Monday, 12 September 2011


I thought that it was wrong that Jim Devine served such a short time in jail. Having been sentenced to 16 months, letting him free after just 4 seemed like a slap in the face to the ordinary citizens.

That was before the riots when it seems regardless of the shortage of prison spaces in England, magistrates and judges were handing our ferociously long sentences to people who had, in fact, stolen very little.

But, as Mr Cameron said, these people, whom his justice minister labelled a feral underclass, had to be taught a lesson. Just as when he was trying to be elected he indicated that thieving MPs and Lords should be taught a lesson.

Well, what kind of lesson does it teach them that The Noble Lord Hanningfield has been released after serving less than 9 weeks of a 9 month sentence?

The lesson it teaches me (as if I didn't already know it) is that if you are rich or titled or have the right connexions, the law doesn't apply to you in the same way as it applies to others. You can steal £14,000 and serve 9 weeks. But if you are poor and steal £3 worth of water from a shop that has already been smashed up and is lying open to passers-by, you go to jail for 6 months.

It paints a picture of a country I wouldn't want to live in.

What was it that fool Cameron said about "consequences"?


  1. Disgraceful and even worse is that he's permitted to keep that ermine cloak.

  2. Let the looting continue.

  3. same old tory sleazeSeptember 12, 2011 1:09 pm


    I see it's alleged that Gideon's code word for stopping the spanking when it was getting too much was 'Louise'. Any bets the other wankers in troughminster will shout 'Louise' whenever he stands up to speak ?

  4. There's "seemingly" no way that a seat in the House of Lords can be taken away once it is given, Subrosa. Even worse they can't even be ''encouraged'' to give up the seat voluntarily. Apparently THAT is impossible too.

    Of course, as there is no constitution, they could quite easily find a way. There is nothing to stop the Queen saying that "x" is no longer one of her Lords. Simples, as Alexander would say.

    There used to be no way for an hereditary to give up his title until Alex Douglas Home wished to do so in order to become prime minister in the Commons.

    However, the "authorities" claim that, no matter what they do to deserve being thrown out, they cannot BE thrown out. We have, thus, a number of criminals, ex jailbirds in fact, who sit on the red benches, enjoy styles and titles that get them red carpet treatment wherever they go, and have a guaranteed income of £300+ a day, subsidized bars and restaurants, all at our expense.

    It truly is a wonderful life for those upon whom the gods smile.

  5. Welcome to Munguin's Republic Lupus

    Well, they certainly seem to be encouraging the looters at the top end of the social scale.

    I have a feeling, thought, that it sends a message to those further down.

  6. CH...SOTS....

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.... Tut, tut, indeed. What is the world coming to?

    Georgie Porgie pudding and pie
    Was spanked by girls; it made him cry
    When poor George had had enough
    He shouted Louise and put his snout in the trough.

    OK, Burns it's not...

  7. tris

    Osborne's song

    Its not Burns but it is Osborne to a tee

  8. How rude, Niko!!! I hope Taz didn't hear that

  9. I wonder if Milord got his bum felt in jail? I looked through Archer's prison diaries hoping a similar fate had befallen him but no such luck!.

    Anyway, who decides how long these crooks actually spend in prison? If I was a judge and sentenced someone to 9 months I would be mightily pissed off if some prison clerk let him out in 9 minutes and I would be ordering that clerk to complete the sentence himself.

    John the Bastard*

    *as I would be known on the judicial circuit.

  10. Erm, Have you seen a picture of him, John? Or Archer, come to that. Being plug ugly seems to be an occupational hazard for peers. I know cons are desperate, but ... give them some credit.

    I can understand that a sentence is set and then time can be got off for good behaviour, but for heaven's sake that man betrayed trust that he was given by the state. Unlike you or me, he didn't have to show receipts for his expenses, so he cheated and stole.

    Even if he was a total saint in his open prison, surely he ought to have served more than 9 weeks!

    That is such an insult to us.

    Five or six 6 MPs and a few Lords thrown in prison for short spells. But even then they only serve 1/4 of their sentences. Did they hope that no one would notice?

    And what about the rest? Did no one think to take Hanningsfield up on his defence that they were all thieving like this...?

    Neither Labour nor the Tories were in the least bit serious about dealing with the expenses theft. They knew that an election was coming up and they had to make it look like it was important to them. now the election is over, no one gives a stuff. I bet they are back stealing.

    I wonder if the (allegedly) fat thief with a plant growing out of her head will escape prison altogether because she's a lady... LOL LOL lady... oh Tris, sometimes you are soooo funny....

  11. PS: When I'm president of Scotland I'll make you a judge...

    Judge Dread, the hanging judge...

  12. tris

    looks like Osborne may lose his seat in the boundary changes its not confirmed yet but we will know after midnight............

    God I hope its true will l laugh you fecking bet laugh until i poo me pants Oh! please god make it come true


  13. The only trouble with that, Niko, is that it looks like they won't implement the changes till after the next election (if they do at all. Apparently they have to be passed by the Commons and the Lords).

    By that time Gideon will be in the Lards and he won't give a damn.

  14. It is all rotten for instance John Holden councillor in Inverness has been sent to jail

    and he has walked in to Inverness Jail with full privileges , how did that happen I wonder, I hear he has been transferred to BarL though.

  15. Hello Simonp

    Not seen you here since the article I did concerning the unlovely Cllr Holden, or should I say ex-Cllr Holden.

    I'm not sure how this guy will cope with the boys in the BarL. Heart Attack?