Thursday, 21 January 2016



Her parents killed and her house blown up, so she sleeps on the street.
A couple of days ago on the Today Programme on Radio 4, Sarah Montague asked David Cameron about the war in Yemen.

She pointed out the enormous quantity of British arms that were being sold to Saudi to use in their war, that British advisers were training their military and that British personnel were in the control rooms advising as missiles were launched at targets in Yemen.

She also mentioned that among the buildings bombed was a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital.
Well done, you morons, you blew up an aid lorry.
Cameron didn't answer the question, of course. He never does, but he doesn't have to. He waffled for a while about the need to protect the democratically elected legitimate government of that country. Because of course Saudi likes its neighbours to have democratically elected governments!

Of course, as the most important country in the world, bar none, it is Britain's job to ensure democracy is upheld everywhere on Earth except, strangely, in Britain, where no mention had been made in parliament of their troops' involvement in this war. That's a bit odd in a democracy, isn't it?

But these days fewer and fewer of the laws that are passed in the "mother of parliaments" is actually discussed and voted on in the elected chamber. 

Someone discovered  statutory instruments, and is now busily putting them to use. It's even more fun than the Privy Council.
And this was a factory that made insulin. There are no other manufacturers in the country. Diabetics will now die.
As so little is known about the war in Yemen, I thought we should share some photographs of the misery and, I imagine, war crimes, that the UK is currently involved in... and no one knows much about.
A police station. Full of policemen. Dead ones.

Your average day.
Downtown, where all the lights are bright.
Because everything is being blown up.


Starving to death.
...or dead... the dozens
I'm so ashamed. I'm so disgusted. We must get away from these barbarians.


  1. For democracy my arse, 'tis all for profit and the pretence of being a world power, the fekin basterts.

    1. Aye, it is. The glory of being the most important country in the world after America is all that matters to them.

  2. "...thy will be done on earth..."

    "...but deliver us from evil..."


    1. Ah Great British Christian values that Cameron and the Queen bang on about but don't practise themselves?

      Rarely have I come across anything less Christian in nature than this lot of filthy murdering barbarians.

      They may fit well with the old testament, but I'm seeing very little that resembles what we were taught at school about the new testament.

      If they DO actually believe, it's not a convenient ploy, and they are right, I can see them going straight to hell without passing go, or getting £100 !

  3. Don't these foreign types know that it's for their own good?! Westminster always knows what's best for everyone else. Rule Britania! God save the queen!

    1. Damned foreigners. They just refuse to accept the superiority of Britain, and Britain's right to bomb the hell out of them when it feels so inclined.

  4. "Christian values", which Christian values, not any that I recognize.

    1. NO, nor me (not that I'm a Christian) but Cameron keeps on telling us that this is a Christian country, and the Queen every year in her Christmas message bangs on about how the word of Christ has shaped her every move in life.

      Maybe she should send for her idiot prime minister and tell him to cease and desist.

  5. tris

    The question as ever is why the Tory media never shows
    images heartbreaking as they are..............well as we
    know its because they know the people will turn against
    those in power who wage unwanted war.

    The English Torys are gerrymandering the uk political/
    legal structures to their own benefit. The barmy nats
    have been saying this forever.
    Only now as they twist and bend uk democracy to destruction
    more and more see Westminster with its unrepresentative politics as illegitimate which indeed it is becoming more and more.

    only time will tell if the people will in the end say enough is
    enough and choose to change our broken political system.

    1. That's why we must show them on here Niko.

      I know these photographs are disturbing, and honestly, if you sit and look at them, and think about these people, specially the kids, you'd have to be a monster not to cry.

      It worries me that Cameron can go to war without telling parliament, without my MP having the chance to tell him that is not what we want.

      And no one knows. Someone like that half witted defence secretary Fallon just tells the military to go kill some Yemeni to keep in with the mad Saudi king.

      We are responsible for the deaths and slow starvation of these children, and we don't even know that it's happening.

      For god's sake.

      I don't know how to fix it.

  6. putin is a murderer still the UK government will do deals with
    known killers but not all killers only some killers...

    Tory ethical foreign policy

    1. If the profit is there, they (the UK government) would deal with the devil himself.

    2. They are the devil the great satan............the snpBAD are
      the little satan

      I am been reading the thoughts of Willy Bain on the future
      of Labour in Scotland...........its going to take a while

      still as they say where there's a willy there's a while

    3. Willie Bain... and thoughts.

      Sorry, it's not computing.

      It's an impossibility.

    4. Er ! no that would be an original thought

      apologies the subject matter of those poor innocent children
      makes me feel being lighthearted is inappropriate.

    5. No, it's Ok. I know you don't mean it that way. We may disagree on a lot of things but I know you and I are in agreement over this.

      When I was picking out these photos I was in tears. There were worse ones too. It's horrific. Worse too in a way, becasue that's where Spook's from. His dad must have people there.

      How can people do this to other people. The most I can do is get angry and snap at folk. Although I'll own up, if I had Fallon or that long faced git of a foreign secretary here, I'd happily go further!

    6. Jim...

      I expect the Saudis are paying for UK troops to help them. They have never really engaged in war much. With their money they can get some other mug to get killed for them.

