Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Well, would you ever believe it? Peter Robinson found innocent of any wrong-doing!

THREE WEEKS after he stood down as First Minister because of a sexual and financial scandal involving his wife, Peter Robinson has announced that he is returning to Northern Ireland’s First Minister’s job.

The Democratic Unionist leader, who was fighting to save his career and also his party’s position, said he had been cleared of breaching his code of office, an accusation which had been made by the BBC in its Spotlight documentary.

Spotlight said that Robinson should have reported to the authorities when he discovered that his wife had “borrowed” £50,000 from two property developers so that she could set up her teenage boyfriend in a café business. However, Robinson said that a legal review had ruled he had not breached his ministerial code.

Meanwhile the BBC said it stood by the Spotlight allegations.

With, I admit, absolutely no inside knowledge of the goings on in Belfast, but based on the evidence turned up by Spotlight (a Northern Ireland version of Panorama, which did air the programme on the mainland), I find it strange that the First Minister has been found not to have breached the Ministerial Code.

After she had allegedly tried and allegedly failed to commit suicide, his 60 year old wife allegedly told him all about the 19 year old kid she was having an affair with, and the deals that she set him up with to fulfil his dream of having a café. As he tried to put his personal life together again (no one would deny the man must have been having a hard time knowing what his wife had been up to, not only with the teenager, but allegedly with his father too), he must also have been aware that this was political dynamite.

His party is strongly Fundamentalist Christian, as is his church, both founded by the Rev Dr Paisley*. They take the Bible and its teachings very seriously. He must have known that having an affair with a father and son would blow his wife’s career out of the water. (She was a councillor, MLA and MP and that’s a lot of salary and expenses). He must have known too, it would affect her standing in their party/church, which are the same thing. Added to that, the attempted suicide would not have done them any good, with it being a sin, according to the teachings of the Bible. Unfortunately Mrs Robinson hadn’t just been a quiet advocate of morality. She bawled from the roof tops about filth and depravity. She was nauseated by it all (well obviously except when she was doing it). So she was finished, politically and religiously.

In these circumstances I am not really surprised that he would have allegedly wanted to withhold information from the authorities regarding her money borrowing activities, enough being as good as a feast. (Or there’s only so much depravity that a fundamentalist party or church can take.)

I am, however, delighted that the QC that HE appointed to look into HIS involvement has found HIM to be completely in the clear. Isn’t it nice how you can trust the British legal system? Makes you feel all warm inside. So, that will be that.

Unless, of course, Sinn Féin don't believe a Queen's Cousellor......


*Ian Paisley helped to establish the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster in the early 1950s. He also set up the DUP and led it until recently. His title 'Doctor' was obtained from an outlawed seminary in Illinois, and was therefore bogus. He was, however, later awarded an honourary doctorate by a his close friend Bob Jones, founder of the Bob Jones Fundamentalist College in South Carolina.

Signed Dr Tris Price-Williams (my friend conferrred it on me, honest).



  1. Shocking how these rumours get about, good job the guy he hired to clear him came up with the goods.

    Politicians, hate them or despise them, you have to admire the way they avoid the angry mob out for far.

  2. I see Iris Robinson was mentioned in todays expenses report. She overcharged for a new bed ( £1614). Had to pay back £500.
    I wonder how she managed to break her old one. Not with her young squeeze surely ? We're not having to pay for her sex romps are we ?

  3. QM: I have heard it said that QCs are very expenseive. I imagine that this one will have been charged to expenses in one of the jobs that Mr Robinson holds.

  4. Anon: That's a classic. Her bed cost £1614!!!???!!! What is it about her scrawny butt that it couldn't manage on a bed at £500 like the rest of us?

    I suppose that 19 year olds can be extrememly energentic when they are earning £50,000 from Granny.

    Of course we were paying for her sex romps Anon. We paid for every breath that woman took.

  5. the woman is is a very delicate frame of mind and your haranguing her wont help(she could do herself a mischief)

    I feel it is in everybody best interests(especially Mrs Robinsons) that we all refrain from ever mentioning 'IT' again ever and certainly not in church.

    The thought of you lot sitting in the pews starring at her and whispering behind your hands about her Admitted 'ADULTERY'......must make her quiet ill

    poor woman

  6. I'm weeping Niko, reading your generous and kind thoughts about the poor old tart, erm I mean the poor old woman.

    I expect that she doesn't make the reading of Munguin's Republic an everyday occurrence.....

    I am rather unhappy about her fiddling her expenses but I seriously wouldn’t have a go about her weird sexual tastes (keep it in the family); it’s really none of my business. What irritated me was her public stance on morality as a UK politician (she was an MP as well as a MLA). She bawled from the rooftops condemning half the population for immorality, when she was up to her neck in the stuff.

    People who live in glass houses should take the clothes off, especially if they look as if they need ironing.

  7. I expect that she doesn't make the reading of Munguin's Republic an everyday occurrence.

    au contraire Tris their is a special place in protestant Hell Reserved for Munguin's Republic and readers thereof.

  8. EEEEK Niko....

    See ya there then matey....

  9. I respect all views, but REALLY..........

    How can we have sympathy for moral impropriety of any sort, much less adultery? And the sin is compounded when it involves a public personage who should be (and has claimed to be) above reproach.

    Strait is the gait and narrow is the way.

  10. Hello Angus, and welcome to the Republic:

    I'm not about to set myself up as a judge of other people's morality. It's the mistake this woman made. She screamed from the rooftops about it, then we found out that she was at it like a warren of rabbits....not to mention fiddling the old expenses and trying to get money out of businessmen...

    Morality and this woman are pretty far apart... yet she dared to use her position as an MP to lecture others on it.

    It's a fact that she is blamed for gay bashing increasing in Belfast. People thought it must be alright to bash abominations, because that's what their MP had said...

    Stupid cow. Well she got what was coming her way, so maybe her Lord had something to do with that. It will be in his hands how she lives the rest of her life.