Sunday, 11 March 2012


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  1. Ha ha.

    Can you believe it? The bedroom needs a 4th coat of emulsion.

    Mind it was a particularly bright shade of green.

    Never again. I hate painting.

    Sorry about the half hearted posts though...

  2. Shouldn't the little yellow one be saying "No need for any taxes, independence" will solve all our problems"???.

  3. Does Clegg want independence then BH? If he does we're sunk coz Cleggy's like a bad smell in an elevator. Folk just wish he'd go away.

  4. I thought the little yellow one was the SNP rabbit logo,,,,

    As for Clegg, he's an idiot.

    He might well want independence....

  5. Well clearly as it has Clegg's name under it, it was Clegg.

    I doubt he's an idiot, but he's certainly been bought for the gold of a ministerial, whatever it is these people put their backsides in at our expense. So I'd say he might be naive.

    However, he may well leave active politics, perhaps go to the Lords, perhaps get a series of jobs in international politics (he speaks 4 or 5 languages pretty fluently) and make nearly as much money as Blair after this parlaiment is over, so maybe he's not that naive.

    No. He doesn't believe in independence. Keep up. He talked about the status quo and independence being extremes. He is, as are most Liberals, I'm told, a federalist. But then, I thought he wanted PR... so all this federalism may also be imaginary.

    He is though, very unpopular.

    I'm not sure what his little friend in Edinburgh is. He appears to have boxed himself in by trying to agree with Clegg, with Cameron, with Michael Moore and my granny's cat, who all want slightly different things it would appear.

    Very confusing for him. Not for me, because I don't give a fig.

  6. How can the Libdems avoid oblivion?March 18, 2012 8:31 pm