Thursday, 11 February 2010


I’m not the kind of person who would normally give a second thought to the antics of the terminally untalented Katie Price. She appears to have made herself famous for ....... being famous. Someone told me that long ago, when Adam was a lad, she was a model. A model of what exactly, I’m not sure.

Anyway, suffice to say that anyone with even the meanest intelligence can see through her and the stunts she comes up with to remain famous, whether it is her on-off fight with her ex-husband, or her marriage to a cross dressing cage fighter. If she were a singer she would release an album; if she were an actress she would make a new film or appear in a new play; if she were 10 years younger she could still be a model. As it is she has nothing to offer but being salacious.

OK. That’s her business, and, I take my hat off to her, she’s damned good at it too. She must be one of the most famous people in the country, possibly abroad too. It takes a certain talent to be able to do that without having even the smallest evidence of any actual talent, if you get my meaning. Presumably all the fame has brought her wealth too. Good for her, I’ve always said, in a kind of superior way....

But, for all the tasteless things Price has done, only one has really made me sick and angry.

She has apparently given her 2 year old daughter a glam make over, the result of which can be seen above. Needless to say this will feature as part of her next money making project, a television series called “What Katie did next”. (Susan Coolidge must be turning in her grave.) The child, whose name, heaven help her, is Princess Tiaimii, appeared like this on the social network site Facebook, incurring, not surprisingly, the wrath of her father, Peter André (well known for...erm....uh.... There are sentences you wished you’d never started, aren’t there?)

Why can’t people allow their children to be children? There is something wrong about making a small adult out of a tiny child. Childhood should be magical; it should be fun; it should be about being a child. It’s unhealthy to do this and it even unhealthier to put it out on the net. And if Price, who appears to have the IQ of a snuffed out candle can’t see it, then surely one of the many men in her life might be able to tell her that it is quite simply unwholesome.

To me this nonsense makes the child look like a painted doll; an embarrassment. To a paedophile god only knows what message it sends out, and whilst Price’s children may be safe from that, she might spare a thought for the children of her “fans” for whom, Lord help us, she is a role model. Their kids might not be so safe.

If that range of thought is beyond her you really would think, wouldn’t you, that even this grim woman would care enough about her children to spare them this.


  1. Thanks Dean. I was beginning to think that no one agreed with me about it.

    I found the image quite distressing.

  2. Danny, 1st Earl of the OzarksFebruary 12, 2010 5:10 am

    Distressing beyond words. Reminds me of some of the pictures of JonBenet Ramsey. She had been paraded around the child beauty pageant circuit (such things are popular it seems), before she was murdered in Colorado in 1996. She would be made up and dressed in adult looking clothing, and then strut sexily in the pageant competitions. Something seriously warped there.

  3. Tris: when this page first loaded I did not realise right away that, that picture was a real person. I can’t help thinking that making your very young children alluring in this way is to say the least distasteful. Why get them onto the size zero bandwagon so early? There will be enough pressure for that in later life.

  4. I see that Andre has been making a big fuss about it. It's all over The Star. Of course with this cou[ple you never know whether it is genuine or just another chance to get some publicity for a flagging "career"

  5. Danny: I can't help feeling that apart from the fact that it robs the child of his/her childhood, which is all to short anyway, there must be some weird parents that want their little kids to be dressed provactively.

    I know that kids themselves start to want to be fashionable, cool, trendy, whatever at maybe 9 or 10. It's a part of growing up. I was like that anyway and so were all my mates. But to glamourise a two year old, surely SHE had no part in that, and as such is being used.

    Of course this creature Katie Price (or Jordon), would sell her Granny for fish food if she thought that it would get her in the papers or earn her some more money.

    She is just disgusting ....

    One more laugh at her expense. She is, according to her publicity, only 31 years old.

    Any close up picture would show that she looks nearer 41 than 31, so if she is indeed only 31, she needs to look very hard at her lifestyle... coz it's not very good for her.

  6. PS Danny: I don't know if we have these children's beauty pageants in Scotland. I think we don't.

    I do remember seeing that that kind of thing happened in the USA and watching, maybe on youtube a clip of them parding the kids around. It made me feel sick. How cruel.

    It makes you think that there should be some sort of test before people are allowed to have kids.