Wednesday 17 July 2013


Wasted on wars and unemployment while Norway invested in infrastructure, jobs and education
£1.9 billion; thats 6% +/- our total budget at the moment...and that would be extra.
Denmark joins Iceland in its acceptance of Scotland
Name me an actual FACT that they have used, if you disagree
I bet Cameron was thinking..."I wish I'd brought my union flag. Why does Salmond always outthink me?"
Pretty , not. The Brit "loyalists" of whom Brits everywhere should be ashamed. The YES campaign by comparison want to press their case with logic, not hatred.
Et cette affaire est reproduit dans d'autres régions de l'UE. Nous ne sommes pas seuls. Vive une Ecosse libre.
Useful answers for doubters. This time the truth, not from Project Fear
Just like the bedroom tax, Scots have opposed the privatisation of the Post Office, but of course no one gives a toss what we think, when there is money to be made for the Friends of the Tories and their lap dogs.
You should... no the Rev Stu's take on this nonsense. Labour's policy is its usual half thought out  hair brained, moronic  fail.
This surge in English national awareness is a good thing. Clearly the devolution settlement was unfair from the point of view of "West Lothian". The English should  remember, though, that  THEY call the tune on anything that is not devolved, and until 1999, for nearly 300 years, on everything! However, when national identity gets out of the bag, it's hard to put it back, and this is a game changer.


  1. Only Salmond would seek to make a brilliant sporting event political separatist propaganda by pulling out that flag.

    Disgraceful. Puerile. Typical.

    1. The flag of Scotland is NOT a flag of a political party but of a nation. It is one of the oldest flags in the world. A Scotman waved his national flag to celebrate the success of one of his countryman, as did many in the crowd, the Hill and at home.

      CallmeDave wove plenty of flags during the Olympics - was that a political statement? Or is the union flag somehow superior to the Saltire. The rioters in Belfast seem to think so.

    2. "Disgraceful. Puerile. Typical."

      A true statement, as long as we're applying it to the point you're trying to make. What is disgraceful, puerile & typical is the double standards being deployed by people like yourself to do down something that every country leader has done at some point - for Scotland's leader/FM/whatever, guess what - its A Bad Thing.

      I would say it isn't Salmond or any nationalists who seek to make any of these events political, its your lot. We'll call it the Braveheart Gambit; no supporter of Scottish self-determination has ever cited Braveheart as their motivation - its only ever unionists entirely devoid of anything else to say who drag it up.

      As with that so it is with this; you've got nothing so you use the twisted unionist perception to smear and denigrate.

      If this was political, what the fuck was the Olympics exactly, or does that flag not count?

      Change the record son.

    3. Sorry Dean...wrong.

      Just wrong.

      I watched an Andre Rieu concert the other night, live from Maastricht, and people were waving flags from Netherlands (of course) but France, Brazil, Portugal and many other nations...of course including the UK and Scotland.

      Princess Anne was waving a UK flag at the Olympics; Boris Johnson did the same, and the other day he was waving an English flag at some event. Hey, he's in England. Why wouldn't he? He's not a member of the EDL. He's a proud Englishman. What is wrong with that?

      Because some people use a flag while beating up UK policemen and throwing petrol bombs, doesn't mean we should stop flying flags.

      Even Eton Boy had a Saltire flying over Downing Street on the day of Murray's victory. Why does the press think it is OK for him to do that and not for Salmond to wave his flag at the the event, like hundreds, probably 1000s of other Scots?

      Yep, because they have found something else to be negative about.

      They have discovered that it doesn't work telling us that the UK will block our entry into international organisations; that we will have to keep the nukes so they can stay on the security council, but we won't be allowed to keep the nukes, because we'll just be a pathetic little country with no influence in the world, etc.

      incidentally...see all these little countries with no influence at all... Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco... Wouldn't you just love to live there?

  2. Dean,

    Waving a saltire is not typical - it is natural when supporting a Scottish athlete and Scottish teams.


    I'm surprised you left out Niko's and Grahamski's web-sites to show a modicum of positivity over the independence issue. BTW, where is Niko?

    1. I dunno John. He's not here so often these days.

      I thought he was with you, learning the ways of the crofting folks so that he could escape Edinburgh under independence.

      (I didn't know Grahamski had a site, but I'm always happy to promote Niko's, even if the last time he posted was 5 weeks ago!!!)

    2. Just a thought... I hope Niko hasn't got himself another dog on the side... I mean Taz is quite a star in the YES campaign these days...

  3. Proves what I always say, natural resource dependency economies are subject to asymmetrical shocks. The UK however, together, we can withstand it.

    The SNP have no answers. Their oil pipe dreams go up in smoke!

    1. I'm wondering if you read this:

      or this

      or this

      As for the Office for Budget Responsibility. Hmm, an Osborne invention. That's the bloke that the leader of BT thinks is an incompetent, but whom he wants to run Scotland's economy.

      Not sure I'd believe anything that comes from UK government's sources.

      They will be busy telling international businessmen that Uk oil is as safe as houses.

      BTW, I seem to recall hearing there has been a massive maintenance programme going on in the North Sea, which cut supplies quite considerably.

    2. Oh, and as for the UK withstanding things... well I'm not sure that people who have lost their homes would agree with all of that...

      I'm not certain that disabled people told to go look for a job and take a cut of £30 a week while doing it would agree with that...

      I'm not sure that all the public sector workers made redundant would agree with it...

      But of course if you give your MPs a massive pay rise and promise to spend two billion on their palace, it must look to some like you have money to burn.

      The UK is broke and getting more broke by the day. In England queues for medical treatment are getting longer and everything except foreign aid and the royals has been reduced...

      In what way is the UK coping?

      And does the Norwegian government look worried?

    3. "And does the Norwegian government look worried?"

      No but then Sweden hasn't dumped WMD in Norway nor pinched its oil to pay for mass deindustralisation and unemployment benefits whilst the rich get richer and the poor of Glasgow have a life expectancy lower than the Gaza Strip.

      I should stop reading this stuff, it raises my blood pressure.

    4. Argh Blogger and I are going to fall out. I wrote a long reply to that and it has disappeared...

      Summarised better here anyway!

    5. Oh Edna getting your knickers twisted yet again.

      British MoD Predicts Oil Prices to Reach $500 a Barrel by 2040

      The British government supports the IEA estimates that oil prices will peak around "$125/barrel in real terms (over $215/barrel in nominal terms),” whereas the MoD report suggests oil prices are more likely to grow exponentially, and finally reach $500 a barrel by 2040; with the high prices

    6. oops... it would be an idea if Better Together were a little more erm ... "together"...

      Poor old Alistair. never was good with figures, was he?

    7. He's just trolling now, that particular myth has been debunked several times over. More bile from the unionist the failing OBR regurgitated by the scotsman

      Why bother?

      Saw another unionist mouthpiece get trashed on left foot forward. Maybe its to do with the weather?

    8. Left Foot Forward need to try to explain the Labour position on Trident which is spend the full £100 billion and then scrap it... uh?

      I wonder what the Scotsman circulation is now?

  4. Thanks CH... that's a post on its own.