Wednesday, 6 January 2016


The European Union has a fund for countries hit by natural disasters. It is not a fund specifically aimed at Eastern Europe, but open to all member states. Germany has even received funds from it.

Floods are natural disasters. Britain is a member of the European Union.

It is entitled to claim from this fund.

However Mr Cameron has decided not to ask for any help. (Fair warning: This link is from the Daily Express, a UKIP newspaper, and the article is fiercely anti-Europe.)

I'm pretty sure Scottish taxpayers flooded out of their homes, and the Scottish government, on a limited and fixed budget, would appreciate any help from Brussels that could be made available. However, as Scotland is not a member state, the Scottish government cannot apply for this money.

Given that the Tories appeared to laugh at the plight of flooded families at today's PMQs, it is understandable that they wouldn't want to be bothered applying, but the Scottish government does care, so perhaps someone in London could give us permission to ask for help to dry out our people?

This is not the first time that Britain has refused help from the EU (which it then whines costs the country a fortune). £22 million was set aside by the EU for Britain, to help feed people who were in extreme poverty.

I'm sure that beneficiaries and benefactors of food banks alike would have welcomed the EU taking some of the strain.

But it was declined by the Tories who though it was better for the British government to deal with poverty! Presumably they deal with it by leaving it to charities and having a laugh about hungry kids.

All this from a country (with 1 million plus people using food banks) which insists on giving foreign aid to countries which don't need it, despite, in some cases, that country begging the UK NOT to give them money.





    1. Brilliant. I'd forgotten about him.

  2. Once there were 56 SNP MPs...but corruption allegations dogged them, and the figure soon dropped to 55. But more scandal followed, and the figure dropped to 54...yet still more allegations where to come, and the figure dropped to 52.

    How many more days to wait until the next allegations of corruption and/or unethical behaviour shows up against another SNP MP?

    They're making the 'feeble 50' look positively clean and robust by comparison.

    1. Any SNP MPs been jailed yet Dean? Or even actually charged with anything?

    2. I did say 'alleged'. But in this case, I'm fully expecting a couple of trials. Especially that SNP MP who profited out of desperate families by selling on their homes. She was your business spokesperson not three months ago wasn't she?

    3. Well, that'll be the whole property market in need of a rethink.
      Buying and selling houses to make a profit, is what the UK government base the economy on, that'll be the Tories your party of choice.
      Also if you pluck up the courage to pop over to Wings, look up the back catalogue, you will find no criminal act in buying a house off people that wanted to sell, who made a profit themselves on their previous purchase price, and then selling it on.


    5. Dean,

      "I'm fully expecting a couple of trials" Based on what illegality? Do you expect a trial for the UK Government-owned RBS for forcing small firms out of business so that they could buy them on the cheap?

    6. Dean, as there has been no trial and nobody has been found guilty I fully expect these two people who no longer hold the whip in Westminster to be reinstated. Funny how we have some sitting MP accused and charged and waiting trial who still holds the Labour whip, hypocrisy is rife in Britain's Unionist Population.

    7. LOL Spot the idiot. You really shout check your facts. Buying a house and selling on for profit is not a crime, it's an daytime BBC t.v show.
      Your ignorance and gullibility in swallowing the the MSM pish is incredible. Go and get a grip on reality before you embarrass yourself any further.

    8. Not sure where your figures are coming from, Dean. Maybe you could explain them to me. Whom are you talking about and what are the charges levied against them by the police or the parliamentary authorities?

      I think that you may have rather overestimated the 'purity' of the feeble 50.

      I'm not sure if you did law as a degree, but I'm wondering on what particular grounds you are expecting trials.

      The Press here has suspended more or less everything (with the exception of cooing over a child going to nursery or the size of some barely legal "celebrity" chest) to look at every little detail of every SNP member's life. They clutch at straws. They blow things up usually getting a mass of facts wrong (and contradictory between the various papers).

      The idea is to destroy the SNP's popularity with the electorate. They are desperate to avoid another SNP win. It doesn't matter that by and large the SNP is doing a fair job of government under difficult financial circumstances. It doesn't suit their book to have the SNP in government. They, of course, don't live in Scotland, or even in Britain.

      So the instructions appear to be... look for every speck of dirt or potential speck of dirt, or even if there isn't any write a story that will indicate to people who aren't too bright and won't analyse anything your write, that there COULD be some dirt. In the meantime completely ignore the fact that the other parties don't have any policies, at least none that are even slightly workable.

