Thursday, 8 September 2011


It seems that you can take the boy out of the Bullingdon, but you can’t take the Bullingdon out of the boy.

The Second Lord of the Treasury, in short, or long, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has, for some reason best known to them, been voted Politician of the Year, by GQ men’s magazine.

So that should tell any foreign readers something about the quality of the politicians at Westminster. (I’m assuming it was Westminster, because it seems to me highly unlikely that such a metropolitan organ as GQ would have much interest in the likes of Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.)

Anyway, in his acceptance speech the Chancellor wondered aloud who read the politics pages of the magazine, much of which is given over to photos of women in various states of undress. He went on to discuss the sexual practices of adolescent boys and the fact that politicians, while not teenage boys, were all wankers anyway. (Why, oh why do the papers report this story with glee but replace that word with w*****s. We all know what the word is. And if we don’t the whole thing makes no sense!

The posh boys’ night out continued when Boris came on next to hand the “Man of the Year” award to The Right Honourable the Baron, Lord Sir Sebastian Newbold Coe of Ranmore, MBE, OBE, KGB. The Mayor, another Bullingdon Boy (who never took part in any riotous behaviour whilst in the club, we hasten to inform), said that he had just come from walking around Croydon where people had shouted “Tory Tosser” at him. (I kinda thought he got off lightly there. A missile or two bouncing off the thatch would have been a distinct possibility, you’d have thought.)

Actually, the unlovely Mr Coe, when told of the opposition of the Welsh and Scottish FAs to a GB football team was reported to have indicated that the Celtic element could go forth and multiply... so he probably felt at home with the lads.

All in all a nice little Tory get together of establishment people, who seem to have forgotten who they now are...or maybe wee Gideon was just trying to prove he was just one of us. These are the best people of the year. Sheesh! GQ has fallen even farther in my estimation.

[The other well known Bullingdon boy (whom, we are delighted to report didn’t do anything wrong, and didn’t see anything wrong, and didn’t hear anything wrong, in the three years he was a member of the restaurant wrecking club) had to apologise when he used the word “twat” on radio before the election. Although it is not considered to be swearing and doesn’t infringe radio guidelines, he was playing safe when he asked said he didn’t want to cause offence. Hmm, well, as I say that was BEFORE the election.]

Pic: George does his fine impression of Mr Bean.


  1. Oh! poor tris

    you are like the poor(but honest) ragamuffin with no shoes and little his dirty face pressed against the window of the big hoose in the snow watching the going ons of yer betters.

  2. I see Nick 'toenails' Robinson is in your pic. The 'impartial' BBC political editor who was so far up Gordon Brown's arse that all you could see were his toenails.

  3. I hear that David, George, Nick and (wait for it) Danny Alexander..form a foursome at the top of the English Executive called “the Quad”. And that Danny has been allowed to examine any proposals coming up at the forth coming Tory conference. So its official our ex-Scottish Secretary means apparently that Scotland does punch above its wait in the English establishment. I’m amazed they didn’t invite Danny to the Tory love-in and give him some meaningless gong as well, seeing as he is in actual fact a Tory.

  4. I'm assuming the forthcoming local elections will serve as a bellweather for how Danny might expect to fair in an English GE. Lets see now the Lib Dems currently have 22 councillors, any bets on what they will have out of 80 after May next year? Oh and incidentally the Lib Dems and Labour are in bed in control of Highland council as guess what the Tories don't have a single one...oops!

  5. Ah, but there you have it, Niko. This scruffy little ragamuffin, shoeless and shivering with the cold in this big bad world of those who have, and those who have not, is, at least, honest.

    And there I'd rest my case, if all I had was not wrapped in a spotted hankie.... ;¬)

  6. Well, yes, I thought that too Monty, but it seems he was chairman of the Young Tories at some stage.

    I think what he have in Robinson is a creep... He's not fussed where he creeps.

  7. Did you see, Monty, that David A Mess, a Tory MP is complaining about BBC bias.

    He's right too; they are indeed biased. But he somewhat spoils it by complaining that some of the female presenters appear to have used too much Botox, because it annoys him when they report a serious item and they are smiling.

    I have to say, I've not noticed that. Indeed au contraire I have often thought how well tv presenters manage to change their facial and voice expression to indicate something we should be sorry about as opposed to joyous about.

  8. There you are, Munguin. Didn't I say that Danny was a Tory. Him and Michael Moore. But it's brilliant. This lot of Tories are certainly making Scotland think twice about its place in the union.

  9. I look forward to the elections next year. I can only imagine that at this moment these councillors are returning to their constituencies to prepare for extinction.

    Perhaps we should bottle some DNA from one. We might want to clone them one day. Nah, probably not.

  10. tris..
    Yes BBC is totally biased. They're tied by their ideology to only give one side of the story so they are actually quite dangerous. Mad axe murderers on the run would be described as 'male' rather than black or pakistani etc in order not to offend making it more difficult to spot them. And don't get me started on their love of the global warming scam and the corrupt EU etc...
    Mind you I used to like watching Laura Kuenssberg with the sound switched off as she was lovely. She's just switched to ITV so I can listen to her as well now. Result !

  11. Monty, as I've probably said before, ad infinitum, the BBC ought to be sold off. It should probably retain one tv channel to serve as a public broadcaster.

    It should also have radio stations which cover the interests of the population that would not be commercially viable. Proper classical music for example; or serious debate political, moral debate.

    The rest is commercially saleable. I'm not sure why I have to subsidise the BBC to the tune of around £150 a year when I never watch it, but like to have a tv in the house to watch dvds on a larger screen than my pc has.

    Imagine how much money THAT could make, with no particular loss to the country, as long as they retain the core.

    Licence fee reduced to £5 a year... or pay by subscription as is American PB.

    Can't understand why Cameron doesn't do it, given the BBC's love of all things New Lab.

  12. Yes it's annoying funding the ginormous salaries of beeboids on threat of prison. I know folk say not to pay but if you like watching other channels then you're stuck with the tv tax.
    Dave won't do anything about the bbc because he agrees with their agenda and is happy to see them pumping out Eu, global warming multicultural bullshit 24/7.

  13. He surely can't like their left wing agenda, Monty?