Sunday, 4 September 2011

Applications in your best handwriting to HM The Queen



Place of Work: Buckingham Palace

Master of the Household’s Office
Buckingham Palace
Starting Salary
Hours of work
Contract Type
Accommodation available?
Mandatory Requirements
You must be willing to spend approximately three months of the year away from London at other Royal Residences.
Job Description
Are you an enthusiastic and dedicated individual currently working within the catering and hospitality sector but looking for a new challenge?

We are recruiting Butlers to join our highly experienced team, follow our industry renowned training programme and have the opportunity to gain the City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma for Butlers.

This unique and professional role provides development and career progression opportunities for those willing to work at a number of Royal residences in the UK, where you will carry out a wide range of responsibilities from messenger and valeting duties to food and beverage service.
Person Specification
We are looking for people who:

- Have a passion for the Hospitality and Catering industry and some practical hospitality, catering or customer service experience;
- Thrive in a busy, team focused environment;
- Are enthusiastic, show initiative and are keen to learn and progress their careers;
- Have a hard-working, flexible and positive attitude; and
- Are willing to work to achieving exceptional standards in terms of service provision and personal presentation.

Although principally based at Buckingham Palace, you will also work at Royal residences in the UK, and as such you will spend approximately three months of the year away from London.

Application Closing Date
19 Sep 2011


  1. I think you have to be gay as well. Or at least have no problem cleaning Edward's pipes out.

  2. Where did you get a photo of my house, CH?

  3. Ye gads, Monty, but you're coorse at times!

    And all for £15,000 for 45 hours of work.

    We give them all that money and they pay wages like that!

  4. tris

    people forget Thatcher once said the reintroduction of widespread domestic service could reduce unemployment.

  5. But not me

    Err! I see that arse Alex Salmond is being well praised by the papers..Build him up then knock him down in due course

  6. Damned right she was too Niko. Just think what you could do if you had a maid... no, on second thoughts, you'd better not. Mrs Niko wouldn't like it.

    I think I might get me a butler... what do you think?

    As for Eck, yes, he's not doing too badly this week, but you're right (as usual, Niko) they will soon tear into him.

    I see your lot have decided to try to do him down over some stupid knighthood for Soutar. Needless to say the Civil Service has already made it clear that IT sends the list to the Queen, not the First Minister. Under Labour the FM had the right to approve that list. Alex stopped that. I believe that Call me can strike things out, but Alex gave up that right. I'm not sure he's overly taken with knighthoods and other British Empire things.

    You'd think before Labour did things like this, they would spend two minutes looking at the massive pile of corruption at their own gate. Now I see that Tony is Godfather to Murdoch's latest kids and even went to their baptism in the River Jordan!! Not to mention Darling Alistair and Gordo's little spats while the UK burned. (Nero fiddled, but they'd already done that while there was some money left!!) And of course, while your lot were in charge in London, heaven only knows what info we passed to Gaddafi, but we certainly seemed to be fond enough of him doing our torturing for us.

    So compared with that fiddling a knighthood would be peanuts... and he didn't even do it.

    I thought this expensive stupidity would end when Lard Ffoukes retired. I see I was wrong.

  7. tris

    so the civil servant choose the who was on the list oh do leave it out..........

    Umm! wonder how to impress the First Minister
    and get a promotion i know i will get the man who gave his party millions put on the list

    still as soon as Alex found out he said take his name off just to make sure there was no suggestion of political favoritism.

    shame we cant get Gaddafi to sort out the snp damn shame

  8. That can't be right Niko otherwise it would of been blasted into our ears by your friendly BBC every hour for days on end. Have you been threatened with rendition by your party if you are unable to hoodwink us.

  9. Ohhhh Cynical. We wouldn't let that nasty Labour Party rendition Niko. No, that can't be right. What's the verb from rendition? Render?

    OK, We won't let the nasty Labour party render Niko.

  10. It's the wage that made me gasp - presumably they get free board & lodging.... If not, that's pretty scandalous.

  11. Yes, Caron, they get free board and lodging, but I doubt that it's great, and unless there's a banquet on, I don't think that the Windsors waste much money on food.

    I certainly won't be applying!

  12. And you literally can never get away from work.

    It would be an amazing experience, though, to do it for a while. A relative of a friend of mine worked there for a few years and loved it - and it led to a brilliant job for them.

    It would be worth doing if you were in that line of work.

  13. It would lookgood on your references Caron, but I could never toady like you ahve to to some of them.

    I understand that, not the Queen, but some of the lessers are rude to the point of getting a slap.

    I'm afraid I should probably be sacked and done for assault... and if it was big ears, I expect it would be high treason to give him a rap in the coupon!!