Saturday 31 March 2012


This is Munguin's Republic's 1000th post, so I was looking around for something to write about... not so easy if you're bored with Granny Taxes, Bridie (Pasty) Taxes, Meeting Toffs Charges, lessons on how to create chaos from pretty much nothing (OK, our Francis really does deserve a special mention. The minister for crisis management... I ask you! There's a bit of irony for you. Did Cameron not bother to tell him he was supposed to "manage" OUT OF rather than IN TO crises?). 
Anyway, I was going to give up, then I noticed this little beauty on the BBC site. It's referenced back to the Sunday Times (behind a pay wall).
Peter Cruddas secretly taped making Tory Union claims
Now I thought that there was going to be an unexciting story about trades unions, but I reckoned it was worth a read... However, it's not about trades unions at all. It's about THE Union.

The gist of the story is that, our friend Mr Cruddas (who is turning out to be almost as accident prone, and as much of a liability as Great Uncle Francis), has been caught on camera letting the cat out of the bag about how the party REALLY feels about the Union.

And it appears that all this garbage from Cameron (looking back on which you might have said was a little dramatic and over acted...not to mention full of factual holes), was just that. Garbage.

They don't want to save the union, without which they would have a natural majority in the UK, London parliament. Not a bit of it. They want an end to it. they want to lose Scotland. But they must appear to want to fight for it, with, what was it Camergoon said... "everything I've got".

Mind you, in fairness he did also say he would fight for benefit caps, the NHS, the jet contracts, the British corner in the EU and to let Turkey join the EU, 'with everything he had' I hope he's got an awful lot, because it's gotta go a long way.

Anyway, so far the Tories have refused to say anything about this. They are presumably looking for someone who can come up with some excuse for 'the Crude one', for the second time in a week, after all he can't resign again! (Boy, Rupert must really hate him!).
On the other hand Ms Sturgeon has said: 

 "This is another bombshell for the Scottish Tories who are isolated and irrelevant in the games being played by their London bosses.
"It shows that senior Tories in London are cynically faking their opposition to independence to position themselves for a post independence deal.
"The Cruddas revelations show that they believe in nothing except protecting Westminster interests.
"Their claims about winning the referendum are exposed as mere bravado. In fact they are already preparing for losing."


  1. Looking forward to the comments pages tomorrow Tris.

  2. I think Tris would prefer this...

  3. Me too Conan... me too!

  4. Erm... thanks very much CH.

    What the hell was he wearing?

  5. I have no wish to encourage him in his infatuation of childhood memories, Kim Novak.

  6. Yep, Tris definitely did, Conan. She sang that in French at the concert I was at in Paris a few months ago. She brought the place down.

  7. Ha ha CH. None of my childhood memories there, but she is an incredibly well preserved, and attractive woman. I can't say I've ever seen her in anything though.

  8. It is really unarguable that the Tories would hugely benefit from 'losing Scotland'

    After all, England wouldn't have had a single Labour government since 63' (I think, may be wrong) if it weren't for the Scottish Labour block vote.

  9. It turns out that they must “appear” to put up a good fight for their Union, so that in the event of us going independent they can diddle us out of our natural resources (oil revenue) and lumber us with more than our fair share of their debts and problems. Or as Cruddas puts it:

    “...we can turn round and say it’s not what we wanted, you can’t have this, you can’t have that, and you can get on with it.”

    In a conversation between Cruddas and the prime minister the The First Minister is labelled the “mad Scotsman”, and our Parliament is dubbed “...the Scottish, erm, government, assembly, call it what you will.” Now there is “respect” for you!

  10. I thought that it was since 1945, Dean, but I too, could be wrong (horror). But there is still Wales to take into consideration.

    Maybe the appointment of Cheryl Gillan, an English MP, as Secretary for Wales, was a hint to the Welsh that they are not terribly welcome.

    Anyway, there's no doubt that, without the Scottish Labour, the Tories would have a pretty clean sweep at government, and at least the whole UK (rump) would become far more like America.

    I suspect that N Ireland might want to join the Republic, further changing the political makeup of the Palace of Westminster.

  11. Ah Munguin. You bought the paper copy of the Times.

    Apparently Cruddie has been blowing his big fat mouth off about a lot of stuff over the his time with the Tories, and the ST has it all on tape.

    What a complete twonk he is.

    And just when they were starting to recover from the fuel hew ha, pasty tax, granny tax, dinner with dave, horsegate, etc etc...

    They are finished now. When a government leaps from joke to joke like this one, no one takes them seriously any more.

    Obama must be wishing he'd never let that loser anywhere near his teddy bear.

  12. my count, it's 998.

    NO....NO.....I'm just kidding. ;-)

    Heartiest congratulations on number 1,000!

  13. Tris,
    I think Cruddas is just another Tory who hasn't got the brains to understand what the impact on England, (the UK continuing), will be of an independent Scotland in terms of the loss of natural resources such as oil, wind, hydro and water and the reduction of the UK's total landmass by one third.

    With any luck the Tories will continue to fail to think it through and to treat the BBC's Weather Map as a true representation of the UK's actual shape and area.

    The idea that the Tories will rule in England in perpetuity after Scottish independence is another myth that has been used to try and make Scots feel guilty about leaving the UK.

    There's a very good article on Wingsland which looks at the numbers and lays this myth to rest.

  14. Ha Ha ... Hmm you had me going there Danny...

    But thanks for the good wishes!!

