Saturday, 2 February 2013


I can take a joke against Scotland and the Scots like the next man. Some of them are really funny, and it doesn't do to be too touchy about this kind of thing, but it does demonstration some double standards doesn't it.

If a Scottish audience had laughed and applauded the suggestion of dumping nuclear waste in England there would have been a BritNat media outcry of white-knuckled indignation. Ian Davidson and his horrible committee of self serving troughers  would have been in their element, telling us what a disgusting bunch of foul racists we were, rejoicing at the deaths from radiation of hundreds of millions of Englishmen!

As it was it was only the other way round, so Dumblebum thought it was really funny, the audience clapped loudly and all was well with the cosy little world of the English and their broadcasting corporation, which we help to pay for.

Would that same English audience had clapped  the funny old guy if he had suggested the USA should have nuclear waste that the English didn't want, would Dumblebrain found it so funny? Would it not have been considered rather bad taste?

Worse still, if it have been Pakistan, the lawyers would have been yelling in his earpiece to distance the BBC from the comment immediately, and in the final edit (remember this is recorded in the early evening and then edited for broadcast) mention of it, there would have been none. The editor obviously enjoyed the joke!

Personally I imagine the guy to be joking. He just thought he was a funny old fellow, but he managed in his little bit of wit, to suggest that the English, having got rid of the nuclear waste to Scotland, should "give them" (the Scots) their independence. Ho ho ho... hilarious! Well said old thing. Have a half of bitter.

Arrogant old bastard. 

For your information mister, we don't need to ask the English for independence. Although some of them clearly think they are, they are not our keepers.


  1. Deaar me, if Jo Lamont was kicking up about nasty cybernats on FMQs she will be absolutely raging about this on nation-wide television, will she not? We will see in next weeks FMQs no doubt!

    That guy was just how I imagine Grahamski!

  2. Was that not Dean?

  3. Where to begin? "Give us independence" thanks very much that's very kind of you Master. Dump nuclear waste - well you weren't that concerned about the irradiation of Dalgety Bay, so fair enough. Mind you neither was the local MP. Between this and the "cartoon" in the Guardian, I'm beginning to think that maybe some of the English residents don't like us very much.

  4. No, she will not, John. For some unknown reason she has double standards in these matters.

    Do you agree that she should bring it up?

  5. Ha ha... No Boorach. Dean is a handsome young man, with hair!

  6. well he was an English Tory and no mistake
    and a lot did clap but I bet if the suggestion
    was made to dump It on Westminster.

    they would of all cheered the roof off
    still food to feed the ole chip on the snp Shoulder
    may even get 1/2% on the yes poll.
    he was probably reacting to the years
    and years of snp attacks on the Union in
    general and the English state in particular.


    Yeah well you see Grahamski
    everywhere you look your
    bête noire is there.

    Your neighbour told me
    they can here you screaming
    Grahamski name late at night
    as you howl at the moon.
    they said they are wery frightened
    of what you might do to them.

    I told em your a suffer of terrible
    delusions of thought and behaviours.
    Oh they said he is a Nationalist.

    exactly says I

  7. Yes, PP. It took old Gordon a few weeks to jump on the Dalgety Bay disaster, what with writing his book and touring the states trying to sell a copy or two, in competition with the vicar.

    Underneath what was a joke, albeit not a very tasteful one, came the serious side of that man's assumption, and the assumption of the audience, that in some way,THEY had the right to GIVE independence to US; that we were, in fact, a colony to be dispensed with a THEIR will.

    Dimbleby, of course, has form on treating the Scots with disdain. And this is something that should concern all Scots, not just nationalists. At a QT in Glasgow (I think, but certainly IN SCOTLAND), he stopped the Deputy First Minister talking about something which was distinctly Scottish, by pointing out that the programme went out nationwide and that this was a parochial matter.

    Never mind that week after week the programme comes from England and all the Celts have to listen to the issues about their education, health, transport, etc, etc, etc, all of which are parochial to us.

    The Dimblebys is only there because their father was a bit of a BBC hero and he got his sons in. It's time they were retired off and people with a bit more chairing ability given the job of running these important discussions.

    Sue McGregor (ex-Today) would be my choice. But Sandi Toksvig would make an excellent second choice!!

  8. LOL Niko, why were you speaking to John's neighbour? You're not trying to cause trouble, are you?

  9. Yes CH. The dumping of the waste was a joke. But arrogance from the man, the audience and the BBC in not editing out what was likely to cause bad feeling was the annoying thing. They just didn't care. But they are still after you if you don't pay up for their services.

  10. tris

    you not heard of the Western Isles chainsaw massacre
    Brownlies neighbour tells me after complaining to him
    about his work van being parked all over the place.

    The wery next night a parcel was pushed through
    there letter box when opened it wuz a Haggis
    wrapped in a newspaper............

    which as we all know excepting ch is an old
    Galeic message meaning tonight you will sleep
    with with the fishes.

    me i gotta part time job working
    for benefit investigators spying
    on diddlers,,,,,,,,,,,,

    a wery Unionist thing to do

  11. Oh Niko... you are such a patriot, working with Mr Duncan-Smith to dob in these scrounging something for nothing Scots. I expect you to receive a knighthood in the birthday list. Maybe they will make you a companion of honour like Mr Coe.

