Wednesday 23 June 2010


Isn’t Youtube a wonderful thing?

We can watch our favourite singers; or see episodes of programmes that we never thought we would catch again... Things from our childhoods that were lost forever, are suddenly available again. I was over the moon when I found The Famous Five mysteries taken from books I loved when I was a kid.

But most important of all, Youtube is a platform for new talent to be seen, and to do what this group of guys has done.

Each one of them: Charlie McDonnell, Edd Plant, Tom Milsom and Alex Day is a talented musician in his own right, writing and performing his own stuff, and producing his own videos, but as “Sons of Admirals”, they have combined their talents of musicianship and video production to great effect. They chose an established song rather than one of their own, possibly because it was fairer that way, given that all four have written excellent material. “Here Comes My Baby” was a hit in the late 60s for a singer called Cat Stevens, something of a cult figure among certain sets of youth to this day.

The lads met through Youtube and got together because each admired the others’ work, and I can’t help but imagine the opportunities that that must open up... I'd certainly have taken advantage of it if it had been around when I was their age.

I think this is a fantastic song, a great production (I love these drums Tom), and and lovely, light, easy to watch, funny video. I hope you will too!

Oh..... for the more intellectually curious of you who want to know why the group is called “Sons of Admirals”, Alex explains here.


  1. Sweet. I wish them much success.

  2. Aye Scunnert, me too.

    Isn't it great to see teenagers doing this in their spare time instead of wrecking bus shelters.

  3. It's a great song. I always liked Cat Stevens and I recognise that location its in Bromley By Bow if I'm not much mistaken.

  4. Ah Munguin, fortunately I don't know London at all, having spent as little time as possible there, so I can neither confirm nor deny you location. There is I think, at one point, a street name which is visible... maybe that will help.

  5. It does help: It's Lawrence Close which is off Malmesbury Road E3 in Bow East London.

  6. Munguin

    Puis voilà !


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  8. Hmm... i was not able to get the name of these singers from Charlie's Accent.

    Thanks bro.

    and here what i wrote about Charlie, if you don't mind, since my blog is targeted it'd be good for you.

    My view on Sons of Admirals

  9. Hi Webbie.

    The names of the singers are:

    Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike)
    Alex Day (Nemiron)
    Edd Plant
    Tom Milsom (hexachordal)

    Thanks for the link. I'll have a look.