Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I see that Dublin is to be the European home of Twitter.

Enticed perhaps by the lowest corporation tax in Europe, the American internet technology company has decided to look no farther than Ireland.

This will be a smack in the teeth to Davie Cameron and his mate Boris, who were determined to secure the company for London. London you'll note; not Cardiff, nor Belfast, nor Edinburgh, but London.

The Irish Development Authority has been working flat out to make Dublin the Digital Media capital of Europe, having already succeeded in persuading Google (2200 employees), Facebook (300), LinkedIn (140), Zynga (100), Paypal (1,300) and eBay (1000)....5,000 jobs in all from just these 6! Edinburgh could do with 5,000 jobs of that kind.

The 12.5% corporation tax certainly seems to clinch deals for them.

Edinburgh needs the right to vary the corporation tax in Scotland. It's too late for these companies, but not, perhaps for the many others that will be looking for European bases. These other countries are at such an advantage being able to juggle their taxes to suit their economic needs. Would that we were.


  1. We gave them a loan of £8Bn this year so that will have helped as well. Good luck getting that money back lol
    It's a good job that the UK is loaded and can help Ireland fund this twit investment.
    Is their corporation tax not 12.5% ?

  2. Morning Monty.

    Corporation tax is indeed 12.5%. That was a typo which I have now changed. Thanks for pointing it out...ouch!

    Yes. I'm not at all sure how a country with debts as awful as those of the UK can go around lending money to people.

    That's like me lending you money when my bank account is overdrawn and there's nothing in the savings account, so I have to borrow it from Munguin, who has to borrow it from brownlie who fortunately has contacts in China!

    The even funnier thing is that the money doesn't really exist.

  3. Off topic but you might want to have a look at this


    It's to do with oil and gas and a massive betrayal of Scots by Scots.

  4. Tris,

    When I said China I did not mean the country so please don't put up a detailed description of the dinner set I gave you for your golden wedding because you never know.....

    Talking about Twitter I got twitted by Sophia yesterday and she is still a bit tired but grateful to be walking again. Great news!

  5. Thanks QM. I was aware of something like that.

    Labour politicians under the money making machine, scum, war criminal, presidential butt licker that is Tony Blair ran the Scottish Executive from London.

    If you read any of the biographies on him, you know that he expected to control the Celtic parish councils. He got a bit of a shock in Wales where the Labour supporters have a bit more in the way of either brains or guts than the insipid half wits here.

    The great thing about this stupid transaction is that it is almost undoubtedly illegal under international law of the sea.

    So they can stick that where the sun don't shine. Labour in Scotland? I spit on them.

    The Tories in Scotland... erm... oh yeah Fluffy. Huh. He's more to be pitied than laughed at.

    Cameron won't give it back, but when we want it, I'm reckoning that we will be able to get it.

  6. Right John, I wondered what that 400 piece dinner service was for... but now I know.

    How the year pass by so quickly...golden already. it only feels like a couple of years.... Still...

    Please give Sophia my love. It seems like she's been through a really hard time. I'd no idea it was that serious.

    Please tell her I miss her... and just in her honour, I'll splash out on another bottle of Tio Pepe

    Thanks for letting me know, John.

  7. Couldn't make it up, CH.

  8. Devolve Corp Tax to Scotland? Yes. The precedent has already been set via Northern Ireland.

    Equal treatment. Besides, I'd put my bottom dollar on a plebiscite voting for corp tax to be devolved to our own parliament.

    Besides, having various rates across the UK might even provide a mechanism for the likes of the north to fight the economic dominance posed by the geographically-better placed southern coast of England.
    May I say, we should all be encouraging, us Unionists that is, anything which enables us to see a balancing of our domestic economy (I mean the north-south divide)

    So ... I totally agree, lets have corp tax devolved now...and give us fiscal autonomy while you are at it. I've given reasons that both Brits and Separatists can agree with (perhaps partially

  9. Hi Dean, well, there's a rarity!!!

    Actually, once someone explains to Cameron that it fosters competition, I'm sure he will be sold on it.

    Seriously. Northern Ireland's assembly can have that power because of the close proximity of the republic, with its bargain basement. But surely in the 21st century, where so many businesses need not be anywhere near their market, because the work is done electronically, that's rather a spurious argument for having that power.