Tuesday, 6 September 2011


At long last the awful Margaret Moran woman has been charged, and it was worth waiting for... 15 counts of false accounting and 6 of fraud.

How well I remember the morning, two years ago, when she was asked about the matter in a tv studio and denied it strenuously and furiously. This great podgy ball of indignation was, she said, going to sue the Daily Telegraph for defamation.

Aye, well that died a death pretty sharpish, didn’t it?

Instead she went on the sick (on full pay) just like so many of her colleagues, and kept a low profile, presumably hoping it would all blow over. But it didn’t. Bummer eh, Mags?

She improved and furnished (it is alleged) her main home, under a scheme designed to maintain a second home. She managed to claim for homes in London, Luton and Southampton (100 miles away from her constituency, and which turned out to be a man friend’s house). Additionally she passed false invoices on 7 occasions, allegedly, of course . Greedy cow (equally allegedly).

She is a bit of card though, is our Moran. She owns a home in Spain, and on one occasion, when she felt that her privacy was being violated, she put up a “No Trespassers” kind of notice, based on English law (which, horror of horrors, does not apply in Spain) typed, if you please, on House of Commons headed paper... presumably to give it some gravitas!

The only thing gravitas about her from what I can see, is her ample chest, and we all know what gravity does to that!

While she was away from work, on the sick, neglecting her constituents even more so than normal, she was caught bonny by a “Despatches” investigation. They set up a scam in which they had someone pose as an agent for a PR company looking for influential people who might like to lobby for them... and they caught out a good few grasping greedy troughers, who seemed to feel that they were worth around £4,000 a day, including one who, he confided, had been tipped the wink that he would go to the Lords, and that would be most useful to them. Erm...wooops.

Moran (remember she was on the sick, being paid from state funds), was ready to start as soon as the election was over, she told them, and offered access to all her girly mates in parliament including Harriet Harman.

I wish they had shown their stupid faces when they found out what asses they had made of themselves.

Anyway, I expect that the upside of prison life will be that the ample Ms Moran, like the Devine Jim, will come out a bit trimmer. Maybe her orange hat won’t look so hilariously stupid then.

Post Script: I see a young lad of previous good behaviour, in fact a hopeful for the Olympics, has been jailed for 8 months for stealing a pocket full of cigarettes. I wonder how long she'll get for all this defrauding and lying! What's the betting it ends up less?


  1. Did she not claim £20K for dry rot treatment at her boyfriends seaside cottage or something ?
    It's still small scale looting compared to the ongoing mortgage payments to MPs'. I've no idea why we have to pay £25K a year for Dave's mortgage when he loves in No 10.

  2. Well, that was one of the things she did yes, Monty, but as you can see there is a list as long as your arm.

    Once again of course, what we have thrown to the lions is a nothing. A useless, waste of space MP, who wasn't even vaguely interested in the job, just the money and the perks. (She almost never visited her constituency or did a surgery, and frequently failed to show for meetings).

    In the meantime the top MPs who fiddled got away with it.

    Look at the people who have been nabbed. Devine, Morley, Moran, etc. They are all disposable.

    Dave himself tried to get us to pay to have wisteria cut from his chimney in his constituency mansion.

    Now why that would in any way have something to do with him being able to do his job, is entirely beyond my comprehension.

    I'm sure that, even if my wisteria was totally out of hand, it wouldn't stop me being able to function in my job.

    If he couldn't afford to have the wisteria cut down in a house for which WE are responsible, then he shouldn't have had the bloody wisteria in the first place. Simples!

    No. I have no idea why we are paying the botox man's mortgage, but that's the rules. Even worse we pay for him to have a photographer!!!

  3. She likes a pie bless her

  4. She's just a big fat trougher who deserves all she gets.

  5. I really enjoyed this article. I gather that Margaret Moran was allegedly a Labour MP who was allegedly caught allegedly fiddling with the public purse.....allegedly. ;-)

    While Munguin's Republic clearly understands the journalistic importance of words like "allegedly", which keep you from all sorts of legal entanglements, I'm concerned with what appears to be an error in English language usage.