    Doe Mr D-S provide you with the haggis to put through people's doors, or does the rt hon gentleman expect you to provide your own?

    What do you do when Taz eats the aforementioned haggis?

  12. perhaps would be better

    Complain Online
    Please select from the following

    This form will ask for some key information to help us handle and report your complaint to BBC staff overnight (*=mandatory). Please use "Next question" and "Change previous" buttons to complete it. Do not use your browser's back button because it will lose the information you enter. You should normally complain within 30 working days of the incident or event.

    Go on CH put yer Bawbee were yer mouth is

  13. Silly old fool, Niko - every Hebridean knows that a haggis being delivered means " tonight you will sleep with the sheep " My nest-door "neighbour" lives about 500 yards away and is hard of hearing especialy when I say "Whose round is it then" ! Hope your piles are getting better as I was told, on good authority, that that is what makes you such a crabbit and wabbit old codger! Why does your missus call you "droopy"?

  14. By the way, can any of you bright sparks - sit down, Niko - help out a Luddite give me some idea why I can no longer blog on my old "sloopjohnb-brownlie" blog? I must have pressed something by accident but cannot work out which?

  15. Your blog post above Tris could be contrasted with one over at WoS about the Herald story and Calum Cashley trying to wind the necks in of those evil cybernats.

    Context is everything... ;-)

    Unionists seem to believe being corrected is a form of abuse.

  16. Well said, Tris. It struck a jarring note and was completely unnecessary. The man proved that we have our fair share of idiots.

  17. I do apologise in advance for this if it causes offence, but why the fuck do you all engage with that horrible unitroll, Niko?
    He is grossly offensive, spiteful, arrogant and, worst of all, simply not funny.
    He derails and demeans every thread in which he appears.

    To call him a halfwit is to overestimate his intelligence by a factor of fifty.

    Rant over - sorry again.

    Bill Pickford

  18. Are you a Luddite John? And there was me thinking you were a Wee Free... You lives and you learns :)

    No idea mate. When did you last blog there? What happens when you try to? Do you want to write a guest blog for me instead?

  19. I haven't seen that Pa. What's Calum up to now?

    I must look...

  20. Thanks GV...

    I've not seen you around for a long time... how are you?

  21. Hi Bill,

    Well, I can see that some of what Niko says is offensive. I think most of the offensive stuff is meant to be funny. Sometimes it is a bit, and sometimes it goes wide of the mark.

    When it does, John usually has a word in Niko's ear and he gets frightened.

    On other occasions Niko makes good points. Well, good for a unionist.

    Of course, mainly it is because everyone is welcome to have an opinion here. And only REALLY offensive posts are removed.

    So don't apologise, because your "rant" is every bit as valid as anyone else's (and it wasn't really a rant!!)

    Don't let Niko put you off. He's a good guy at heart.

  22. Bill Pickford,

    Bill Cosby was interviewing a lady on his chat show and she told him that her mother was Korean, her dad was African American, her grandparents were from China and his parents were from Ghana. He asked her what her racial qualification was onn her immigration documents and she replied "Other". He said to her "There is plenty of room for others in our society and they are welcome".

    Does that give you a clue?

  23. That's it...everyone is welcome here...

    Even me!!!!

  24. That chip on your shoulders must be an awful burden.

    They make jokes like that because of the extreme parochialism and narrowing of Scots society because of SNP antics.

    The SNP have reduced not enhanced Scots society, made it more inward looking; filled with navel gazing. Shame on the SNP and their anti-progressive nationalism.

  25. Oh what utter rubbish Dean. The SNP is outward looking, welcoming people from all over the world .

    If you watch the debate you will see that they ere discussing where they could dump their waste. Every place in England has now refused to take nuclear waste and they have run out of options. Given that they are going to make more waste in the future they have to do something with it.

    As I said, if they had said that they were going to dump it in Ireland or Pakistan ... there'd have been an uproar. I don';t want an uproar here; I just felt it was tasteless to make the remark, but we can't worry too much every little minded nob in the world, but the BBC could easily have cut to to avoid causing offence. As I said, the politically correct BBC normally would jump on anything that might cause offence to minorities, which in the UK Scots are.

    I don't have a chip, except I'd like my country run from my country.

    let me ask you Dean. Do you like what the UK government is doing to the poor, with bedroom taxes, reduction in benefits for housing, effective reduction in the value of other benefits; about the way they treat the sick?

    Do you think Labour will overturn any of these policies?

    Do you think Scotland would have done that to our poor, given that all Scottish MPs, except the Tory and the Liberals voted against it?

    It's just one example of how Scotland is forced into things that it doesn't want.

    That's not having a chip on your shoulder. That's being repulsed by the kind of greed that drives people to treat other people like shit.

  26. "Do you like what the UK government is doing to the poor, with bedroom taxes, reduction in benefits for housing, effective reduction in the value of other benefits; about the way they treat the sick?"

    I do not

    "Do you think Labour will overturn any of these policies?"