      Also ignore potential criminal activity in other parties. (No mention of the £10,000 that went missing from Labour's offices in Edinburgh... in Kezia's constituency; low profile reporting about the parliamentary investigation into Carmichael; say almost nothing about Labour MP, member of the justice committee awaiting trial for assault; don't talk about Tory MP/Lords slum landlords with vast portfolios of ex council houses owned by companies registered in Guernsey to limit tax liability).

      I'm surprised that you have been taken in like a Daily Mail reader. However, I will apologise if, indeed, it is a law degree that you have and you have inside knowledge about the alleged crimes with non legal minds wouldn't grasp.

      Maybe, if you do, you'd be good enough to let me know when the police are going to act against any of the alleged criminals so that Munguin can claim the scoop, instead of one of the big beasts of the press from France, Russia, America or Sark.

      If any in charged and subsequently found guilty Munguin's Republic will be fast to condemn them. Of that you can have no fear.

      The post was about the fact that the British government, which whines non stop about the EU and how much it costs, has refused on two occasions to avail itself of help from the EU while we have more than 1 million eating out of soup kitchens, and hundreds of thousands living in temporary accommodation while their houses dry out. Have you a comment on that failing?

  3. "profited out of desperate families by selling on their homes." Buying houses off people wanting to sell them is illegal now?

    1. Has Niko been sacked, we need to start a petition to bring back Niko, he was much better than this chump.
      Bring back Niko, bring back Niko etc,yawn.

    2. Dean's an old regular from way back. He's some sort of Tory Green anarchist these days judging from his posts.

    3. I'm not sure where Niko is Golfy. He sometimes takes off on holiday and we don;t hear from him for a while. He must be quite rich I think. Off to the sun away from the horrors of the Scottish winter.

    4. The British notion that everyone should own a house is ridiculous.

      Owning a house is fine for those who can reasonably afford to do it. For others it is a millstone which is forever round their necks.

      If you are on low wages... minimum wage or anywhere close to it; if you have the kind of job that depends on commission, or the sort that involves contracts and periods of no work (hunger and burst), then buying a house is a complete no no.

      When Thatcher sold off the housing stock at rock bottom prices many people, impressed by the idea of owning their own house, went for it. Houses were sold for tiny amounts.

      The next winter when the pipes froze, or the boiler broke down or some slates came off the roof, it was a different story. Suddenly people with minimal income were hit by sizeable bills. What does a new boiler cost?

      Some went to the council expecting them to do the repairs. They wouldn't, of course.

      People discovered that owning your own house was not really a great idea if you weren't comfortably off, and able to afford large bills.

      Many people of course made a fortune after a few years by selling the house on at a commercial sum.

      I seem to recall that the "vulnerable" person in the Michelle case, was desperate to sell. We don't know why, it's not our business. But she didn't give the impression of being rich. She had bought at a massive discount, but now, in her own words, needed the money. That's business. That's life.

      She wasn't forced to sell by Michelle. Michelle made an offer. She accepted it. There are other property companies. I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't be aware of that fact. She made a very considerable profit on the building when she sold it. She was interviewed on tv in her present home. If that was any indication of her previous home, I imagine that a fair amount of redecoration, therefore expense, might have been needed before it was resold.

      My friend recently sold a house. She was offered less than her asking price. No one forced her to take it, but given the market, she accepted.

      It's called market economics. Apparently Tories think that it's a good thing, except when SNP people do it.

  4. Having difficulty with the word Tory and anarchist in the same sentence, does not compute.
    Repeating slander,IMO, from non reputable sources like the BBC and mail etc,... Well its just not nice.

    Anyway off to the golf, pop in later. Have a good day Conan and fellow early risers.

    1. Actually that describes Dean perfectly.

      I'm not sure what party he is for at the moment.

  5. Unashamedly, there has been no evidence presented whatsoever, that stands up to even a cursory examination, that these MP's are guilty of any wrong doing. Only despicable inferences by the media.

    Golf cancelled, blasted weather.

    1. You'll have to develop a game called "water golf"... like water polo, but ...well, you know.

    2. Ha,ha. Played water golf yesterday, at least tried to play. Anyway, lost and it cost me £2:50.

    3. LOL

      Maybe it's not your game!!!

  6. Slightly O/T
    Hope you don't mind I posted most of this over to Political ScrapBook as a comment.
    Keep up the good work at Munguin Towers

  7. Absolutely fine with me. Thanks Anon.