      I understand the sales of weaponry from the English armament companies have rocketed (if you pardon the pun). It's about all they export.

    7. Nearly every government in the world deals with killers, torturers and abusers of human rights. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to avoid, not when your own country could suffer.

      But that doesn't mean you need to help them (the regimes that is).


    8. I know that these people exist and that governments have departments that deal with them. I know that it's not all about opening bridges or visiting waterfronts or even answering, or not, questions in the chamber.

      But it's becasue we get involved in all this stuff that our country is likely to suffer, and that we have to starve sick people to pay for massive security that they need in London. (I bet they don't bother nearly so much outside London.)

      If Blair had got on with renationalising the railways we'd not have been involved in the chaos that was Iraq, and the inevitable backlash.

      Why don't they see that you can't ruin a whole country and expect everyone to just say... Ho, hum, that's the Brits again...what can you do with them LOL LOL LOL!

      Why do we always want to get involved. Other countries don't see the need. Can't any of them see that the more we kill them, the more they will hate us?

      I don't know why we are involved with the Saudis.

      I don't know why we are taking part in their war.

      I don't know why I didn't know we were playing an active role.

      I just haven't a clue why Cameron seems to see no need to involve parliament in his wars.

      When the revenge comes he'll be protected by all kinds of security. My mates who live and wok in London won't be.

    9. Those arms exports pay your pension!

    10. Anon, evidence? Or are you just carping from the sides?

  7. Was Thatcher's son not implicated in the infamous Al-Yamamah arms deal? Nothing ever proven, obviously.

    It seemed to me that the British state bent over backwards to absolve itself from anything at all. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia was armed to the hilt.

    It is frankly ridiculous that Saudi Arabia get's a 'Get out of Jail Free' card when 15 out of the 19 murderers on 9/11 were Saudi citizens. One would have thought that the least of it would have been suspending diplomatic relations with such a state. But, no.

    For some reason, which is beyond the understanding of this correspondent, diplomatic ties were, if anything, strengthened. How weird is that?

    What is obvious to me is that I have no understanding of geo-politics, the compromises that major powers make to each other and to their energy partners.

    Frankly the sooner Scotland becomes energy independent, and not beholden to a bunch of fundamentalists or oil economists, the better.

    For Britain continues to think it is pursuing the 'Great Game', the 19th c malleable borders between Tsarist Russia and our Great Queen Victoria. Tibetan lives were lost, way back then, just because both Empires saw Tibet as either Imperial Red or Russian Green. (I get the colours from 1950's school maps)

    It must have mattered. Perhaps to Whitehall or in the Dulma. For the Tibetans it was hell on Earth.

    We tend to forget that pretty, turned up to eleven, example of imperialism run riot. No-one comes out with their reputation intact.

    It could be argued that the folk that sell weapons are the ones invested in war.

    Heaven forfend!

    1. I think Sir Half Wit was involved in that. He was certainly involved in trying to organise a coup somewhere in Africa, where his partner ended up spending years in prison, and I suspect he got off becasue of strings pulled and probably money paid.

      You're bang on about the weapons industry.

      Those that make weapons are utterly dependent on there being wars to these weapons to be used in. Britain has a massive "defence" industry. (Orwellian use of word "defence")

      It must bring in a lot to the Treasury. Therefore clearly Britannia has an interest in ensuring that there are always wars.

  8. Tris,


    That last post of mine suggested that death was a mere statistic.It is that death is not a mere statistic was the point I am trying to make.

    1. That's understood Douglas. :)

  9. Noy by Tris, I hasten to add, but by me.....

  10. Dear Bitter Together supporters.

    I assume that having won in September 2014 you are jumping for joy at the prospect of selling masses upon masses of mass killing bombs etc to Saudi, everyone's favourite Human Rights Observer, so they can kill masses upon masses of INNOCENT CIVILIANS!

    I have to ask though.

    As there are BRITISH *ahem* advisers *cough* advising Saudi on their target sellections you would have at least thought that they would be able to:

    a) identify an AID CONVOY

    b) identify a hospital, especially as MSF send the coordinates of their hospitals to ALL sides.

    c) identify a POLICE STATION. After all it would have been in the same location for quite some considerable time!

    d) identify the ONLY insulin manufacturer in the country. Well I guess you can now ... you blew it up!

    So THIS is what was meant by being Stronger Together. Westminster aids and abets a MONSTROUS regime in Saudi and NO ONE lifts a finger to ask questions!

    Time we were GONE from this Brolen Union.

    I said this in 2014.

    I said this in 2015.

    I am saying it now in 2016.

    I will CONTINUE to say this untril such times as Scotland is no longer part of the warmongering broken union.

  11. Arbroath 1320,

    Absolutely right. There is something rotten in the UK State....

  12. Mother pf Parliaments
    Who is the father


  13. I am with Arbroath also, democracy my erse. I will reiterate what others have said a lot recently. NOT IN MY NAME. I listened to that ex General aka Lord Denning this morning defending British Troops conduct in Iraq on R4, we will be exactly like the US soon.

    1. I'd say this is the least democratic country in the Western world.