Thursday, 7 January 2016


Fortunately the opposition is. And this is a large improvement. As Mhairi Black pointed out, after 2 hours there were only 5 of them there.
Over two hours into the debate and there is only 5 Tories currently in the chamber. How can the Govt. listen if they don't turn up?


  1. I see Mhairi's motion was passed overwhelmingly with zero votes against from the Tories.

    However the Depute Speaker was at pains to point out that the Government didn't need to take a blind bit of notice of the outcome.

    I also noticed that the Labour party were not blameless in this SNP-led debate since they absented themselves from the chamber when SNP MPs were speaking. C'est la vie.

    1. I suspect that the government will take the Deputy Speaker at her word.

      Unfortunately the Labour Party seem to have a visceral hatred of the SNP. Wherever possible they try to avoid voting with them. The political philosophy of Willie Bain lives on long after he has been forgotten by everyone except his family.

      I noticed the other day, with regard to the situation in Saudi, that the SNP was THE opposition. No one from Labour seemed to be in the least interested in why the UK goes to war with some Islamic terrorists but not with others.

      I suspect they enjoy the prospect of one day being entertained by fabulously wealthy royals, if and when they reach the other side of the Chamber, whilst the SNP know that they will never achieve that, and fervently hope that in the not to distant future they won't be going there, on either side, anyway.

  2. It always amazes me how the obnoxious BBC and MSM get away with constantly asking the SNP about what they think they can achieve in Westminster. Meanwhile at the same time they are totally oblivious to rank hypocracy from Labour and complete and utter disregard for the people of Britain from the Tories!

    1. All part of the SNP bad legend which goes on and on, whilst falisfied death threats from Tories goes little reported and is allowed to die a death (if you'll pardon the pun) very quickly

  3. As the Wee Ginger Dug would say: "The Tories are basterts!".

    1. And that's on their good days...

  4. tris

    Unfortunately the Labour Party seem to have a visceral hatred of the SNP.

    yep well done me snpBad and worse vile lot

    see Nicola is firing up the base all the waffle
    over referendum 2 she wants to get her own mandate
    and not Alexs... I dont blame her. so she will make up
    all the nonsense to get as many votes in the ballot box
    she can...........and then promptly ditch referendum 2

    spose it will be another brick through me window
    come election time.........but then u know conan

    1. I think Labour will be bricking it, and not your window.

      Happy new year, where have you been? It seems you were missed.

    2. You were missed, Niko. Only this morning someone was saying Bring Back Niko.

      I don't blame Nicola for wanting her own mandate.

      I guess she will go with what she thinks is public opinion.

      And you don't mind your window being put in if it's Conan that does it.

      He does it with love.

  5. tris Jimminy

    enefit on day she died

    Dawn Amos was sent letter about attendance allowance on day her husband agreed to switch off her life support machine

    u seen this

    Lots of new labour MPs and fellow media travelers are beside
    themselves with gleeful anticipation of Corbynite Labour
    being annihilated in all and any elections.

    They actually do not want labour as traditional Labour to
    win even if (and i think it jolly well is )it is possible.
    You see they dont regard labour as a political party with
    philosophical underpinnings to create a better fairer more
    equal society.

    They see is as personal milch cow whose teat they suck on
    till they grow fat and content for me there hasnt been enough
    resignations of blairite would be fat cats.....

    ysee the working class cant lead themselves ridiculous
    the wery idea they must be led properly by our much
    vaunted oxbridge elite

    1. I saw that story earlier and wondered if I should blog on it Niko.

      Imagine if that were you, or me, or our families.

      Imagine how it would feel to have that letter come through the post saying... Nope, You can't have sod all. You're fit as a fiddle you lazy skiver... just after you'd admitted that there was nothing more that could be done, and turned off the life support.

      I was intrigued yesterday by the reshuffle. A couple of good moves, and a pile of unknowns, now resigned unknowns bit the dust. It seems the BBC colluded to get one of them to be really classy and resign on screen...

      He could definitely be a Tory.

      He's got some decent people now, but you're right. The right wing are as determined for him to fail as the Tories are. They'd rather have a Tory government in 2020 than a Labour one.

      And they accused the SNP of wanting a Tory government. Bloody fools.

      I wish they would just cross the floor, become Tories with their Eton mates and let the Labour party find good people who actually care about people, not positions.

    2. Niko, as I've said before, the Blairites are Tories that couldn't get a Tory safe seat, so they joined Labour and turned it in to Tory mk2.

      As for Dawn Amos, sadly it isn't an isolated event.

    3. tris

      You should blog on Dawm amos its dereliction of your duty
      to Scotland and umm get a big wave you first need a small wave which one day turns into tsunami like the

      Everything we do, even the slightest thing we do, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate. If you throw a pebble into the water on one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side.

      Allons enfants de la Patrie,
      Le jour de gloire est arrivé !