Sunday, 14 February 2010


Despite Greeting Gordon’s Weepingate, it seems that the latest ComRes poll gives the Tories 40% to Labour’s 29% approval rating. However Cameron is having difficulty persuading voters that he is any more that a slick salesman, with 56% of those polled worry about what is underneath.

Outside the South-East of England, those who are concerned about another side to Cameron outnumber those who are not concerned by a factor of two to one. Not a good figure for a potential Prime Minister for ALL of Britain

In an attempt to widen the Tories’ appeal after a negative reaction to their plans for spending cuts, Cameron said: "The hopes you had with Labour – that Britain would become a stronger, fairer society – those hopes don't just die because Labour haven't achieved them. They're alive with us in the modern Conservative Party. So, please, have an open mind at the next election. Even if you've never voted Conservative before, think about voting for us this time... We're winning the argument on the economy and on building a fairer society. So come and join us."

Virtually the same plea made by Tony Blair to Tory voters in 1997.

But surely the 2010 election has to be won by the Tories. After 13 years of Labour government the UK is in the biggest mess in most people’s memories. Apart from bankers there are few people in the country with much to celebrate. Gordon Brown, unelected to serve as Prime Minister, must surely be one of the least popular premiers of all time. He is hapless, charmless and tasteless. And worse, for the English, he is Scottish, and for the Scots, he prefers the term North British.

As often happens in Britain, it is the ruling party which loses an election rather than the challengers who win. Given our current situation, the Tories should be at 50%. But, it appears that few, outside the South East of England, particularly like or trust what the Tories have to offer, or the person who is leading them. And who can blame them?

If Mrs Thatcher was not for turning, then in a attempt not to be like her Cameron has made a practice of spinning, in both senses of the world. Burling like a peerie, my Granny would say.

It’s going to be very tough; it’s not going to be TOO tough.
There will be savage cuts; they won’t be TOO savage.
We will give tax breaks for marriage; we’re not sure how we can manage much in the way of tax breaks for marriage, and have no idea how we can pay for them.
We will restore Scottish regiments; it would be difficult now to restore Scottish regiments.
We support Calman; there will be no constitutional change in the first 5 years; we will respect Scotland and there will be changes.
There will be a referendum on Lisbon; we can’t have a referendum on Lisbon.

These are the ones off the top of my head. It appears Cameron tries out policies and folds his tent like Boy Scout when it looks as if they will damage his chances of being Prime Minister.

We don’t need someone as weak as this at the helm in difficult times. Of course we don’t want the phone throwing, furniture wrecking, teary nut case Brown either.

What we really want is an end to this unequal union, and a full government in Edinburgh, but given that that will take longer than 4 months to achieve, could the Tories not come to their senses and throw Cameron out, and put Ken Clarke in his place?


  1. I don't think people trust Cameron because of his reneging on the cast iron guarantee of a referendum on the EU treaty. It's nonsense to say we can't have a referendum as it's 'already a done deal'. If that were true then we really have handed our sovereignty over to Rumpey Pumpey, and the rest of the unelected commissioners in Brussels/ Strasbourg. Why not a referendum on the whole Europe question ? His claim that he will ensure a referendum before joining the euro is implausible if he can so easily lie about other referendums.
    It's all academic anyway as article 122 will see us hand over £3Bn a year to bail out Greece and the rest of the eurozone.
    The Tories aren't interested in 'a fairer society'. They parachute in 'on message', friends of friends ,PC babes into safe Tory seats. And any walk around former coal mines and steel works in the central belt will show communities devastated by the Tories who only saw profit as the answer.
    Communities which prospered but just got by economically had proud people with important jobs. The Tories replaced that with desolate communities with men on benefits propping up bars and doctors waiting rooms.
    So please don't fall for the Tory toffs of the Bullingdon Club. I've listened to George Osborne and Cameron for over a year and still don't have a clue what they would do if they won the election. This has forced me to look back at their previous record and all I see is selling off our valuable utilities and other assets , sleaze and corruption on a msassive scale and a widening of rich and poor.

  2. The poll was taken before Gordon had got his hanky will have to wait and see how many points labour will have risen in the polls.

    No one trusts Cameron because he has proven untrustworthy

    "Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations."

    Was a mega whopper of a lie and not keeping his word has for many forever lost him any credibility.

    I dont doubt he wants to primeminister the problem is that is just 'IT' he wants to be primeminister.

    And his coterie of old etonians and public schoolboys want to rule the U.K... most of them do not have to even worry about earning a living.

    just makes a change from playing polo..

  3. Munguin

    That is obviously a SNP puppy he is holding. Its got its eyes open.

  4. Dubbie

    Nah it's part of Camerons new policy of parachuting in 6 'suitable' candidates for the plebs to chose from. We've got black, asian, gay, lesbian, female and now.....Beast !

  5. Well, it looks like no one has much enthusiasm for Cameron then.

    But we have to have a change of government. Gordo can't go on bumbling and bubbling (or blubbing now that he's no longer a Scotsman) for ever. But the fact is that Cameron is pretty empty. He has the style, he has the ambition, he has the money, he has the connections, but he has no substance at all.

    I could imagine Sakozy, Merkel and Obama walking all over him.

    However, I couldn't see that happening to Ken Clarke. Why the Tories don't have the sense to make him their leader is beyond me.

