Saturday, 6 February 2010


I'VE ALWAYS had mixed feelings about politicians who take part in experiments involving living like ordinary people do.

In a way it does no harm for them to see the dilapidated housing, the poor public transport and the rotting infrastructure that is so much a part of millions of Britons’ lives. On the other hand, it can’t possibly give a real feeling of what it is like to live like that.

Sure, it will be unpleasant having to cope with living in a tower block for a week, of having to listen to next door’s music competing with downstairs’ telly blaring and upstairs’ baby screaming. It will be a real hardship going to the shops knowing that the £64.30 that you have in your pocket is going to have to last 7 days, and buying the very cheapest of everything from food to washing powder, from toothpaste to toilet paper. If it runs out before the next payment... you go without.

However, the “experimenter” can only get a taste of the misery and hopelessness that the real “job-seeker” lives with all the time. He or she knows that come the end of the experiment there is a comfortable centrally-heated house in a nice part of town, a first class meal in a nice restaurant, and possibly a couple of weeks in the sun to wash away all discomfort.

So I was less than impressed when I read about the Channel Four reality television show where 5 MPs live with families on a council estate. This is even less realistic than other attempts. They are surrounded all day by film crew....

But, after all that we have heard about MPs’ dishonesty over the last year, I would have thought that at least they would have learned a lesson and have tried not to cheat.


Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, after spending only one night on the project, broke the rules by hiding a £50 note down her bra. Of course she maintains, as we would expect, “no wrong doing”.

"I did have money in my bra," she admitted to the Telegraph. However, she added: "I was staying with children, and it being two weeks before Christmas, I wasn't going to leave my family without leaving some Christmas presents behind for the children, so I popped £50 where any self respecting female who knows how to get what she wants would – down my top.”

I don’t know how long she was going to be staying with the family, but I suspect that she would have left by Christmas. So, if she wanted to get something for the kids she could have done it after filming had finished.

Additionally, Mrs Norris, £50 between four kids and the mother equals fairly niggardly gifts from someone on your salary, if you don’t mind my saying so...No. I don’t believe you. You couldn’t face being in the situation of an unemployed person for one week without back up. You insulted the experiment; you insulted the poor people you were supposedly trying to find out about, and you cheated.

Well, you’re an MP so we shouldn’t be surprised about that. Your party leader might be interested to know that, as well as being a cheat, you have just admitted that you think that it is impossible to live on the money that the government pays the unemployed, of which there are rather a lot. I wonder if he will be happy to know that you think that they require an extra £50 a week to live on.

Stupid woman.


  1. What can I say about this MP?

    Nothing pleasant, so I shan't bother saying anything at all.

    However, she is rather attractive to be a Tory

  2. Isn't this the MP who employs her two daughters on £28K a year as secretaries ( employed them just before the ban on employing relatives comes into force).
    Oh and her second home is still a mystery. She doesn't seem to know where she lives for her ACA payments.
    Nice looking though !

  3. LOL...

    I suppose you mean she's better looking than Mrs Winterton... well, I guess that's not hard.

    The thing is Dean, just when you think they can't cheat any more.... they cheat again...

    Is it a qualification for the job?

  4. Hum.... Apparently she lives with this woman with four kids in a council estate....

    I wonder if she will get paid for taking part in this programme about poverty. If she does, I hope she gives it as a gift to the woman who put up with her for a week... and doesn't snitch to the authorities.

    Like Dean said, Anon, she's better looking than most Tory women but that's not saying much. She wouldn't get the hair dye job for less than a couple of hundred though, so I'm guessing she got that done before she moved to the estate.

  5. Austin Mitchell does not come out if it very well either

  6. Mmmm well I wouldn't climb over her to get to Ms Goldie ; )

  7. Munguin: He comes out of it very badly, you're right. But I was running out of space and couldn't really do the man and his ignorant arrogance justice. (I did add the link so that readers could get the rest of the story.) What a complete prat he is demanding to keep his wallet and his mobile phone. He, like Dorries, was up to his elbows in the expenses scandal, and his odious wife pitched in on his behalf too. She sounds a bit of a harpy to me. The poor souls in the council estate that were lumbered with these two undesirables...

  8. Ok Anon... you got it....

    As I said she's better looking than Ted Heath, so I guess that makes her OK.

    As long as she doesn't talk though... Dear oh dear, what a dreary person..... me me me ...


  9. I remember Dorres was our representative on the Question Time pannel in some Scottish central belt ex-miner town...oh my God!

    I remember shouting at the tele at her myself...but attractive though [lol]...has she got any other good point in her corner?

  10. She's another one who's only in it for the money. As Dean said when she was on the QT panel from Scotland she was appalling.

    Dean, if she's attractive there's hope for me yet. ;)

  11. Nadine could of put £1000 down her bra i wouldn't put me hand in there to take it out.Yuk! loathsome creature!!! double Yuk! yuk!

    makes Mrs robinson look a paragon of virtue

    anyway Nadine is always in her back Garden shouting at the squirrels

  12. Mr Mxy..

    She won £1,000 in damages from Damian McBride after the 'smeargate' scandal last year. I'm not sure if she put the money down her bra though ; )

  13. LOL @ Dean... I do that too.

    One thing that I did admire her for was her stance against All Women Shortlists, which I think is one of the most insulting things to women ever to come out of politics.

  14. Oh SR..... What a thing to say. Your photograph knocks spots off Dorries's.

  15. Niko: Surely that's because you are a gentleman rather than anything else....

    ... no, I forgot, it's not... it's because she's a Tory!!!