  15. I'll go off and read you link now...

    I'd have thought that there would have been more of a chance for the Tories, but on the other hand, if you remove Scotland you change the electoral dynamic... and the next thing is that the Tories may split into business Tories (money, money money) and class Tories. And the business Tories will have a lot in common with parts of Labour and might join together leaving the Old Tories to their stately homes and order of precedence...

    Who can say? But there will be no guilt here, whatever the outcome.

  16. Brought the house down? Bloody foreign workers!

  17. When Camerfool says he will give it everything he has got I think he means ALL the torpedoes at his disposal..the man is an idiot child that is now the bully of the sand pit...

    Many congrats on your 1,000th post tris well is to the next 1,000!

  18. Ha ha ha, John

    Och, everything's foreign to you islanders.

    How much is petrol on the island now, BTW?

  19. Lordy Noms...that's a lot of torpedoes, or it should be, seeing that we seem to spend half our taxes on them.

    You're right about Camerfool (and his team). They are a bunch of amateur posh boys who are having a bash at running the country without having the first idea of how that should be done! The junior common room at Balliol College could do a better job.

    Did you hear the idiot Willie Hague telling us that Britain was now in a better place to stand any strike because of the actions the government took? I mean, that adds insult to injury!

    Still, the idiocies of the government appear to have been knocked off the front page with commemorations of the 30th anniversary of the campaign in the South Atlantic. They will be so grateful for that. It has given the idiot the chance to make a speech about our brave boys. Always goes down well!

    Thank you for your congratulations. I didn't think we'd ever make 100, never mind 1000!

    I hope your exams went well.

  20. Auld AcquaintanceApril 02, 2012 12:39 pm

    Happy 1000th blogg post Tris...Now you can make a start on your next 1000 :)

  21. Thanks for the good wishes AA... I dunno about the next 1000 though !!!!!! Most unlikely, I'd say. :)

  22. We shouldn't laugh at these numpties as we appear to have plenty of our own
    Paul Martin who made a complaint against the FM for entertaining the Weirs in Bute House could not even do it properly leaving the FM to refer himself for scrutiny and writing to the said numpty to inform him he had done so and pointing out the correct procedure

    The FMs' letter can be read on Moridura

  23. 1000th post?

    #scampers off to count from the beginning#

  24. Tris/Munguin

    As I never read this blog I didn't realise you were a 1000 editions old so congratulations on that!

    Seriously, well done and keep up the good work!

    PS - petrol is £1.53 a litre here.

  25. Breaking news folks! The dastardly “mad Scotsman”(as David Cameron likes to “respectfully” call him) is going to diddle the unionists out of a fair referendum by holding a consultation that is exactly the same as ones that have come before! The fiend! His “madness” it seems expects his legions of bloggers (“cybernats” as the unionists like to “respectfully” call them) to submit millions of anonymous responses to stymie the valiant unionist’s attempts to get a fair referendum and save the greatest, most successful union in the history of the universe and time, one that has seen Scotland fairer, richer and stronger than it probably would have been otherwise. Except if you actually live here of course! Where we have the lowest life expectancy in the UK, the highest rate of child poverty in the UK, the highest incidence of heart and lung disease in the UK, the highest rates of alcoholism in the UK, the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the UK, the highest rate of domestic violence in the UK….etc etc! With fairness, richness and strength like that why would Scotland be wanting to leave their Union? Not that it would occur to the unionists to act in an unfair manner! Labour would never resort to, for example, sending in responses from dead people, and the Lib Dems would never vet their responses to the English consultation to make sure they are “quality” responses! While the Tories would never secretly hope that we would go so they could swindle us out of our resources and lumber us with more than our fair share of their debts and problems! I imagine that Mr Cruddas has personally submitted hundreds of anonymous responses in favour of independence!

  26. Fancy that, Fairfochen, The Hon. Paul Martin making a bit of a twerp of himself. (Imagine him being entitled to "The Hon." because he's a junior member of the aristocracy, thanks for daddy's elevation.)

    And trust Alex to do the right thing.

    I notice it was mentioned on Left Foot Forward, but no mention of His Honourableness's faux pas.

    Munguin informs me that there is a published list of complaints against the First Minister...with a 100% failure rate.

    Maybe the Honourable Paul Martin will be added to that list shortly.

  27. Dean:

    "987, 988, 999...

    "What's that? Yes, I love a cup of tea, thanks. Now, where was I?

    "Oh blast... 1, 2, 3, 4...."


  28. Hello John Brownlie, and welcome to Munguin's Republic. I hope you will enjoy being here, and will make a useful contribution.

    Always nice to get a new reader I say.

    Jeez man, your petrol is dearer that Buckfast Tonic Wine (better known as "Wreck the Hoose Juice" or "Commotion Lotion"), but at least it tastes better!

    (I'm informed that it is also called Coatbridge Table Wine.)

    Anyway, you will just be hafing to get yourself a wee rowing boatie and travelling around the island by water, so you will. Yes.


    Thanks for your good wishes, John.

  29. LOL, Munguin. Are you feeling better after that rant?

    Mind it's all true. The unionists must be right masochists if the want another 25 years of this misery.

    It's band and bad enough being forced to live under the Tories when we expressly did not vote for them, but for heaven's sake, this load of idiots could cause a panic in an empty room.

    Amateur or what...?

    God help the English who will lose their national health service, and virtually all benefits, including the pension. They have already started on the things that they control. I'd not be surprised if they find a way of wrecking things for us too.

    Imagine, petrol at £1.54 in an oil rich country. It's unheard of.

    And it's London's fault.