  7. The world is in a mad state where a pretendy money system rules over the basic needs of life itself a very sad situation indeed. Get angry in fact get very angry and be very vocal.

    Happy New Year to all especially the blog hosts who we are owe a great deal of indebtedness may you all continue and flourish and make your resolution to vote in May SNP x 2 all the way.

    1. I'm angry excuse my dyslectic grammar.

    2. It's truly weird, if you look at it logically, to live the way we do.

      And what we need is people to be angry.

      Far too much... "Oh that's terrible, disgusting, but Coronation Street is on tonight...."

      The government wouldn't do half of what it does if people got more angry.

      On that subject I could recommend Mark Frankland's "Mere Anarchy". Great book and the royalties go to the foodbank he runs in Dumfries.

      Thank you for your kind words CH...


  8. That wee boy still rips my heart...

    Happy New Year to aw the folks who come here.

    Even Niko.

    1. Mine too Conan.

      I pondered over whether to put that picture up. maybe not what folk want to see at New Year... But it happened and it will stay with me forever.

      Maybe if it stayed with more people forever, there would be fewer wee lads like that.

  9. Happy New Year Tris, Munguin, all the readers and posters and all the Orangutans on the planet.

    Saor Alba

    1. Oh yes... particularly the Orangutans, SA!!!

      They need all the good will they can get just to keep going.

  10. Yes 2015 wasn't the best but in some ways a bit better than the end of 2014. The human condition seems to think that the next one will be an improvement, let us hope it will be because the other in not be be contemplated.
    So Happy New Year to one and all, even Niko who as I have told him I do not dislike just his politics, well not even them just his attitude to the rest of us.

    1. Hope springs eternal, Helena.

      But we need to MAKE it a better year despite all the crap they throw at us.

  11. First of all may i wish all at Munguins a happy new year.

    Tris my health is not as good as i hoped and the winters take their toll on me. It's tough getting through most days and i look forward to spring in the hope that things will pick up.

    I pop in from time to time and enjoy all the comments and articles. You all renew my faith in all of us. When your ill doubt and fear can cloud your mind and hopes seem far away. But not always :)

    A wee pop in here does give me a lift and for that i am greatful.

    Keep up the good work all of you ... i will be watching and laughing along with you all and commenting when i am better.

    You all are never far away from my thoughts and i promise to join in more when things improve... and thing will improve. I just have to be patient.

    Thanks for a fun packed year Tris and all . Niko too . Roll on 2016 and whatever it brings. If its anything like last year then we are in for a bumpy ride, but there is nowhere better to ride out the storm than with you guys.

    Take care and best wishes and hopes for all.


    1. Richy.

      I'm so sorry to hear that your health is still poor. I know the winter is a horrible time for you and you know our thoughts are with you.

      Don't worry about not commenting if you're not feeling up to it.

      We know you're there, and reading, and that's important to us. Munguin says you must get better soon. Stay inside, stay warm. Do whatever it takes. I know you got some really good friends who will help you through it.

      In the spring when it warms up and you're feeling better we'll look forward to your comments and Munguin says it's time fro a trip to Edinburgh. He wants to go on the trams ... and come to see you.

      Thanks for your kind words, Richy.

      Happy, and above all healthy, New Year.

  12. Here's hoping for a good 2016.

    I'm a cynical git (you may have noticed) but I love this site. There are very few political blogs / websites where you can truly voice your arguments without getting shot down in flames the minute you criticise whatever party is the favourite. It's very important that remains so, as we need to keep our politicians in check (or in the case of the Lib Dems, sealed in a cave).

    Let's keep a sense of perspective and more importantly, a sense of humour.


    1. Ha ha ha ha...

      I'm all for that.

      Humour and perspective.

      And believe nothing that they tell you.

  13. Tris,

    your answer to golfnu just about sums up all I would say if I had the wit and intellect to do so! The reason that this blog appeals to so many is that it high-lights the bull-shit on so many other sites and that is down to you and those who contribute.

    I think (yes, I do) that we all, including Niko, have a common goal and that is the aspiration that our Scotland would be a more caring Scotland, a more responsive and responsible Scotland, a Scotland geared to meet the needs of the many and not be subservient to the few, a Scotland of equal opportunities and a Scotland where the silver-spoon is no more than an item of cutlery and a Scotland where an ignoramus from the Western Isles has the same credibility as an intellectual from Dundee.

    In the past I have visited some of the most deprived nations on earth but I never in my life imagined that I would see my Scotland suffering from the humiliation of having to resort to food-banks.

    I,on occasion, in deep despair, think to myself "Ah, fuck, what can I do on my own?" and that is where your blog comes in to remind me that I am not alone and you and those who contribute to your blog are like-minded and we can look to the future with a modicum of optimism

    1. Thanks John.

      Like you say, the blog, whatever it is, is really a combination of contributions from all who comment. From old friends to new friends.

      I'm hugely appreciative of the time that people take to write thoughtful and clever comments often making me think of something I've not considered.

      I know that in your work you have seen and experienced a great deal. I've travelled a bit in poorer countries, but I've not seen the kind of things that you have...thank heavens. Not sure I'm strong enough to take that. However, just like you, I never though to see what are another form of soup kitchen in my country. Never thought that there would be a resurgence of the diseases of poverty or the beginning of the end of the welfare state in Scotland.

      Certainly not while people banquet and drink from bottles that cost a couple of hundred pounds a time. I wish I could take the food from them and feed the poor, here and elsewhere.

      None of can do anything much on our own. But we can do, have done, a lot together. We will stop this madness in the end... Because it can't go on.

      Never ever put down your ability to express yourself though. You're a very intelligent, thoughtful and articulate guy, and your comments have often inspired me... like this one has.. to better efforts.

      I'm heartily glad you found this blog and that you've continued to contribute for all these years.

      We'll make things better in 2016, despite Cameron and his odious government.