  16. Anon: I wish someone would smear me and I could get £1,000 in damages.

    If Ms Dorries is reading this, I would just like to let her know that, if she still has £1,000, there is a really good charity in Dundee called
    "Discovery Food Programme" that would be grateful for a grand!!!

  17. Tris

    Nah! its because she is a Moose

  18. Tris
    £200 to get her hair dyed ? You women must be mad !

  19. @ Tris,

    Yes, she is correct to make a stand against all woman shortlists. These lists insult the female half of our sex, what does their message say? That woman can't hope to compete against men so just let them have a free run in a controlled environment.. that is surely not what the feminist revolution was seeking surely?

    It is time to end the horribly divisive policy of so called 'positive' descrimination across the board of our body politic. As to my mind descrimination is just that. Plain and unarguably simple.

  20. Dean
    Did you read the story about Harriet Harperson, one of the main supporters of all women shortlists in her drive for equality ? She temporarily suspended her views on shortlists in Birmingham Erdington (Lab maj 10,000) where a safe Labour seat was given to a man and she failed to turn up at the selection meeting.
    The man turned out to be Jack Dromey her husband.

  21. Ha,

    Welcome to the face of Labour eh? All their rhetoric about the working man, all that rubbish about equality...then Harperson goes and shows the true colours.

    How long must it take for people across Scotland to realise that Labour stand for nothing except themselves...why does Labour still get 46 MSPs elected? How on earth can anyone still vote for this bunch of free loading, incompetent, elitist, horrible, spinning bolus of wankers?!

    [sorry for the language etc]

  22. Niko: I'm not sure why you need to be so personlly rude to people just because they are Tories. It's not nice and it's hardly necessary, is it, certainly in the case of guy as nice as Dean?


  23. Anon: Tris is a bloke's name matey... but you're right, it's a hell of a price to pay for a dye job.....

  24. Dean: Spot on. They insult every woman in the job. If you have a quota of women, or minority ethnic people in a position, you always wonder if they are there because they are good, or because they need to make the numbers up.

    And where will it stop. One day will we have to have black, disabled, lesbian, single parent only shortlist.....

    Wouldn't work too well in the Western Isles methinks....

  25. Niko: That's not a nice thing to say about a moose. What would Sarah Palin say?

  26. Thank you Tris. But beinga Tory I have learnt to get used to irrational hatred levelled towards me, goodness I have been punched by Labourites before, so words from Mr Mxyptlk won't keep me from promoting my values!

    p.s. I haven't heard 'Tris' before, where does the name originate from? Rather rare name if you don't mind me saying.

  27. Tris

    Oops sorry. Thought it was short for Patricia or something. I've always been a bit confused by the relationship between Munguin and Tris and thought you were the same person. Then I see you talking to each other.

  28. Och Anon, it's nothing. Tris and Trish are easily mixed up... As for the relationship.....Munguin is the boss... it's his blog; I am but a humble apparatchik carrying out the slave driver’s bidding... :¬)

  29. Tris
    Ah right got you. Suppose I should get a moniker aswell. Anon doesn't say much at all about a person. A bit anonymous really.

  30. Ah Tristan...sorry but common sense has never run in my Party!

  31. LOL @ Anon.... I think it's more than "a bit" anonymous really.... But yes. It would be a good idea. Remember to let me know what you change your name though....

  32. Dean... remember YOU said that, not me.... :-)

    But you have a Tristan in your own party mate:

    (with thanks to Wiki):

    William Armand Thomas Tristan Garel-Jones, Baron Garel-Jones, PC (born 28 February 1941 (1941-02-28) (age 68)) is a politician in the United Kingdom.

    He was Conservative Party member of Parliament for Watford from 1979 to 1997. He served in various whip positions and then as a junior minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    In 1997, he was given a life peerage as Baron Garel-Jones, of Watford in the County of Hertfordshire.

    Now that's a bit of a name isn't it?

  33. Damn, he's got a longer name than me!

    More points to him in the 'who's got the more Conservative name' competition..

  34. Tris

    President Palin? now there's a thought to scare the bejesus out of you.

    The USA have a long history of electing world class idiots so i'll not be surprised if they do so again.

    Just in time to nuke Iran which seems to be the new Conservative Strategy. Anybody who thought voting out the Labour Government would stop the
    bloodshed is sadly mistaken.

    Every Primeminster likes to have his war and Cameron will be no different his Defence Secretary has told every body.

  35. Absolutle corker of a name Dean... and again, although he held no more important position than Minister of State for Europe, and some other "court" titles, he went to the Lords.... What for?

    Because that's what these people do.

    There's another reform Mr Cameron might want to look at.

  36. Yeah Niko. Scary thought that they could have someone THAT stupid with their finger on the button. She makes Regan look intelligent.

    I heard parts of her speech in Nashville. Jeez that woman is a nut case.

    I could write her speeches though... lots of stuff that needs commas, full stops and paragraphs... and liberally (eeek, I didn’t use that word Mrs P, honest) sprinkled with "in this great country" s...

    I'm not sure I understand this teaparty teapot movement. I think I can hear a plea for our American friend The First Earl of the Ozarks to write a guest post explaining them.

    They have to be some kind of mad to have paid $500 a head to go listen to that nut job though...

  37. You wanna read up on the tea party lot bunch of real crazies

    Id sooner back the Iranians

  38. I'll ask Danny to do a piece on it Niko!