Thursday 29 March 2012


Just a week or so ago it was all so different. There he was being tucked up in bed by one of  the world's most important men, in a flying palace beyond even his none too modest means. He must surely have felt that he was, in every sense "on top" of the world. This, he must have thought, was what life was supposed to be about for people of his class, with his education.

And now...?

Well, he's come down to Earth in more ways than one.

The headlines even in his chumiest of papers, the Telegraph and the Mail are anything but friendly.

First, I suppose, we're in recession. Even if Georgie boy says we are not (which he did, only last week in his Budget), the OECD says we are. This international organisation has been supportive of Osbo's strategy so far, and the Mail is an adoring Tory paper, so we can't really accuse them of an "anti" bias.

Of course it's everyone's fault but George's. And the EU and Euro crisis comes in for a lot of stick, but at the end of the day, it is the chancellor's responsibility to foresee all the issues that might effect the economy when making predictions.

And then the news broke that RWE and Eon have pulled out of the English/Welsh government's multi-billion plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations in the two countries. Effectively this appears to have rendered their governments' energy plans in tatters. This is embarrassing for Cameron as he has talked them up presumably in the hopes of scaring Scots whose government refuses to build nuclear power stations.

Furthermore, the country's roads are in chaos too because of cack-handed handling of the possible, but not certain, industrial action that might or might not come about if talks with tanker drivers' representatives fail. This possible action may or may not take place over the Easter weekend (which is an important holiday in England), when millions of families make a mad dash for the coast, and spend most of their holiday sitting in traffic jams). So rather unfortunately for them, in an attempt to blacken the unions involved they let Cameron and  Foot & Mouth, sorry Francis Maude make statements, in which they said, in their own little way, "PANIC". 

Today traffic jams are building up outside petrol stations, even in Scotland, where there is no holiday and no mad rush for the coast. In Dorset police were forced to close petrol stations in order to get the traffic flowing.

This is not a crisis, but the government's handling of it has led to this mess. And even when they are deep in it, they keep on making blunders. Ed Davey suggested that drivers should top up when tanks are half empty, but hours later, said they should when tanks are two thirds full.

Can you imagine this lot handling a REAL crisis?

And lastly (for this post anyway), the Times has reported that Andrew Mitchell, who, according to the Channel Four "Despatches" programme has money salted away in the British Virgin Islands in a tax avoidance measure, also was involved with a company which used a legal loophole to avoid stamp duty worth £2.6 million in 2006. This is the very practice that Gideon says he will clamp down on... 

...and that's not even mentioning Pastygate (or as we call it in Scotland "Bridiegate"), and the Granny tax... or dinnergate...
Yes, how Mr Cameron must long for a good night's sleep clutching Mr Obama's teddy...

(I'm hoping today is one of the days that 'somepapfaedundee' is lurking. The Osbo picture is just for him). The second one is of Ed Davey who has managed to arrange his features to make himself look  soft in the head. His ever-changing advice to motorists gives the same impression!

PS:THE Government's approval rating last night plummeted to the biggest low in its two-year history.
Just 25% of Brits gave the thumbs up to how ministers were doing. And a new high of 61% disapproved, found a YouGov poll for The Sun. Just 34% would vote Tory, compared to 44% for Labour. The Lib Dems flatlined on 10%.
The Budget, the cash-for-access donor scandal and unhappiness over fuel may be to blame...


  1. According to the OECD the UK is now officially in recession.

    Pain and tear and Tory Politicians; a product of a warped public school education.

  2. Good links CH. I've added the opinion poll from the Sun to the article. It's scary just how the government would do anything to get millionaires and billionaires to put some money in the UK.

    These practices are dodgy to say the least.

  3. I wish, Wolfie, that they would just try to get a few things right, at least occasionally. Or, if they can't do that, then be a little less smug about it all.

  4. It's all the fault of the FM for drinking Tea


    I don't know how

    But it is

  5. Ahhh, that's whose fault it is, is it?... and that's the reason...sans doute.

    I'll get him coffee tomorrow then.

  6. Hob nobbing is not nice for any digestive penguin who prefers a jammy dodger rather than a rich tea before a break away in Abernethy. Bourbon ami.

  7. Where did you get the photo of Niko and what's he doing to that cat?

  8. Aye yer a cracker Cynical!!!

  9. Niko was handing out signed photos in Edinburgh last week, and you'd be better not to know what he's doing to the cat. Islanders are sensitive...especially Wee Frees!