Wednesday 2 June 2010


Poor old Brownlie has sat through endless videos of Petula Clark desperately hoping that she is going to be singing "Fever".

Well, to the best of my knowledge, although Petula is a huge fan of Peggy Lee's work and in the '70s got the chance to work with her and record her classic “Black Coffee”, she has never recorded, or even sung "Fever".

But of course Peggy did... and how she did. There are many different versions of her singing this song. This one is a bit faster than the recording, and so less sultry.... but it’s good for all that.

So Brownlie... this one is for you. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. You're spoiling him so you are Tris! I like it too. They don't make music like that these days.

  2. I'm glad you like it SR. She's superb. I like jazz and Peggy Lee's velvet voice glides over this sort of thing perfectly. She just smoulders.

    Och as for Brownlie, I'm not spoiling him... Entre nous, from what I heard he was spoiled ages ago... some have said ruined... but hush, you didn't hear that here, OK?

  3. tris

    Nice song.
    You might also like this Dutch singer who I found on youtube the other week. Good voice.

  4. Thanks Jazz lover. I did indeed enjoy it...

    What a lovely hall too...

  5. I once had a record for the gramophone called latin a la Lee which was very good

  6. She was pretty damned talented Munguin. I had a look at some other Youtubes when I was looking for this one and particularly loved her "Mañana" complete with hispanic accent.

  7. tris

    Adele is good in this song with Burt Bacharach

  8. Indeed she is JL.....

  9. Thanks, tris, absolutely brilliant!! Shows you don't need to be prancing round a stage half-naked to be sexy!

  10. tris,

    I was spoilt by sessions in subrosa's sitooterie but that's another story and you are a bit young...

  11. You're more than welcome Brownlie.

    Completely agree. Peggy Lee beats that kind of sexiness hands down. That woman smouldered with sex appeal.

    The likes of Jordan with her bits hanging out making a tart of herself can't hold a candle to that simple womanliness.

    Watch and learn today's stars. That's how it's done without making yourself look cheap.

  12. I think that you should probably keep the stories of the sitooterie for a blog with an "X" rating.

    There may be children reading this.... maybe.... Actually, there maybe 'someone' reading this.... maybe...

    Maybe though, you could snd me a wee private enail about that sitooterie and the goings on....

    Nah. I'm sure you're a gentleman, and gentlemen don't tell....

  13. tris,

    I think subrosa is having a meeting with Max Clifford as we speak!

  14. What? In the sitootery? How disgusting. There should be a law.... etc

    I've always said that that Subrosa is no gentleman!!