Sunday, 10 January 2016


Well, we know that at least some of this is true...
Not sure they are worth THAT much, but the kids aren't going to be hard up  
Bang on. And it doesn't. It turns out people like Cameron.
Another atrocity from IDS's cack-handed DWP.
I take it that you're human being and not a Daily Mail reader then, Sir?

And that is a great pity, don't you think?
Ah, why would you bother with these silly wee details.
They spoil the story
Cameron is a man with a plan...
Little does he know it's being pinched by Ms Dugale.
Gideon: the man who never fails to disappoint.
Dick Cheney? Tony Blair? Any other guesses?
Disaster, I tell ye. We're all doomed! DOOMED!
Damn, did I take a snooze and miss that?


  1. {Affordable housing is a scorcher. Weel done, Tris.}

    1. I loved it, SBC!

      I've often wondered, when they say they are going to build "x" number of houses, 35% of which will be affordable, who is going to buy the rest. That is the ones that are not affordable...

      I think it tells you a lot.

  2. Looks like Niko's in the huff again. Sad news about Bowie.

    1. Now what's wrong with him. Honestly!

      Yes a shock this morning, only three days after his latest album came out. I don't know about you, but I had no idea he was battling cancer.

      Pete Wishart will be gutted.

  3. Sad news about anyone dying of cancer aged 69 but seems to have become the only news today. Never liked him thought he couldn't sing for toffee but obviously well connected.
    Thought the blog was exceptionally good this morning in it's usual hard hitting way.


    1. Not a fan either but there is no doubt he was an enormous name in popular music. Very sad to die so young though.

      Thanks. Maybe it was a little more harsh this morning!!

    2. PS... the video of Hektor and the snake is a killer :)

    3. He is some boy and hasn't change one iota since he was that size, now eight and as daft as ever.

  4. Niko's blog for invited viewers only??? Who upset the old sod? Has the Spook made a come-back? I'll have to revert to Grahamski's/SM3/Rufus's/Fifi's blog!!

    1. I seem to remember he did that before, not because he was in the huff, but he clicked on the wrong thing...

      I'm sure it will be sorted.

      LOL Remember Fifi 'la' bon bon? I once pointed out it was "le" bonbon, as the was the word, not the character that carried the gender. I was punished on some way, although I can't remember what...

      If only Spookie would come back...

  5. No-voters love being ruled over by the likes of Cameron. [By the likes?!]

    1. Aye, Dan...just what my granny would say...

      I'm not entirely sure ANYONE much likes being ruled over by thick posh boys.

  6. tris

    See all the Blairites are taking a position in Jeremy Corbyns
    shadow cabinet just so they can resign walk away and say what a bunch of wankers he and his team are .

    They have this illusion that after being chosen to represent their
    local labour party to whom they applied for the position as mp .
    Once elected they owe no allegiance to the local party and can pick
    and mix which party policy they wish to support.
    On the other hand all the local activists are under obligation to work
    for them regardless of their personal beliefs ,

    Its the tory meme labour can not be an opposition under Corbyn although under an alternative Blairite leader then they can oppose effectively . yeah right been there worn the T shirt dripping in the blood of the innocent and defenseless
    If you consider being an imitation of tory rule an opposition that is

    1. Ah Niko,you finally see what you are up against but only through the likes of Jeremy Corbyn. What say you about the Party and it's health here in Scotland. A bunch of useless tossers and yet Jeremy believed their word over common sense. He has no interest in Scotland Niko and therefore could not give a toss about you.

    2. I seriously have no idea what game these people are playing, Niko.

      Corbyn was elected by around 60% of the membership. His nearest rival had around 20%. Dunno about you but that tells me that the membership wants Corbynite policies. It's not that he lied in his manifesto for leadership. He was open. It would be OLD LABOUR. And they voted for it. His nearest rival had a third of his votes.

      By a massive majority that's what the membership voted for.

      Cameron must be loving this. He's got rid of the Liberal Democrats by being in coalition with them. He's getting rid of trades unions; he's neutered Labour with his EVEL legislation; he's taking away the power that might have allowed the Lords to vote against his policies; he's reducing the government money given to opposition parties.

      What does all that say? And what are these Blairites doing about it?

      Oh yeah, getting their unknown names known, for 5 minutes of fame, while the rest of their miserable number drool over how this is embarrassing Jeremy.

      My message to them is: if you prefer Tory policies, cross the floor, or resign your cosy wee job and stand for the Tories.

  7. DWP / HMRC don't have a bloody clue, although the good news is that the current Chief Exec is about to take a hike.

    David Bowie's death and that of Lemmy not so long ago go me thinking a bit - imagine Lemmy as Prime Minster. We'd all be too pissed and too deaf to worry about invading someone else, which can't be a bad thing.


    1. Sadly Zog it would seem that too many who make those sort of decisions are already deaf to the populations wishes and are pissed all the time so they do not realise it.

  8. I loved the video of crowds shouting "Murderer" at IDS when he visited a jobcentre. I hope they kept their heads down though. I'm opretty sure the staff will be instructed to sanction them.

    Yes. The useless woman in charge of the HMRC has gone, along with the lying git from the English Environment Agency.

    I suspect that IDS, having been the party leader (and having access to the whips' records), is safe from being sacked. He will know all the dirty little secrets of his colleagues, including ones who were very junior during his time as leader. Erm Camergoon and Osbo... Giant Haystacks?