Friday 12 July 2013


"77% of Scots are opposed to the privatisation of Royal Mail- more than any other part of the UK. 

"Vince Cable has spouted nonsense about independence being a threat to post offices, yet Scotland could be losing their post offices due to a UK government they did not elect. 

"Only with independence can Scotland be assured of a mail service that meets the needs of Scotland and our communities rather than the money men of London."

Liberty Ecosse
If they want to sell something off, why not something we don't need... like most of the BBC for example? There are a number of potentially profitable tv stations with  even more radio stations which provide what is relatively "populist" programming, which could easily be run by the private sector.

On the other hand we actually need a functioning post office


  1. Tris

    I totally agree, there is no way that the Post Office should now be getting sold off. It has just returned to profit, oops that is why it is getting sold off. In Scotland it is a public service and I hope that like the changes to social security which most of Scotland's MP's voted against this is another thing that shows we just don't matter. Within a few years the business will all be in the hands of the Tory faithful when the posties are encouraged to sell their shares for nothing like they would be worth if they kept them for their retirement. I also agree that if I was going to sell anything it would be the BBC and put out the Windsors to tender. The BBC, and the Windsors, are a thing of the past and we need neither anymore. They both serve to keep the population ignorant and in servitude.


    1. We keep on voting against things and they keep on voting for them... and we because they vote for them, we get them.

      Is there a simpler way of putting the case for independence?

      If you want to get things YOU voted for the best vote for Edinburgh as your seat of government. If you want London, then you must be prepared to accept that whatever your MPs vote for, they will only get it if the English say yes.

      Bless them. I have no problem with the English having nuclear wars, being America's gofor, treating the poor like shit, privatizing their grannies and stuffing everyone except the super rich...

      But I don't want them to do it to ours...

  2. Privatising the BBC as it is an unnecessary service whereas the mail is a lifeline for many.

    Vote Yes in 2014.

    1. Yes. Once upon a time the BBC was needed, and it was fair to fund it from what was, to all intents and purposes, a tax. Almost everyone had a radio, and later when tv came along it didn't take long for most people to have one of those.

      The minute that there was an alternative to BBC the question of why it was funded by taxes surely became a pertinent one.

      Someone who watched ITV almost exclusively was paying for their viewing by sitting through tedious advertisements, but they were also paying for the BBC, which they rarely watched.

      Now of course there are hundreds of channels to choose from and still we pay for the BBC through a tax enforced by law.

      I guess that would be OK if it was only a small amount, but it is £145 a year and it covers 8 or 9 tv stations and dozens of radio stations mostly producing populist programmes of pap for the masses, which could easily pay for itself. There's very little that is actually a public service, except their biased news.

      There really is no justification for this at the taxpayers' expense. And I won't even start on the world service.

      As Bruce says, they should sell off the Windsors too. God only knows how many of them there are. They have cheapened themselves by their behaviour; they might as well be sponsored by Coca Cola or some other crap.