Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I know; I'm sorry. Brownlie will say I'm obsessed with the woman.

And in a way he's right. I just can't get over the belligerent way she behaved on the day she was accused of improper behaviour by the Daily Telegraph.

I imagine that most of her recent weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth is for the cameras, and the judge. She must hope she gets one like Lord Hanningfield from Essex, who will say that the poor soul is in terrible health; that this has broken her, and that the ignominy alone is punishment enough for the (allegedly)thieving (not allegedly) bitch .

I doubt it's going to work though. He was a Tory and likely had connections. She's Labour, common and stupid and any connections she may have had when she had money will have melted like 'sna' affn a dyke'. She's on her own now.

However, I thought you'd like to look at a before and after picture of her. It seems that the young looking fashion conscious (if you can call orange flowers growing out of your head fashionable) Margaret Moran has not, without the aid of all the money she (allegedly) used to steal from us whilst not doing her job as MP for Luton South, been able to continue to purchase make up and hair die.

She must have had to sell the lovely orange hat and resorted to something a little cheaper and more functional.

For this (right and below) was the sorry assed figure that appeared in court to answer charges of stealing some £80,000 of expenses.
This sum included £22,500 for a home in Southampton, hundreds of miles from her constituency or London, and apparently owned by someone who has variously been described as a friend, a boyfriend and her husband. She also had boiler repairs and work on her conservatory worth £14,000+ done. Of course this kind of thing was absolutely vital to her doing her job as an MP.

Only thing was she seemed to have rather a slipshod attitude to that side of things. Perhaps her expenses form filling took too much of her time, or maybe it was just disinterest, but she didn't appear much in Luton South, even when her office had set up meetings for her.

I hope they find her guilty and send her to Wormwood Scrubs for 40 years.

|But like most of my wishes, it's not gonna happen. She is likely to get a short sentence of under a year's duration, and she will, if she is like the rest of the lying cheating scum MPs and Peers, only serve a quarter of it.

I'll be interested to see if Ken Clarke's feral underclass serve as little of THEIR sentences.

What's the betting?

Answers, as usual, on a postcard.

Pics: Before (top left) a middle aged woman of not bad looks, and now, a haggard old crone. Let this be a warning to potential criminals out there. This is (allegedly) the wages of sin.


  1. I wonder why Dominic Strauss Kant is sniffing round her ? ( geezer in the red tie ). The old lech never learns.
    You would need the beer goggles on to go for her new Ena Sharples look.

  2. DSK, if we are to believe the stories, would sniff around anything. Presumably even that!

    However, for your information, to the best of my knowledge, one of these gentlemen is said to be her "husband"; the other her lawyer (allegedly).

  3. She should be on the stage this woman. What a perfect performance eh?

  4. Months in the preparation SR, I'd say, but surely worthy of an Oscar.

  5. Actually I thought her performance was so wooden it made the cast of Neighbours look like the Royal Shakespeare company!

  6. tris

    'gnashing of teeth' Er! dentures actually anyway the truth is its her aged mum who has turned up in court in her place a mothers love you know.

    Mags is sunning herself on thebeach in tenerife

  7. tris

    must admit when i first saw her pic i had not read the story and thought oh! look what is Subrosa doing in the papers.

    ha ha ha ha

  8. Great opportunity to use that wonderfull word ,schadenfreude,if only we could use it more often relating to the large numbers of MP's who got away with it.

  9. You've no soul, Munguin.

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's it Niko. It's her mummy! Sweet.

  11. ewwww Niko. You are in BIG trouble if SR sees this.

  12. Yep wiggi: There's about 400 others I'd like to see behind bars and not pub bars either; there's a good few spend too much time there already.

  13. Tris,

    Honestly when if first looked at the picture on top I thought it was that Ruth Davidson. In the other picture she looks like Jim Davidson.

    I see another crooked politician has been released early to carry on cheating the public. Like Jim Devine he not only was a crook, he looked like a crook so he should have been charged with having an offensive face.

    What a farcical legal system we have in this country.

  14. Surely that was Kate Winciette receiving her Emmy....NO!...how do you spell...hrrrchhhshhhputtt!, oops just did ...sorry!...Jail the beaaaach!

  15. She looks more like Jim Davidson's granny, John.

    Yes, I noticed that yet another one did 25% of his sentence. There must have been going on for 800 cheats between the Lords and the Commons, we got fewer than 10 dealt with and they have served 1/4 of the time they were sentenced to.

    You could say that ENGLAND has some joke of a legal system.

    We should surely be querying the fact that the MET said it was too difficult to charge many of the upper house. They also didn't think any crimes had been committed in the Murdoch empire... so that shows how utterly useless they are.

  16. Brilliantly spelt too nominedeus. Is Kate Winceyette not that woman that sang "Stand By Your Maen"? Or something you make pyjamas from (Brownlie's going to tell me off for ending the sentence with a preposition..... as opposed to a proposition I expect!

    PS: Why would Kate Winceyette be receiving an enema?