    "I wish they had shown their stupid faces when they found out what asses they had made of themselves."

    Would not the correct British usage be "arses?" Or does the British plural revert to the (correct) American form, "ass/asses?"

    Excuse the coarse language. But this is a question of English language usage after all. ;-)

  6. G'd afternoon Hugh... Long time no see.

    Erm yes, what kind of pie exactly...?

    I only ask because I'm fond on a bit of pie from time to time, and this has kinda put me off the notion.

  7. Ah Eric, there speaks one who certainly knows what he's talking about on both counts!

  8. Danny..
    I think it's asses as in donkeys.

    I'm just watching HM Opposition sitting nodding like asses in the House of Trougher as Ed Adenoids mumbles some rubbish about what 'people up and down the country' think. With Harriet harperson and Yvette 'Blinky' Cooper nodding away on either side. PMQ's is good as it reminds us of what a revolting greedy and disgusting party Liebour are.

  9. Danny.

    What can I say?

    I'm grateful to you for pointing out the apparent muddle of my language. But what I meant was asses, not as in arses, but rather in the animal, Equus Africanus Asinus, fabled, rather unfairly in my opinion, for being stupid.

    As for the repeated use of the word "alleged" in any of its grammatical forms, my intention was simply to keep Munguin's Republic from the front pages of some of the more sensational titles in the lower reaches of what passes for journalism in the UK.

    I mean, it would quite simply not do for Munguin's picture to appear on, for example, page 3 of, for example, 'The Sun'!

    That would spell the end of the invitations to Holyrood Garden Parties and luncheons with the First Minister, as is the want of media moguls everywhere. Why, Tony Blair might refuse to be god father to his offspring, baptised in the Yellow River.


  10. I wonder, Monty, why it is always up and down the country... and not from side to side of the country. And, in any case, what country? England? Because much of what they are rabitting about (another animal allusion) has nothing to do with people in THIS country, up and down or sideways!.

  11. I see the snp have bottled calling for a referendum on Independence.........

    still with 60% against fatso has a lot of work to do

  12. Where has he bottled independence, Niko?

    In his list of bills for the first year of the 5 year parliament?

    Oh, well that will be because in the manifesto, you know the one your lot copied most of, he said that he would call it towards the end of the parliament.

    Now Niko, even in Labour circles, the end of a 5 year parliament isn't in the first year.

    Wake up.

  13. Yes, I saw the details of what the poll showed when the question of devo-max was added.

    Fair enough, I'm happy with devo-max as a step towards getting my country back.

    Petit à petit; pas à pas. We’ll get there

  14. Autumn vintage 2015 (collectable) Niko after a tory government has been re-elected as your party are campaigning for.

  15. Yes CH. Every day, so many things happen to remind us that we are just am afterthought, or no thought at all.

    The other day, I heard on the radio that British school children were returning to school that day. Strange, I thought. Scottish schoolchildren went back to school weeks ago and are getting ready for mid-term break. Yesterday on the Today Programme we were told that cameras might be let into British courts for the first time ever, and tonight on the ITV news we were informed that the NHS bill was making its way through the commons.

    Last week the Scottish Secretary who is supposed to be Scotland’s man in the UK parliament (a largely English affair), but who, in reality is one of the very few of the coalition who is actually their man in Scotland, asked , in a speech, 6 questions of the Scottish government.

    Now, at his level, I’m sure that if the SoS’s assistant called Mr Salmond’s secretary, she would arrange an appointment for him to see Mr Salmond at Bute House, where he could ask as many questions as he like. But no, he chose instead to make a 5 ringed circus out of wanting some information (which was already available to the public in 2009) by making a speech in public asking for the information.

    Later in the same week, another Scottish Liberal MP in the Cabinet cracked a joke, which I can only assume he thought was having a go at the SNP administration, but which backfired badly on him. He was, of course, talking about Edinburgh’s tram fiasco, which has been overseen by... the Liberals in Edinburgh Council.

