Sunday, 24 February 2013



  1. Hardy vehicles as they would run on two cylinders no matter if one had vastly increased their value by having a full fuel tank.

  2. ...Yes, and that was when petrol was cheap!

    I remember getting into one and closing the door and the handle fell off...

    As for the balance, the BBC will say that by law they are not obliged to be honest and fair, and that by law you have to pay your licence fee on pain of a massive fine or imprisonment, so they can do what the hell they want, so why don't we p**s off!

    Mind I wouldn't be surprised that the BBC has been told that if it doesn't take the London government line on this it can forget a licence increase in the future, and it can look forward to a set of serious questions being asked about all the sexual deviation that goes on at our expense there...

  3. One wonders what they will waste it on.

    More weapons, refits to palaces and the House of Parliament?


    Wine for the cellars?

    Starting another war?

    Killing more people?

    Making the country even more unstable by upsetting people by poking their noses into someone else's business?

  4. Great article... again, I totally agree.

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  6. Racist.

    It just isn't.

    Russian isn't a race, its a nationality; I man made construct which has nothing to do with race.


  7. Oh Dean, for heaven's sake. It's not even vaguely racist. For a start everyone laughed at how incredibly bad the Lada was (along with the Trabant, FSO, Yugo, Skoda and some Romanian car, the name of which I've forgotten).

    In any case, as Pa points out it wasn't racist, because Russian isn't a race. The Russians themselves would be the first to admit that it was a heap of rubbish. I was laughing this afternoon about it with an Eastern European friend.

  8. Fact indeed CH.

    It's a little game they play in the bubble that is the City of London.

    It's about as honest and makes about as much sense as Vatican City.

  9. Yep Pa... Sometimes I despair.

  10. I wonder how many races there are in the Russian Federation.

    There are 46 Oblasts; 21 Republics; 4 Autonomous Okrugs; 9 Krais; 2 Federal Cities and 1 Jewish Republic.

    Loads or races, I'd say.

  11. I wonder when Dean is going to start school and does he know his numbers yet? The Lada was a basic workhorse and not built for races.

  12. Tris,

    Don't knock the Lada, my mate's gran could drive all the way from Hamilton to Edinburgh in her Lada in 2nd gear. Try that in your Ferrari and see how far you get!

  13. Ha ha ha ha ha CH!!!!

  14. LOL John... a bit of a Jackie Stewart was she, your mate's Gran?