    I like the wee dog though guys, he's a wee corker.

  6. Mr Myxomotosis: right enough that was before Gorgon got out his dummies guide to bubbling on the tears for Piers show. I imagine that his popularity rating should drop and the Tories will now surge ahead. If that happens will you join me in a weep?

  7. Ken Clark will never ever be leader of the Tory party, his election as replacement to David Cameron would tear them apart as the man is hated by the EUsceptic wing of the Tory party and many of its grass roots. Clark in charge would be a godsend to UKIP.
    As for Cameron, you're right, the man can't be trusted, he just waved away another "Cast iron" promise on English voted for English laws today.

    Frankly he now deserves to lose the election as a betrayer of the UK over Lisbon and a betrayer of the English by allowing foreign MP's to vote on matters that are devolved in their own countries and as a result will not come back to haunt them via their outraged constituents.

  8. QM: I know that what you say about Clark is true, but very party has division. Clark is clever, right headed, and strong. He's the only leader they have.

    Cameron will be an horrific Prime Minister, weak as dish water and totally ineffectual....but we must not not not have Brown again. He's plain mad, and another win would tip him right over.

  9. Firstly, I LOVE that picture of the glorious leader [lol]... PR city

    Secondly, it comes down to whether or not you think Cameron is a strong personality. I find that he is strong minded and clear where he wants to take the Party. The only problem is he also shows a willingness to churn out half-hearted policies to appease Tory interest the euroscepticism [I think Cameron is staging it, he will be just as pro-EU in practise as every post wartime Tory leader has been in practice]...

    I live in hope, he is the most progressive leader for decades, so I want to make him work for all his potential short comings, and we all have them...even Sir Alex Salmond of Independence ;)

  10. .Dean. Lord knows Alex has shortcomings, but I doubt that a knighthood will ever be one of them....:-)

    I don't think he is strong. He changes his mind on too many things. He will never be able to be pro-Europe, his party won't let him. I'm pretty sure you'd agree with QM, that Clarke will never be the leader despite the fact that he's the only one who is qualified, because everything seems to revolve around bloody Europe.

    There are so many in the right of your party who think that being foreign should be a hanging offense, and being French should involve drawing and quartering too.

    Cameron's not a conviction politician. He just wants power. He hasn't got a clue what to do with it.

    And interfering in Scottish affairs over our Dept First Minister is a very very bad sign. Quite apart from the fact that Tory politicians have done the same sort of thing (although obviously not for low life dole scroungers.... it was big businessmen on the fiddle in their case) there is the fact that it simply is nothing to do with him. It will be sorted by Edinburgh and Ms Sturgeon will stay, or go, depending on Edinburgh. Not London.

  11. QM: To be fair to him, I think it is the fault of Blair and Brown that foreign politicians vote in your parliament on English only matters. Cameron couldn't change that if he wanted to. He may be able when and if he is Prime Minsiter.

  12. Cameron could change it very easily by allowing an English parliament with the same mandate as the Scottish one. Reduce Westminster to a UK grand committee and set up a federal nations of the UK.
    If not then it's time this union ended, non of us are terribly happy with what we have now and it might be best for us to go our separate ways as goos neighbours rather than preside of ever increasing family feuds.

  13. By allowing an English Parliament I meant a manifesto commitment, not a cast iron promise ;-)

  14. LOL... I see. He can, well kinda promise.

    I certainly agree he should do that.

    But I like the second part of your suggestion best of all. :-)

  15. Mabye Mr Cameron could partner up Gordon Brown on Ready, Steady, Weep! I know who my money would be on: the arch weeper in chief Gordo, no need for the application of blotting paper to the eye it is like Niagra Falls when the call goes up Light, Camera, Weep!

  16. My final answer to the question is

    ...........They met Him!

  17. Cameron comes over a shallow. He's trying far too hard to be all things to all men.

    What the tories need is a right-winger like Dan Hannan. Someone who has ideas and would stick to them.

  18. Oooops that a should be as of course. :)

  19. LoL SR, I never even noticed.

    I'd prefer left winger Ken Clarke to Dan Hannan, who still, incidentally, has not answered my very polite request for information on his thoughts about an independent Scotland.

    That puts him pretty far down in my estimation.

    He really should reply to people's emails or if he's too important, at least get some employee to do so. That is what we pay him for.

  20. Niko. There's a lot that never met him that don't trust him. Try again.....

  21. Dave was a bit sneaky at his speech at the University of East London where he was doing a talk on 'openness and honesty' in politics. He forgot to tell the university that most of his audience were bussed in Tory student activists.

  22. Very cute little puppy. Cameron has the puppy lovers' vote I would guess. Great PR shot indeed Dean.

    Why is it that I just can't imagine Gordon Brown cuddling a puppy?

  23. I for one would never loyally serve Hannan. EVER.

    He is against the NHS, the EU, government regulation [on ideology, not principal] I would never serve under HIM.

    And that is why we shall not have Clarke, as the anti-europeans on the right feel the same about our lot under Clarke. Its called a hopless ideological division.

  24. Anon: The thing is, why oh why don't they know they will be caught out?

  25. NO puppy would let the Brown man anywhere near him Danny

  26. Sounds like you have two parties there Dean... although in fairness who doesn't?