    All little things but step by step, little by little they are forming an impression in people's head of this uneven union...

    It will come...

  16. Forgive me all but this, perhaps not, pseudo-Greek poster is an "intriguing" chap(ette). Were his love for a decaying vestige of a rancid British Empire foul in its skullduggery motives translated back in time and transported to the area around his purported homeland, Greece would still be in thrall to the Ottoman Caliph ensconced in Istanbul (previously, "Constantinopolis" aka "Constantinople" in "'standard 'English'"). Ergo, pro-Muslim occupation compliant argumenter for that, then, status quo of a damn sight more benign and enlightened empire than the toiletry of squirting that is the exhausted heaving of Albion (a name nicked) on its chanty in the wee sma' hours before croaking.

    Would that he posit the same type of scenario to the Greeks (or in passing, the Kurds or Assyrians - another bunch of branches to the tree) that Athens should forever remain subservient to Istanbul, and be so at this moment?

    As (s)he may or may not know, it took a Bulgarian Turk - Ataturk (see Lord Kinross' biography of him) to cut the dying throat of the dying shill of the Ottoman courtly corpse (along with his fellow "Young Turks"); withdraw (albeit imperfectly to the "Turkish" core heartland) and abjure imperial vanity of the status quo ante as well and truly fcuked (intriguing in so far as the London enclave might do well to ponder this example and go carefully, when they have evacuated Scotland, in terms of Wales, their partitioned residue in Ireland (not Plantation settled Scots led despite all the guff), and their Cornish vassal acquisition (as well as Man and The Channel Islands).

    Boil it down and it leaves a tiny, geographical strip on the globe with continuing schoolyard bullying intentions: A bit like Greece of yore before the Romans enslaved them and, subsequently, the Ottomans engulfed them.

    Whither Greek national resistance then? And would you have backed the "patriots", or grassed them up, Niko, to an Ottoman functionary (and would you do the same thing to independent Scots women and male thinkers and activists for your own gallous, self-serving purposes?).

    May I ask you, please, are you a "UK" intelligence plant and agent provocateur?


  17. Monty and Tris...

    Thanks for setting me straight about the political reference. The exactitude of British English usage compared with American English is always impressive. In Scotland, when referring to politicians, you can actually make the fine distinction between Equus Africanus Asinus and ....well uh.....the other kind of ass. American English offers no such option. And for that matter, the American situation would be complicated by the fact that Equus Africanus Asinus is actually the unofficial symbol of one of the two political parties. Loxodonta Africana being the symbol of the other. (Gawd, I love Wikipedia.)

    And Tris, as for "allegedly", I can see how it would simply not do for Munguin to find himself in the pages of the The Sun, and for your invitations to Holyrood to cease. And I DID love "Greedy cow (equally allegedly)". LOL.

  18. There seems, David, to be considerable doubts as to what constitutes a rebel and what constitutes a freedom fighter.

    Heads they win; tails we lose.

  19. LOL LOL LOL Danny.

    You guys have got an ass for a political party... yeah well I guess that fits.

    Please tell me that it's the Republicans. An ass (of the Equus variety, of course) is so very much how I've always seen the Bushes and Darth Vader.

    And Loxodonta Africana as well... Big beasts there, slow and lumbering...all ears though.

    I dunno what the symbols (unofficial) for ours are... (and of course they are in a state of flux at the moment, so they may not even have any), but if they do, I'm getting an image of snakes, spiders and rats. Haven't a clue why...

  20. Tris....The Democratic donkey came into being with the campaign of 1828, when his opponents charged Democrat Andrew Jackson with being a jackass. Jackson took the taunt and made it his symbol. The Republican elephant first appeared in political cartoons in 1874.

    Democrats take the position that the donkey is "smart and brave", and Republicans insist that the elephant is "strong and dignified."

    As for British symbols, I believe I read something about rats at No. 10. ;-)

  21. Oh well... might have known I'd make the wrong guess, Danny.

    Ah yes...rats, and a cat...one of Mr Cameron's early U-turns!