Saturday 5 June 2010


Yesterday, just hours before it was to be previewed at the Hay Festival, the Noble and Right Honourable (LOL) The Baron Mandelson of Blah Blah Blah in the Blah, etc, withdrew permission for Hannah Rothschild to show a documentary she has made of him.

Hannah, who is the daughter of Lord Rothschild, followed Mandelson from October 2009 up to last month's general election to make this film which was supposed to tell the story of the man who was the power behind Brown’s throne.

The film was even called ‘’The Real PM’’ but whether that was short for Peter Mandelson or Prime Minister was not clear. It was set to show intimate details of his personal life and his work. But with only a day to go before clips of the documentary were to preview at the literary festival, Mandelson decided that she couldn’t use the footage.

The festival organizers apparently sent an email to journalists yesterday saying: "Hannah Rothschild's film The Real PM: A Portrait of the Real Peter Mandelson has been withdrawn on the insistence of the subject."

We ordinary people were supposed to be able to see the show within a couple of months as BBC had arranged to screen it. Now no one knows if that will go ahead.

Mandelson has (of course) written his memoirs which are to be published during the summer. So perhaps Peter has decided that if people watched the film they might not spend their money on his book. He has arranged too, for it to come out before Tony Blair's autobiography ‘The Journey’ which is due in September. (Is there nothing that bloke won’t do for money?)

Mandelson's book is supposed to be "frank, honest and revealing... a dramatic first-hand narrative", and that it will "lay bare Peter Mandelson's intimate, complex relationship with Britain's two New Labour prime ministers".

Actually, I hate to say it, but I reckon it will make fascinating reading.... Let’s be honest he was the real brains behind a whole chapter in our lives, like him or loathe him.

But it does leave poor old Hannah with a film she has spent 10 months making, and no way that she can show it.... Not that that will be a financial worry to her despite the fact that it must have cost tens of thousands and more to make. Being a Rothschild means that the loss will doubtless be able to be swallowed. (Oh and it leaves Tony with a book that he may not be able to sell quite so readily... As Spook would say...wee shame.)


  1. Doubtless the internet will come to our rescue. A lovely uncontrollable safe haven where you can screen anything you like and there is nothing that even Petronella Lord Voldermort can do about it.

    Very much agree about his book and will off toot-sweet to reserve it at the library. Well you didn’t think any of the Munguin millions were going to be needlessly passed to his grace did you?

  2. "Intimate details of his personal life"? - no thanks, I think I'll pass on that one!

    "frank and honest"? - I don't believe it!!

  3. LOL. No Munguin. I expect that they will remain firmly on the Munguin family pile, along with the second hand gold and the Renoirs.

    But I'd love to read his "I don't care about putting a front on it now" accounts of how he got the useless tosser Brown out of trouble so often and organised his umpteenth relaunch....again....

  4. Yeah Brownlie. His personal life.... I'd prefer to give that chapter a miss, but his political life will be fascinating.... dripping poison about Brown...

    Ohhh come on...we all like a bit of tittle tattle, don't we?

    LOL "frank and honest"... I think he probably means Lord Voldermort's version of frank and honest, which is probably unfrank and dishonest...

  5. I may serialise it on here and do the old bugger out of some royalties!

  6. tris

    " the old bugger " ?

    Have you proof read the book already ?

  7. hector.... my lips are sealed.