Friday 5 July 2013


Den of thieves
They want a 15% pay rise;

They claim for food and drink;

The expect subsidized bars and restaurants;

They claim for travel expenses and spin the system so that they can travel first class, like their backsides were too special for second class travel that most of us use;

They claim for second homes;

They claim for decorating;

They claim for gardening;

They claim for furniture;

They claim for office stationery;

They claim for council tax;

They claim for tv subscriptions and tv licences;

They claim for household bills, including domestic servants;

They will claim for anything they can 

And then they call the unemployed, the old and the sick benefit scroungers.

David Freud, failed merchant banker rewarded with a blue blood transfusion
And their neighbours are just as bad. They manage to avoid paying taxes on their salary by calling expenses, which are paid regardless of any expense involved. And from their number, without ever being elected are chosen ministers of the crown like this piece of garbage, a failed merchant banker who lies through his teeth about benefit fraud in the working classes, insults the very poor by insisting that they beg for food at food banks because he assumes that, like his "noble" colleagues, they will do anything for free food...  but doesn't mention that he sits in a house full of people who take non stop from the state, and in some cases, from anyone else who will offer them any money to subvert the will of parliament.

These people really do make me sick, and although I accept that there are probably some who aren't on the make, I will be damned glad to get rid of all of them. 

Note: I am aware that the Edinburgh parliament is not perfect and that there are benefits there too, and I'm sure people taking every advantage of them. But the conditions were set up by Westminster members, who have or had a sense of entitlement.

I'd be happy to see the subsidies there go too in an independent state.


  1. Erm.... I think you might have missed one item off the list of incalculable number of items claimed for by M.P.'s here Tris. Here's a wee clue....

    Apparently, M.P.'s MUST get their ABOVE inflation pay rise or else we, the electorate, face another round of expenses scandals. Hmm, "threatening" the electorate is NOT a good idea Bubba!

    1. LOL LOL... Oh what corkers. They talk about people having more kids to scrounge more out of the social security... now we have multi millionaires like osborne charging us for having his children travel... What absolute nonsense this is.

      And unless we give them a fantastic pay rise, they will simply steal the money from us and the authorities admit that it will happen...

      I accept that MPs, quite rightly no longer have a vote on their own pay, and I accept that the leaders have said it is a bad thing, but it won't make any difference to teachers and binmen, doctors and parliamentary catering staff who either get no rise or 1%.... I'd advise any MP offered £10,000 pay increase at this time to make sure that he or she donates it to a local charity... a foodbank maybe.

      The alternative could turn nasty. Even supine Brit have their tolerance limits.

  2. Actually ignore what I said. They're allowed to use their accommodation to cover a second home although only rent, not mortgage. Also only if they're in the long distance group. A more up-to-date scheme is here if you feel like doing the research:

    1. Actually they could claim mortgage interest if they bought the house before September 2008. I wonder if the SNP had something to do with that change?

    2. Don't know if it was SNP or that nameless LibDem who made small fortune at taxpayers expense when he sold his house in Edinburgh. Caused a right stooshie he did with that one!

    3. Hello Forsakenone....I seem to remember some fuss about Nicol Stephen making a killing, but to be honest, MSPs from the 4 main parties have made money on their housing as far as I can remember. The new system is much better, and I think it was brought in under the last government.

  3. tris

    Um the French influence is very apparent in your missive
    Emile would be proud of you

    I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight! I am waiting.

    With my deepest respect, Sir.
    Émile Zola, 13th January 1898

    1. Oh Niko, Tu m'accuse!!!

      I hardly think that I can claim any resemblance (apart from my nose) to Zola, and certainly none at all to his writing.

      I believe though that he was pretty much against Old napoleon (whichever one it was) that made himself emperor. I think we'd have pretty much seen eye to eye on that.

      But it's always good to know that on a dull old Friday night, the whole tone of the discussion can be lifted to the French Naturalist style.

      Actually I have tried to read Zola and found him only slightly more dreary than Charles Dickens!

  4. Tris

    I would add Doctors to the overpaid list sorry, as well as, head teachers, most council directors and chief execs plus unreal pensions that most of us would kill for.

    People should be paid a fair wage, nurses are underpaid, cleaners ate underpaid, not those at the top.


    1. I'd agree with that.

      The doctors got a fantastic deal from Labour, when they were in Westminster, and Westminster must have forced the labour led government in Scotland to do the same deal. this earns them approximately twice what a French doctor gets.

      Head teachers too seem to have done very well. Teachers used to get really bad pay but that all seems to be a thing of the past. Head teachers appear to be able to earn well over £100,000 a year, which is a joke. Council Department directors too, yes. I'm not sure I've ever come across one that was any good. Certainly can't think of a decent one in Dundee.

      MPs and their blue blooded noble friends are particularly galling though, because they need no qualifications, and there is no MP career structure. Most of them are as thick as mince and wouldn't have a chance of getting that money elsewhere, unless of course daddy got them into his bank...

      At least doctors and teachers have to have a standard grade or two.

  5. Tris

    Very true.


  6. Tris,

    You forgot Queenie and her mob but then again you are probably related to old Madge.

  7. Erm, not directly, John... Although my dad's second cousin twice removed once got to clean the carpet that Princess Marina spilled her lunch on...

    Does that count?

    Well, I had a go at Charlie in the last post. I figured that it was time to have a go at the plebs...

  8. Replies
    1. Not getting anything there CH... or is that the point? Is it a picture of Mrs Lamont for whom the Labour Party in Scotland are looking desperately, seeing as one of the constituencies SHE is responsible for has got itself in a terrible mess and needs sorting out.

  9. I wrote this for a post which appeared on my Facebook. I think that the poem should not only address Cameron, but all the entitled wealthy mob.
    A poem by Burns to George III. Burns imagines himself asleep and then suddenly waking up at the king's birthday celebration. Perhaps a poet such as today's Bhard, Liz Lochead, who was in the same class as myself at Newarthill Primary school, could update it for Cameron.
    A Dream

    1. Hi Bill I wrote this last year after hearing Cammyroon spouting some rubbish or other Not in the league of Burns I'm afraid

      Dear Mr Cameron,we hear what you say
      You're happy to take,if we're willing to pay
      But we have our ideas,they're much better than yours
      So tread your own path,for we're off down oors

      Now soon we'll be going,and leaving behind ...
      A life that's been hard,not joyous,nor kind
      As you strut round the world, stirring everyones pot
      You're happy for the haves,to forget the have nots

      Well that's not our mindset, we want fairness for all
      We may trip on our journey, we might falter, or fall
      But the baton will be picked up, by those coming behind
      Our life will improve, be more just and more kind

      A wee country like ours doesn't need nor want strife
      We don't want our young killed, nor trained to take life
      We've no need for your wars, being fought in our name
      No more do we want our heads bowed in shame

      We've got folk, who are willing to care for our old
      We've got water for all, and we don't want it sold
      With the wind and the tide, you'll see our lights shine
      No more will it be, what's yours is now mine

      Our main riches are people,young vibrant and strong
      Who will look back and wonder. what took us so long
      The naysayers and doom mongers, have had their last chance
      The wallflowers will be left,while we sing and we dance

      So with fire in our bellies and a light in our een
      We'll march forward to victory in 2014

    2. Hi Bill... Great poem.

      Thanks for reminding me of it. There are some superb lines in it.

      Facts are chiels that winna ding... who else could have said that!

    3. Fairfor.....

      Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that. Completely agree with the4 sentiments.